Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Short Christmas Story

For a sweet little Christmas present from Baby Z to her dad, I had Baby Z paint on canvas with her favorite colors (like she knows) and I "framed" them with wild and crazy red fringe. I also framed, in red leather matching the fringe, a picture of her covered in paint. Most of the paint was on HER... not the canvas. Here's Richard opening his gift!

Us out celebrating Christmas a few days early

Baby Z wasn't ready to wake up Christmas morning. Every other morning she's up and at it!

Sheri and I in the new hats that mom got us for Christmas

Me trying to get my hat on right... and had an accidental picture taken. I kinda like it!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mr Cullen

Richard and I tippy-toed out of the house Saturday night about midnight-ish to finally go see Twilight. I say we have to tip-toe because if baby Z knows we're going... she wants to go too! She's a "goer".

Robert Pattinson is my new crush! Johnny Depp is still my number one, but Robert... or should I say Edward... currently makes my heart flutter! Something about his pastey white skin and piercing eyes and super strength and tender, loving, kind heart that makes me melt. I remember watching Interview with a Vampire, and being in love with a vampire then... but this, THIS is SO much better!!! LOVE HIM. GO SEE IT! I can't wait for movie #2

Sunday, December 21, 2008

In The Beginning

Christmas is here! Just a couple of days and we'll be sitting around the tree sipping on hot chocolate or (drink of your choice) and opening gifts. All the hustle and bustle we've done over the past month, will be over in a few short minutes. In our efforts to take a minute to "stop and smell the roses"... basically take a breather... we headed to Bricktown friday night to relax! Dinner at Zio's and a walk along the canal and club hopping. What a good time!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Lady

Ok... I visited the new Chiro last night and I like her! I gave her a list of my "you can't do this or that to me". I want her to use the Activator (and gave the ok to use the drop table), she can't twist or turn or yank me and I wont get naked. Yes, I actually had one chiro (many moons ago) want me to get naked for a treatment. You sported a nice white gown, but NOTHING else and it was open in the back. I wasn't really hip on that method.

She did my evaluation and determined a course of action plus she put me on the stretchy rolling table. The one where you lay down and these big rollers stretch your back and does it ever feel good! I felt like a million bucks last night and I feel wonderful today! I see her again tonight and her plan of action is twice for 6 weeks, then once a week for a few more weeks and then once every month or two. That is so much better than 3 times a week for four years!

Note: I didn't go to all my 3 appointments because I was self-diagnosing and determined (my personal course of action) that I didn't need to see him that many times, nor did I have the time.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snap, Crackle, Pop

I'm going for a consultation with a new Chiropractor today. After several years of pretty much constant pain because "its going to hurt while doing manipulations because your back has been out of place and gotten used to it", I've had enough and i'm trying someone new. I didn't hurt before I started seeing Dr 90210, I just had this nice little curve in the middle of my back and I'd very frequently pop ribs out of place while in the gym. So, to get all that fixed I've been in pain for ever! Just not right I tell ya.

Sometimes I've wondered if they don't do things to you to make you feel bad... so you'll come back and get more treatments. Typically once you feel good, you stop going to the 'doctor'. I know they preach preventative treatments and that's all good however my "preventative" was 3 times a week which I changed (self medicating. haha) to once a week and I'd skip that if I felt good.

Crossing my fingers that new lady will get me all squared away in no time flat!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh, Stuff It!

Stocking stuffer ideas are hard to come by sometimes. Wait... no, I think of alot of cool things but they aren't really stocking stuffers. Unless your stocking is gargantuan size. My ideas of stuffers... are too big! But, I found a list of 101 ideas. Here goes:

1. Chocolate - any kind will do!
2. Mandarin oranges or exotic fruit such as star fruit
3. Lottery tickets
4. Lipstick - buy a wild shade of red
5. Cozy mittens or gloves
6. Personalized or Christmas print coffee mug or tea cup
7. Tire gauge
8. Picture frames - buy a plain wooden frame and wrap it with Christmas wrap, glue on Christmas ornaments, paint on holly leaves or apply Christmas stickers.
9. Silly Putty - fun for any age!
10. Baseball, golf ball, rubber ball....
11. Night light
12. Christmas ornament - home-made or store-bought
13. Unique kitchen gadget like an egg slicer, grapefruit spoon, garlic press, etc.
14. Deck of cards - search for one with unusual artwork
15. Hair accessories
16. A book or magazine
17. Magnifying glass
18. Gum or penny candy - buy the stuff that takes you back to when you were a kid
19. Pot pourri - create your own easy sachet by placing pot pourri in a lace handkerchief, gather the kerchief and tie with a silk ribbon
20. Novelty shoelaces
21. Stamp pad and stamps
22. Batteries
23. Decorative wine stopper
24. Journal or diary
25. Modelling clay
26. Touque or a scarf - hand-knit or purchase in a store - you can add your own personal touch to store bought by stitching on ribbon, bows, buttons or beads
37. Yo-yo
28. Home made cookies
29. Wallet or business card holder
30. Travel games
46. Coupons for fast food, or admission to museums or other attractions
32. Underwear or socks - be racy or pedestrian, your choice
33. Candles - and there are so many to choose from
34. Slinky
35. Popcorn seasoning or spices
36. Nail polish
37. Toothbrush
38. Airplane sized bottles of liquor
39. Packets of flavored hot chocolate or cider mix
40. Die cast metal car
41. Stationary or note cards
42. Bath beads, bubble bath or scented soap - make your own or go shopping
43. A copy of the gift recipient's favorite recipe - you can add some of the ingredients, too
44. Stickers
45. Pencil or pen - try a pen with purple ink, a giant pencil, a fountain pen, a twig pencil, etc.
46. Desk or wall calendar
47. Keychain
48. Soap dish
49. The hottest hot sauce you can find
50. Seeds - try heirloom seeds or native wildflower seeds
51. Fishing lures
52. Glasses case
53. Coloring book
54. Coasters
55. Incense
56. Paper pouches in novelty shapes
57. Craft supplies - paints, brushes, wooden cut-outs, embroidery thread, beads, doll heads, kits, etc.
58. House plant tools or decorative watering can
59. Sports water bottle
60. Vase
61. Mouse pad
62. Exercise bands or hand weights
63. Snow globe
64. Cold mask (the kind you store in the fridge and wrap around your face to relieve aches and stuffiness)
65. Travel mug
66. Photos of the gift recipient as a child
67. Christmas theme costume jewelry
68. A tool - hammer, screw driver, pliers, etc.
69. Harmonica
70. Sewing, knitting, woodworking, needlework patterns
71. Poster
72. Kaleidoscope
73. Decorative bottle opener or cork screw
74. Silly straws
75. Flashlight
76. Address book
77. Cedar balls for keeping closets and drawers fresh
78. Blank diskettes, cassettes, or CD's
79. Piggy bank
80. Kite
81. Jar of homemade jam or syrup or canned fruit
82. Decorative tea towels or hand towels
83. Hand held calculator
84. Jigsaw puzzle or other puzzle game
85. Tarot cards - they only work if you receive them as a gift!
86. Small wooden trinket box
87. Small stuffed toy
88. Napkin rings
89. Model airplane kit
90. Personal radio
91. Sidewalk chalk
92. Personalized birth chart or horoscope book
93. Thermal lunchbag
94. Sheet music
95. Film for the gift recipient's camera
96. Gift certificate for fresh flowers
97. Paperweight
98. Fridge magnets
99. Travel maps
100. Long distance calling card
101. Bird feeder

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good Tidings We Bring

The cards are in the mail!

I mailed them yesterday and the little postmaster lady said that a school came in right before me and mailed 3 big boxes of Christmas cards to the troops. That is awesome! I hope they make it to them in time and I do hope they enjoy them. I also hope they can read them! Some of those little guys crack me up. Their intentions are good and you can kind of make out what they meant. The pictures are the best! One little boy drew a tank and a soldier holding a machine gun (bigger than the soldier) and said "Merry Christmas!" How sweet is that. Not bad for a 4 year old :)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Round 1

I got the first round of Christmas cards laying on my desk. Whooohooo! I hope the troops like them ... they have certainly brought a smile to my face. Not only because we're able to do them, but because of what the students write. Some are so sweet and some are just... clueless. HA

Yesterday while the kids where designing and writing I was watching over their shoulders and one girl started with "To My Significant Other", and then proceeded to write about how she appreciates this and that and Merry Christmas. After my internal hysterical laughter fit and then switching to potential child stalker scenerios and everything else that could go bad (I always switch to a dark side at some point. haha) I convinced her that addressing the card as such probably isn't a good idea and maybe should change it. She said "I dont know what that means anyways". HAHA Then why address it like that?! I guess she'd just heard it randomly and thought she'd write it!? hahahahah

Its changed and the card is good. Wouldn't some guy, or gal, just crap when they opened a Christmas card like that? haha

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In a Far Away Land

I am so excited about our computer project today! I'm having the students make Christmas cards to send to the unit that was just deployed from Oklahoma. I don't know why this particular project has me so pumped... but i'm sooo excited! I guess because some troop, somewhere, over there, in the nasty elements, is going to open a little card from a kiddo in Oklahoma who thought of them :) Hopefully they will bring smiles!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gender Analyzer

Yep. This blog is written by women (65%)

Check yours
I survived Thanksgiving 2008 and I prepare for 2009. My plan is to NOT have to spend my holiday racing all over God's creation just to eat at someones house. I am going to pick a spot to "have Thanksgiving" and that's where i'm going and that's who i'm spending my time with. I don't think Thanksgiving is a Holiday where you should be expected to make rounds. Especially when 4 weeks later, they want you to do it all again for Christmas. Makes no sense.

Regardless, its over! Yeah!!!

oh... and baby Z totally surprised me. She loves to eat what i'm eating and I totally expected her to taste test everything I had on my plate. She opted to eat NONE of it! She ate her baby food and crawled away. Even turned down pumpkin pie and chocolate pie. I think she's on her first diet! ha

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Round and Round

Since the weather has gotten a bit cooler, I've not been able to ride bikes outside so I've returned to spin class at the gym. The class that i've been able to attend is taught by a chick... and as much as I like her personally, I don't like her teaching the class so much. She tries to incorporate all these aerobic moves while you're spinning your legs off. *jump up* *swing your arms* *up*down*up*down... blah blah.

I miss one of the male instructor that was hired to teach the class a few years ago. He rocked it! His music was awesome and he had been in the military and rode professionally at some point I think. He knew how to teach a spin class. Plus, he was hard core! You'd walk out TOTALLY wringing wet. LOVED IT

The chick is just too... chick-like.

WELL tonight I went to spin... at my gym... but its a class I never get to go to because of the time. However, I left work early today and made it on time. Some dude was teaching it and he was hard core! The pain and burn were awesome! I loved it! Guys really do know how to spin your wheels way better than a girl! I say keep the men!


I've had this thought ALL day long.

I'm SO sick of people trying to bleed you dry... take every little thing they can. I'm tired of takers. I'd much rather give to people who don't expect or beg for things than people who demand, expect and constantly ask for crap! I'm sick of everyone and their dog wanting donations. A person can be spread only so thin and then that's the end!

I mean THE END!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Power Drink

Chocolate Milk

There's way more to milk than just calcium. In fact, it's a damn near perfect food, giving you a lot of valuable energy while keeping your calorie count low, says nutritionist Susan Kleiner, Ph.D. The chocolate kind is loaded with calcium, vitamins, and minerals just like the plain stuff, but new studies confirm that milk with a touch of cocoa is as powerful as commercial recovery drinks at replenishing and repairing muscles.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Someone Stole Christmas

When I was a kiddo, I loved the holidays. I absolutely loved Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the hub-bub. More and more... i'm growing to hate it. This year specifically is just... well I wish it would just slide by without me knowing its been here and gone.

I'm tired of trying to figure out schedules of where to be and when and trying to fit everyone in. I want SO BAD to tell them I'm staying home! Last year was awesome because at Thanksgiving I was preggers with Baby Z... and I did just that. I stayed home! I loved it!

Once we figure out Thanksgiving, we have to turn right around and do it again for Christmas. I'd love to have my own Christmas. My own traditions. For once I'd love to get up and have Christmas with my kids at my house and stay and play with new toys all day long and just lounge around. Instead we bustle from here, hurry to there, and try to cram in every person in such a short amount of time. Its stressful and not relaxing.

I haven't even mentioned having to buy them shit that no one wants or needs and probably winds up lost, broken, in a garage sale, on a dusty shelf, given to the neighbor, etc.

I found this while Holiday shopping online today:

Common Sources for Holiday Anxiety, Stress and Depression are:
How we look or how we've aged
Success or Failure
Fear of Faking Love or Joy
Fear we got the wrong gift
How did the year go
Work-a-holic letdown
Fear of Crowds

Some Solutions:
Change your expectations or attitudes
Don't blame yourself
You can always answer NO!
Alone is not bad
Refocus on someone else
Set rules of discussion
Do shopping by mail order or internet

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

O'Reilly Factor

Dennis Miller for President

Did anyone happen to catch him on Bill O'Reilly tonight!? I never ever watch it... well, ok sometimes. But very rarely. I got to the gym and Bill was interviewing someone about the Presidential elections and blah blah and it kind of sparked my interest.

Dennis Miller was the next segment and although i've never been a fan of him, I stayed tuned in to hear what he had to say about the political issues at hand.

Gawd, I love him! He had his head screwed on straight tonight! Preach on, brutha! He said

although he may, or may not have voted for the President Elect, he wants him to be successful. He wants him to prove all of us wrong (that thought otherwise and voted against him) and he wants us to be in a position we want a second term. This is his country and he loves it and supports it, and he wants his president to be a success. Although people think Bush has been so bad and want him out, Thank God for him and the 8 years he served and his willingness to fight for our freedom and the willingness of the men and women to fight for us and for those 8 years, they have given us the ability to have this election in 2008. We are still free.

He then went on about the f'ing bailouts:

Where the #&*$^@^ do they think this money comes from? We're paying for it! Let the companies go under. Let us deal with it. AIG is taking the money and giving bonuses and vacations. They aren't stopping their lavish spending... they are continuing on. They havent learned a thing and where will this stop? Now the auto makers want a bailout. Let them go. Someone will survive it.

He said other things but that's the jist of it. I think he's right. I know we're going to be in a heck of a hurt if we don't bail them out, but damn! We let them continue business as normal!? Its NOT normal! They f'd up. They should be on a payment plan and pay all that bailout money back! Plus interest! I'm (we, the taxpayers) are paying for their shiznit several times over. We buy the products, then we get taxed to death to pay for their bailout, then we don't have the money to live so we lose our shirts... where's our bailout!?

I want all my money back.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hot for Teacher

Did I tell y'all I'm doing Taekwondo!??!?!

I'm not really, but P is, and in a round about way, that means I am. I'm paying for it and watching lessons... so i'm taking it. Right!?

I never knew that to find the hot guys, you need to hang out in the martial arts training gyms. Heck, even daddy, who opened the gym in the 70's is still a hottie! His son, who currently runs the show, is a cutie patootie (and his baby girl is cute to boot!) and obviously a prereq to instruct there is to be tall, dark, and handsome with piercing eyes, luscious smiles, and limber as a newborn baby!

I might go ahead and enroll in the beginners program with P. I did Taebo for years... surely that would impress the hot teachers! lol I should get some pictures.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

No comment

It's a sad day.

McCain/Palin won our state, but unfortunately they didn't win the big race. I have yet to speak to one person that is excited about the outcome... maybe I will bump into someone tomorrow that actually thinks we got a good deal.

I wish the presidential race had a time limit... from start to finish they have 3 months or something. I swear it took two years to get this dang thing over with. Also, focus on the REAL issues! NOT clothing or family... but important things like why the HELL wont someone provide a birth certificate or what the F is "change"? Have you really ever defined it!? Change. That's nice but what kind of change? Not ALL change is good.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Booger Bear

Has anyone ever noticed that New York always has a "can't miss" sale of $30 off purchases over $75 and Carnival Shoes always has the great Buy one, get one Half sale... every week; and Express always has the $25 off $75 purchase sale... every week?!? It's the exact same sales every single week. Do they really think we think these are special sales!? Just wondering if I was the only one wondering these things.

I'm home with a sick Z today. I really didn't have anything special planned, I wasn't working today... but I sure didn't want to spend it wiping snot and giving meds. I guess it worked out for the best. She woke up with red swollen eyes yesterday morning and a snotty nose and congestion. So off to the Urgent Care center she went. Richard got to sit with the doctor while I tended to the boys and the soccer tournament. Turns out she has an eye infection (we knew that by looking at her). Apparently, she got something in one eye and it became infected and, as all babies do, she rubbed her eyes and spread the goo to the other eye. I'm pretty sure this all started at a soccer game a few weeks ago because she woke up after the game with a red eye but the redness and puffiness was short lived. She probably got grass in her eyes, rubbed them, and started a little infection. Just my guess.

Anyways, Baby Z and I have been busy cleaning her room from top to bottom. The eye infection is very contagious so I pledged her room, changed sheets, shampoo'd her carpet, etc. It's spotless and smells so... pledgey clean! hehe She's napping now so I'm playing catchup on my stuff.

Tomorrow is Voting Day!!! Don't forget to Vote!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween to y'all tomorrow!!!

Baby Z is going to be a ladybug and I've recruited Darth Vader to take her on the candy tour. She has a hat to wear... that has the lady bug antenna on it and she refuses to wear it. She rips the hat off faster than I can get it hooked on. This may be an antenna-free ladybug.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


bbbrrrrrrrr it's cold!

We've had really nice weather thus far... until today! When we are scheduled to have a parent/kiddo soccer game and ice cream social dealie-o at soccer practice!!! I think we should be having a chili cook-off instead of ice cream. The parents are also supposed to suit up and have a scrimmage with the soccer team.. and we were encouraged to wear "all the gear". Translation: make sure you wear shin guards and any other padding/protection you can find.

Well, I have recruited a sub for my position :) My precious C is going to be playing in my place. I know its somewhat unfair (but who cares). He outweighs me by a ton and running into him is like hitting a brick wall. He also plays and knows the rules of the game inside and out plus knows the cheats. He can also outrun anyone playing. So... I did good! haha

I begged and bribed him to take my place... plus I claimed injury (which is partially true) plus he'd have to watch baby Z while I played. He chose to play. ha!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm not liking Today

I can NOT stand Meredith Vieira! I'm pretty sure i've blogged this before, but I'll say it again. She should have never been hired to do the Today Show. It has sucked donkey dick since Katie Couric left and Meredith started sitting with Matt Lauer. She's unable to do a decent interview and can't leave her personal opinions untouched. She's rude and a total douchebag.

They need to replace her and from the look on Matt's face half the time, he thinks the same thing! She's not strong and is most definitely the weakest link on the show! I've seen the others cut her off in mid sentence because she's rambling on about some BS that doesn't make sense and they are trying to keep the show going. Her attempts at flirting are also gut wrenching. Blah!

Go away!

ok... gotta run and take care of other matters!

I miss Circe!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Frosty the Snowman

Once upon a time, there was a blonde chick who thought it would be fun to take a little walk through the rocks, sand, dirt, cactus of Arizona (in the middle of town) and check out the beautiful countryside. It was 104 degrees on this nice cool day and with no food or water in tow, we hiked. Who would have thought we'd stumble onto a vending machine in the midst!?!?

Oh yes!!!

Of course... "SOLD OUT" of water but diet coke was still available. Beats getting nothing! and.... you can turn your head sideways to look at the picture... or turn your monitor. I just noticed that I hadn't fixed the pic. Sorry :P

Lovely flowers in the desert!

Me... after a sip of diet coke :) I do love Arizona!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Series 1

The first night in Scottsdale, Richard and I found a cool little park. We saw an outdoor wedding, a group of hispanic kids all fixed up in bright colored dresses and flowers... getting pictures made plus all kinds of fun things to play on!

Here's me... singing at the fountains :)

Me again

We found the biggest LOVE!

Hanging around and having fun. We found out after we got the picture, that we werent supposed to be hanging around on and climbing on the LOVE. The park security guy told Richard. hehe

More LOVE fun!

Fire Sky

I'm baaaaaack!

Arizona is hot!! It's a "different kind of hot". I know i've heard that one hundred million times... and its true. But, it's still hot! At least its not so humid. I left Phoenix and it was 104 degrees... arrived in Oklahoma to a freezing cold 69 degrees!

Our resort was super nice and located in the Old Towne of Scottsdale... which I think is also close to a gay district somewhere because they were abundant! I'll have to write more later. Right now I get to go to the dentist. Blah

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Speed Demons

I'm trying to get my kiddos to speed up their typing, so today I had one of my classes log into our typing program and take a typing 'test'. This test calculated their speed and accuracy and then calculated at what level they needed to start. WELL this particular group is pretty young... third graders... and after they took the test, the software gives you the results and all of a sudden I started hearing "Ms. Kerry! I typed 17 miles per hour!" or "I typed 14 miles per hour!"

ROFLMAO! Miles her hour!??? I had to explain that its words per minute. Not miles per hour. Cracks me up!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm a Disney Princess

You Are Megara!
Image hosted by

Charming and witty. You are always the first person to come up with a wisecrack. Sure, you have an attitude, but that's why people love you. You keep them on their toes. Sometimes you can be misleading, but always end up doing the right thing for the people you love.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Charming and witty. You are always the first person to come up with a wisecrack. Sure, you have an attitude, but that's why people love you. You keep them on their toes. Sometimes you can be misleading, but always end up doing the right thing for the people you love.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Next Olympic Volleyball Team

Our PE teacher at school had a family emergency and had to leave town unexpectedly... so she needed someone to cover for her. I volunteered for two days... today being my first day. She left a list of exercises for them to do (situps, pushups, pullups, etc) and then we could play volleyball.

I skipped straight to volleyball AND I let them take their shoes and socks off. Apparently, they don't get to do that, and I didn't see why we should play in a sand pit with shoes and socks on. At the end of the 5th grade class, I heard "this is the best PE day ever! You are awesome as our PE teacher! Do you get to substitute again!?!?" I played with them. I mean I really played! We did boys against girls and I had to play with the girls... we rocked! Of course it helps that I tower over all the other players. hahaha

Sunday, September 07, 2008



I was all excited about watching the MTV VMA Awards, but its 14 minutes into the show and i'm so pissed off. Russell Brand can KMA!

He may have been just saying what he was told to say... but the butt could have said NO! To spend 14 minutes talking politics and blatantly slamming President Bush and the Republican party and making fun of Sarah Palin's family and begging people to vote for Obama is down right low, dirty and disgusting.

He is the worst host. MTV really knows how to pick em.

Britney just won her award. Good for her. She looks great, BTW. However, the host is an ass and the writers are bigger asses and I hope it all bites them in the ass!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Dragon Breath

I can't stand men who think they know everything and really don't know jack. I guess I shouldn't say men... because women do it to. However, i'm experiencing one man who is a complete jackass and every time I encounter him (and I do frequently because he is the tech contracted by our school to do computer work) we have a confrontation about some tech issue... he acts like an ass and like he knows everything... and I prove him wrong in one way or another and then there is great tension between us.

Here is a brief explanation of our latest:

OH and you know the jackass tech that is "awesome" that does computer work for XYZ?

WELL.... we are upgrading Pc's and I emailed him with the first three that I want to upgrade and asked him if he needed any more information. He said NO, HE HAS IT AND WILL BE IN TODAY. the jackass came in and proceeded to explain to me that there was different types of memory (REALLY!?!??! CUZ I DIDNT KNOW)

Then jackass took his handul of memory to the 3 machines that he "already knew all about" and proceeded to upgrade them

Within 15 minutes he was back... couldnt do any of them because he got the wrong memory sticks. HAHAHHAHAAH

I think maybe jackass should learn to ask me some questions.

Obviously I copied and pasted this from the email that I sent out explaining he has proved himself an idiot again. lol There is so much more... PLUS he has horrible breath!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Martha Stewert Here

A Lesson learned for all of us:

Potholders made with love by Grandma do not bake well in the oven. They will burn to a crisp and send stinky balls of smoke out the oven and infiltrate your house thus setting off the smoke alarm. No amount of fanning the front door and the back door will help the situation, nor does the 'vent' overhead. All this does is add irritating noise (loud vent) to the already screeching smoke alarm and wailing baby (because she's scared... hell, I dont blame her. I was scared!) It also opens up the doors (pun) for flies to join you for dinner.

Another hint: Although you think you will never need your smoke detector/criminal jerk entry alarm, you will. It's always at the worst moment. Apparently, the 11th try at busting the code is the magic number. I finally got it! Now, I have no idea what it is because I was punching so quickly I'm not sure what I entered.

Grandma's love is in the trash outside and the poop it left behind is stuck to the bottom of my oven. Dammit.

(What happened is... I pulled C & P's dinner out of the oven to check it and it wasn't quite done so I popped it back in the oven. WELL I didnt realize that the potholder I'd sat it on was STILL stuck to the bottom of the dish!)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dive IN

It's taking me forever to get on with the RAGBRAI picture posting... so i'm skipping to the end. HA

Larry's Angels
We hired a driver to drive our Coach and drag along the car hauler and mini van (we go in style). He also waited on us hand and foot and made sure the Coach was set up and prepared for us when we came pedaling in so that we could shower and relax. Each morning after we all departed for the day, he loaded up and moved the whole mess to the next town/stop. Larry was awesome and we wouldnt have made it without him! He referred to us as Larry's Angels. As much as he babied us... we tried to take care of him too. *Kisses* Larry!

When we pedaled into the final destination, tradition is... that you dip your tire in the river. Here's our team after we'd all dipped and finished the 471 miles! Larry is next to me!

Sheri and I dipping our tires. What an awesome feeling!

Another note: Richard has now taken two successful spins on his new road bike and is eagerly preparing to take baby Z oe on a ride in her new bike trailer. The first day, we rode around the lake (9 miles) at a whopping average of 11.7mph. The next day, we hit the pavement and averaged 14.6 mph! What an awesome improvement and incredible for a newbie on day two! Richard is a natural. Once he gets going… he’ll be riding way ahead of the rest of us in the group. He’ll be up there with John and Pops and Mac! Good job Rich! Z will love the ride!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tech Director too

LORDY LORDY... teaching 5th graders in the area of Technology is challenging and brain-boggling and ok, makes you want to drink and tests your patience, and etc.

The 4th graders are awesome! I loved having that class today. Tomorrow I get to have the 3rd and 2nd graders. 3rd graders are ready to master WORD and the 2nd graders are going to master <ctrl> <alt> <del>. That is my goal for them... to just be able to hit 3 keys at the same time so we can even log on!

I like my new job. :)

Monday, August 18, 2008


My new pet peeve today is people who ASSUME the change is theirs to keep... for a tip.

Last weekend I was at a restaurant with a few people (7 I think) and we each got our tickets and send our payments back with the waiter. One of us (not me) paid cash. His bill was $11 and some change and he'd give a $20 bill. When the tickets came back for us to sign (credit cards) or our change, he didn't get change. The waiter said he'd kept it for a tip! Our buddy laughed hysterically and said he wanted ALL of his change and there was no way he was going to tip almost as much as his bill was! It was rude of the waiter to assume the change was his.

Well today at Sonic the little carhop chick kept my change without me telling her to. I know it was happy hour and my coke was only 81 cents... and I gave her a $1, but still to just grab it and barely spit out a thank you and not even act like you thought about change. Took it and ran! That pisses me off. If she'd offered me the change, i'd said 'keep it'... but now that you take it and run, i'll be SURE to only give you exact change next time!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Styx Still Rocks

Maybe by next year's RAGBRAI ride, I'll get all of this years pictures posted! HA

I can't possibly post that many... but just a taste!
Iowa smells. I mean it stinks. Like poop. There are pig farms everywhere and the place smells like shit. I mean it! However, they have the greenest fields I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure its from crap run-off.

At one of the stops we ran into some of our cycling club riders. Don greeted me!

Tuesday night Styx performed for us! I love Tommy Shaw!

The crowd went on and on....

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Two Wheeled Madness

I'm trying to suck Richard into my cycling madness...

I bought him a new road bike too! I'm going this weekend to pick it up complete with helmet, riding shoes, bikin pants (you know... with the butt pad that is supposed to help with bike butt but really doesnt do its job so well) and jersey. I'm excited about him joining our cycling club and riding with us. Even is he chooses to go lightly, he'll love hanging with the group! He's been working on our Cycling club website so now... sweetheart... its time to ride! yeah!!!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

More Tales from Two Wheels

As we passed through little towns on our RAGBRAI tour, they all offered food, water (that includes pop, sports drinks, beer, bloody marys... you name it!), plus there was always shopping to be done and bike repair stops. This is one of the towns on our first day through.

Typically it was so jammed that you had to stop and walk your bike through. There was no riding through these stops!

One crazy team (not ours) celebrating in the town square after a long hard ride that day.

The night before our big 82 mile day, a storm moved through the area and the authorities ushered us into the middle/high school for shelter. A tornado moved through that night. Being from Oklahoma, we did what good ol Oklahoman's do! We went outside to watch the storm! The guy on the very right just wanted to be in our picture... not a clue who he is! haha

One of the vendors trying to sweet talk riders into stopping for his yummy pancake balls.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Week of Sorrow

It's been a very long and trying week this week. Monday, we found that my ex-bro-n-law died suddenly over the weekend (while we were in Iowa) and we're not convinced it was Natural Causes like the medical examiner proclaims. Tuesday, I suddenly quit my job. I hated it and found it too confining and working with uneducated old ladies isn't my bag. So, to not waste anymore time... I quit. Thursday night, I picked Z up at daycare and she announced that "unforeseen circumstances" were forcing her to quit and move to Colorado... this weekend!!! Today was her last day!

I just about had a breakdown.

C was with me and as precious as he is... volunteered to be the new sitter. lol We loaded up and went to a bar-b-q we were scheduled to be at... I unloaded my sorrows... and got all kinds of suggestions and assistance. We'd kind of settled (a little bit) on what we were going to do when all of a sudden, Heather called and said she'd had a little lapse in judgement and there was going to be a change in plans. She wasn't going!!! She was keeping her daycare open. I bought had another breakdown. lol

Now, that is settled and ok.

I am taking today off to do nothing. Maybe see my sis who is suffering greatly at the loss of Mark. Maybe take the boys to lunch and run around town. Maybe haul some junk to the Goodwill place. Who knows... but i'm taking the day off from job hunting and i'll start again Monday with a whole new fresh look.

Oh... I also have tons more of RAGBRAI to share :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

RAGBRAI... the oldest, hardest, and longest cycling expedition in the world.
I think, right next to Tour de France. After doing this little venture... I think I will enter Tour de France next year! ha!

This is a cycling ride, not a race, and our team tried to slow down and enjoy the week. People come from all over the world to do this ride. There was a pace team from Italy, and I met several people from California plus I met a guy from somewhere... he didnt speak a lick of english and I couldnt place his language. All we did was chatter to each other and smile. We had no idea what the other was saying. haha People camp out in tents each night or if they are lucky (like we were) they have a RV Coach complete with car hauler/trailer and mini van to follow the team from town to town and provide a little comfort. Thank God for Larry our driver! He was a God send! Food vendors travel from town to town and set up each night, plus they are located along side the highways so you are never more than 5 miles from food and water/sports drinks. Here's a few pics:

Patti, Sheri and I headed to the Expo on the day we arrived. WAY in the background you can see a campsite starting to form:

A team bus comes rolling in:

Blood, Sweat & Gears the morning of our first day ride:

A view of the riders coming up the hill heading out of Missouri Valley, Iowa. The trail of cyclists went on for miles and miles and miles!

One of the rest stops along the highway:

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sweet Deal

When Sheri and I pedaled into one of the overnight stays while doing RAGBRAI, off to our right was a 65 Mustang for sale... and it caught our eye. We headed back to the Coach and told all the guys... they'd seen it too... so we loaded up and went back to get a closer look. It's exactly what we've been looking for to give to C to drive! We got the phone number of the guy selling it and if he'd answered or called us back... we would have purchased it and driven it home! I love it!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welcome Home

I did it!

I pedaled 471 grueling miles across the stinky state of Iowa. I mean "stinky" literally. It's the smelliest place I've ever been. Pig poop everywhere! Plus it's not flat. Iowa is very hilly. "rolling hills" as they call it... we refer to them as mini mountains.

Boy, do I have some leg muscles now!

I'll try to get some pics posted soon!

Friday, July 18, 2008

BRAGBRAI as Some Call It

I'm heading out to go pedal my 500 miles! Me and the other 10,000 people! I'm excited yet I have butterflies in my stomach. I know I have the endurance to do it... its my bike butt i'm worried about. After a 50 mile ride your butt bone is sore, but 500 miles! We get 7 days to do it, but still! Butt Bone Spurs are painful.

Fortunately, we're going in luxury. As me and the other 6 in my group pedal along, we have Larry following us in our $800,000 RV and trailer (complete with mini van for short little jaunts around town). At night, we dont have to pitch a tent like so many fellow cyclists. We get to sleep under an air conditioner. yeah! That will help the ol butt spur. lol

See ya in a week or so!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some More Cold

I've been so extremely busy and I havent been able to blog. I'm fixin to leave on a long cycling ride... whooo hoooo!!!

We got to ride an old rickety train through the mountains while we were in Skagway. (fun fun) It was beautiful... but i'm not too hip on going over old bridges and narrow passages high in the mountains!

Here's our train:

See... it's so gorgeous!

This little lady would give you a tour all around Skagway for a teeny tiny fee of $20 each. Richard and I didnt go, but C & P and my mom did. They found out that you can't buy land to build homes or businesses. Pretty much the only way you can buy a house there is if you know someone and they specifically will sell it to you, or you are left a house by death or some other way of inheriting. All the land is National Park territory or Indian Burial ground or something and if a house does come up sale, the price is astronomical! $300k or a little shack. So, when people have to go there to work, they can't afford a house and can't build, so they pitch tents or stay in travel trailers 'out back'. I should have gotten a picture of that... because we passed 'out back' on the train and they do! They have to live like bums almost. So sad.

Monday, July 07, 2008

No Easy Entry

Let me begin with... there is so much I want to share about Alaska and Canada but there is so much information and such little time and I don't know where to begin! I'll just jump right in somewhere and hopefully in the end it will come together. Kind of like a senior term paper.

The scenery is amazing. It's almost therapeutic. Like a fish tank almost! This is me looking at the mountains as we pass... heading to Juneau, Alaska.

The guys took a tram up the side of the mountain and here's a shot of Juneau from the top. Did you know that Juneau isn't accessible by auto? You can only get to this city by boat! My cousins used to live here too!!!

Now, here in Oklahoma the "Red Dog" is something totally different! Only Richard and I giggled when we saw the "Red Dog" on the corner. Thank God the kids didnt understand the funny!

Again, looking down on Juneau from the top of the mountain. This mountain also is home to a local lake and a favorite of all the kiddos. The locals hike this mountain and go fishing here!

Another view of Juneau. It's so beautiful. While shopping I got to chatting with one of the girls that was working in a shop and learned she was from Texas! I asked "WHY" would you ever move from Texas to Alaska and Juneau at that!? It's only accessible by boat! She said she had gone there on a visit (friend or sister) and she loved it, so she went back for a 6 week visit and decided to stay. She'd been in Alaska for about 8 years now. It's nice... but I like being able to drive in and out of my city :)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Belated 4th

Happy 4th of July yesterday! Here are a few pics from our night. We went to a little cookout at a friends house... set off some of our own fireworks and watched all those around us.