Saturday, November 29, 2008

I survived Thanksgiving 2008 and I prepare for 2009. My plan is to NOT have to spend my holiday racing all over God's creation just to eat at someones house. I am going to pick a spot to "have Thanksgiving" and that's where i'm going and that's who i'm spending my time with. I don't think Thanksgiving is a Holiday where you should be expected to make rounds. Especially when 4 weeks later, they want you to do it all again for Christmas. Makes no sense.

Regardless, its over! Yeah!!!

oh... and baby Z totally surprised me. She loves to eat what i'm eating and I totally expected her to taste test everything I had on my plate. She opted to eat NONE of it! She ate her baby food and crawled away. Even turned down pumpkin pie and chocolate pie. I think she's on her first diet! ha


Grant said...

I've learned to appreciate my alone time for the holidays. I just had three days of rest and exercise and reading and studying instead of all the holiday stress endured by others.

Angela said...

When you think you have your child figured out they do the exact opposite.
Gotta love how predictable kids are.