Monday, January 22, 2007

Multiple Personality Snowperson

Here are pics of the diminutive snowman I created yesterday. Torso construction turned out to be the easiest part as I suffered a lot of frustration making his edible features stick to his slippery face.

Browns fan with carrot nose and chocolate candy mouth.

Browns fan with chocolate candy mouth and lump of coal nose. The coal made his whole face look dirty giving him a striking resemblance to a disheveled, homeless derelict warming himself next to a makeshift barrel fire.

Straw-hatted cowboy minus the sunglasses. Chocolate eyes, carrot nose and I can't tell if his spindly twig mouth just isn't visible or frankly, fell off.

My feverish efforts will be fleeting and transitory as serious thawing was occurring even as I built him. Nevertheless, practice makes perfect and I certainly hope he won't be my last inspired effort of the season. :)


Traveling Chica said...

Awwww, what a cutie!

Circe said...

I couldn't believe how rusty I've gotten at making a snowman. TBC looked out the window and said, "He's kinda small, isn't he?" Well, yes he is but it's not like I had any helping building him. :)

I'll make a bigger one next time!

Burg said...

The second snowman kinda scares me.. :P

Circe said...

He scares me too. I sent his pic via cell phone to someone and the reaction was, why is his face dirty? I got to looking at him and he looked like a nasty bum, not that I'm casting aspersions on my hometown, but still....


Bone said...

Nice to see you've been productive, Miss Circe.

I can't believe you didn't have any help.