Friday, January 26, 2007

Quote of the Day


"I don't mind coming to work,
but that eight hour wait to
go home is a bitch."

(thanks Anita)

Once Upon A Time

Now that the holidays are over with i've got some time to get back to unpacking (no... i'm not finished) and doing some much needed decorating. In the past few weeks Richard and I have been busy digging through our pictures and decor and deciding what to keep and what to use and making our what we need to go out and buy list. Our windows have remained bare with the exception of the shutters added by the builder, but other than that we've not done any window treatments.

Remember the icey snowy slush post... well that was when we searched out curtain patterns and fabrics. We've decided on the fabrics and a few days ago I called one of the women given to me by a girl in a fabric shop and made an appointment to visit with her. She gave me her address and directions to her place... which is on the south side of the metro area. A place I typically don't go. The South Side.

Yesterday, I left work and headed her way. I gave myself a few extra minutes to get lost (always a good plan here) but it was pretty easy. One turn off the highway and a long jaunt down the road. The homes were really nice and all placed on huge lots... acres! I got to where her house should be and I saw this castle thing. I thought 'why is there a restaurant or something like that out here!?' It was in the place where her house should be, but I drove right past it because surely that wasnt it. At the next house, the address was too big. The castle house is where i'm going.

I turned around, grabbed my phone - because I've gotta take a picture so I can blog it! Here is the house where the lady lives that is making my curtains.

I went up to the front door and she greeted me. She was extremely personable and friendly. We chatted up a storm... laughed and carried on like kids. I think we'll be friends. Her house is really nice... kind of horseshoe shaped with a pool in the middle courtyard. Inside it's decorated all castle-like (I wanted to snap pictures there too but I think she would have clued in).

Musical Chairs

I get the weirdest requests when I sit at S’s desk or as I like to call it, “play S.” I have worn this alternate hat for most of this week and Wed, an assistant came in asking if Water Buffalo could reserve the faculty lounge for some disability meeting next Monday, at 2pm!!!I looked at her like she had sprouted three heads as I couldn’t remember any time in the past we have ever closed down the lounge for a meeting held smack dab in the middle of the day. I told her I had no knowledge concerning this and maybe it would be better if she checked into another conference area more conducive to her needs.

Yesterday morning I beat WB to the 'think tank' and being in a humorous mood, she proceeded to bang on the door and "pssst" at me the whole time I was in there. When I finally emerged she slapped in on the butt and told me I was being ornery! (Does that qualify for sexual harrassment?)

But even more bizarre was yesterday's mind boggling phone call. Though D was slated to play S, I briefly filled in from 10:30 to noon while she left for a prior commitment. At straight up twelve, the phone rings. I debated whether to let it go to voicemail or dutifully answer the damn thing since I hadn’t left for lunch yet. Like an idiot I picked up the receiver to hear an extremely ridiculous solution to a seemingly minor problem. It seems the bigwigs at a large medical facility were meeting at our offsite lake facilities and did not realize a key was needed to gain entrance to enter the premises. Imagine that! A KEY. Their logical answer to this little wrinkle in the plan was to employ BOLT CLIPPERS to enter and as the gal cheerfully informed me, they would “be happy to pay for any damages incurred.” This seemed a totally rational solution to this pesky little matter so I agreeably retorted, “Go ahead! Feel free to flagrantly violate school property and slice up any damn thing you need to gain entry. No problem!" Ok, that is NOT what I said. Totally flabbergasted and dumbfounded, what actually came out of my mouth was, “I think you need to talk to the finance office about this,” and I transferred them. So I come back from lunch very curious to know how things turned out. It is imperative I make sure someone knows what went down in everyone's absence so I flew into our dean of campus construction's office and poured out my unbelieveable tale. Fortunately he thought it was kinda funny and felt a lack of communication lay behind this strange state of affairs. Dutifully he strolled down to the finance office to get a status report and discovered the med center contact had indeed spoken to finance and was firmly informed under no circumstances would destruction of said properly be excused or sanctioned and to COME PICK UP THE KEY. Though not happy, they did as instructed and completely unnecessary vandalism was thus avoided. (Who the hell do they think they are anyway??) An unnecessary brouhaha was peacefully settled. Whew!

It's a new day today and I play 'S' ALL day. I shudder to think what unexpected predicaments may finish off this peculiar workweek............ *shakes head*

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Texas Poll

The latest telephone poll taken by the office of the Governor of Texas asked whether people who live in Texas think illegal immigration is a serious problem:

A) 35% of respondents answered: "Yes, it is a serious problem."
B) 65% of respondents answered: "No es una problema serio."


Flower Child

TBC has tons of relatives and one of the fam’s more recent acquisitions is his cousin’s second wife, P. They met and married in Arizona but it wasn’t until their move to Oklahoma that I have gotten to know her better. She has held several jobs in our fair town but she is currently working as a beauty consultant for a well-known company and this has resulted in more frequent contact. Unique P is the quintessential hippie. She’s all about health food and respect for the earth as she expounds on her view of life with her clipped Northern (obviously not from AZ) accent. We seem to have really hit it off and though she’s a little dingy and quite vocal with her opinions, I am watching a developing friendship.

In other news, I am currently paying for my outdoor exuberance in our snowy landscape as I valiantly fight off a determined cold. I’ve come to work armed with anything and everything I can think of to battle the stinkin virus; Dayquil (liquid after my last choking incident with a tablet), green tea, chicken bouillon cubes, water, aspirin, lozenges with zinc, Echinacea and Vitamin C, Vitamin C, and Zicam swabs! Though I don’t feel up to snuff, I’m not feeling as bad as I could be so I just might be winning for a change. We won’t even discuss the many leg (and derriere) bruises I’m sporting thanks to the ass over teakettle jolt I received from the sled-pulling incident. ;)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's an Epidemic!

This morning I stopped by a coworkers office for some small talk and he said 'I dreamed about you last night'.


He laughed 'yep, I dreamed about you...'

Me: Like the dream I had the night before about *Derek*? What happened?

Him: No, nothing like that but I dreamed you quit. You just up and quit like effective at noon. Someone called you out of the clear blue sky and offered you a job and you took it... and quit.

Me: Was it a good job?

Him: I dont know... but you took it!

What if this is a premonition? Or, could be job stress... or he thought my dream about *Derek* was hilarious and he'd been thinking about it and so I was on his mind.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Pillow Talk

All day I have been debating with myself over whether I should blog this or not....

Seriously, why do we dream some of the things we dream and why do we put some people in those dreams?!

I woke up this morning feeling very guilty. My alarm went off and I hopped out of bed. I took a little peek at Richard who was sleeping so peacefully and rolled up all nice and warm in the bed. He's so sweet, so loving, such a wonderful husband...

And I spent last night dreaming something...

The details are sketchy, but here's what I remember. I was sleeping over at someones house and I saw myself walk out of the bedroom in my polka dot sleeping pants. They are really cute! White with turqoise dots and a hot pink sash that ties them up. They are really loose and ride low on the hips. Really hot sleeping gear if you ask me! I also had on a white tank that was loose and hung really low in the front (you know where i'm going with that so I wont elaborate). I walked out to greet *Derek* who was also sleeping over. I have no idea what he had on and I have no idea why he was there or where we were, but the important thing was that he was sleeping in my room and we were just laughing and carrying on like it was a slumber party. I remember he kept looking at my um.... shirt area ;) and we talked about them, etc.

In real life, *Derek* works with me! He sits not 20 feet away from me all day long, Monday thru Friday. We get along well, we both have sparkling (and sometimes sick) personalities and can kind of be little smartasses. I have never had thoughts at all except work thoughts! Why did I dream this!!!? In the dream we knew we worked together and we worked here! Good grief! I'm his supervisor... why would we be in a situation like this!?

Am I having work anxieties? Could it have been the 5 different types of wine and hit of rum that I drank earlier in the night coupled with a diet pill I might have tossed down my throat earlier? Was I just super tired and I became delirious in my sleep? I don't see these guys at all after work hours and I typically don't talk to them on weekends unless there is a problem at the office... so why?

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent (or not so innocent)*

Multiple Personality Snowperson

Here are pics of the diminutive snowman I created yesterday. Torso construction turned out to be the easiest part as I suffered a lot of frustration making his edible features stick to his slippery face.

Browns fan with carrot nose and chocolate candy mouth.

Browns fan with chocolate candy mouth and lump of coal nose. The coal made his whole face look dirty giving him a striking resemblance to a disheveled, homeless derelict warming himself next to a makeshift barrel fire.

Straw-hatted cowboy minus the sunglasses. Chocolate eyes, carrot nose and I can't tell if his spindly twig mouth just isn't visible or frankly, fell off.

My feverish efforts will be fleeting and transitory as serious thawing was occurring even as I built him. Nevertheless, practice makes perfect and I certainly hope he won't be my last inspired effort of the season. :)