Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mutt and Jeff

There is this couple at the gym who absolutely drive me nuts. I detest seeing them walk in the front door. Thank God I am a good 45 minutes into my workout by the time they arrive, so I only have to spend about 15 or 30 minutes scooting around the gym in the opposite direction they are working. This only works if you are NOT upstairs though. If you're upstairs (where all the ab work is done or any floor exercise routines) there is no place to run...except back downstairs.

It never fails every time I go upstairs, these two nimrods come upstairs to do pullups using the steel support beams. Why the heck they can't use the specially designed equipment downstairs purchased for that very reason, is beyond me! They come bee-bopping up the stairs giggling like two little school girls (every morning and its too early to be giggling!). Their love pats and banter make you want to barf. "someone is looking pumped this morning" or "give me your all... go!" GAG! Even worse... its an old geezer... about middle 50's and an emotionally weak and def lacking in personality mid to late 40's dude. Yeah, they are both guys

This morning, I was leaving (OH THANKS HEAVENS BEFORE THEY GOT THERE) to see a ginormous Ford F-350 pull up next to my vehicle. Well try to pull up, back out, try to pull in, back out, try again, etc. Cram that dang thing into a spot the size of a Mini just so he could get a closer parking spot (HELLO! you're going to the gym!) Who opens the door!? Old Geezer. What a doofus. I saw his butt buddy inside so Geezer was late for his sweat session.

Now, if you're going to they gym... why the heck must you battle to park so close? Why can't you just freakin' walk!!! Park that thing in BFE where there is room! I'm just saying.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dear Mother Nature,

Just what have you got against poor, defenseless Kansas? For countless evenings, I have checked the weather and every single time I view the radar map, Kansas is getting severely pounded by hail, wind, tornados, and pestilence. It's like they never catch a break! Night after night its 'head for the cellar' time for its weather weary residents. As I type, there are no less than three tornado watch boxes which pretty much covers the entire Sunflower State and one of them dips waaaaaay down into Oklahoma's (and Texas') Panhandle. I realize this is Tornado Alley and its late spring but just what kind of dumbass, bone-headed stunt did flat, boring, rectangular Kansas pull to deserve this repeated ass-kicking? You can tell me. I can keep a secret. ; )

your friend,