Saturday, September 09, 2006

Painting the Town Red

Last night I got my hair colored.

Usually i'm a blonde but this time I went a little wild *snicker* and told Sheri to put some red in my hair. We did three colors... blonde, chestnut red, and a nutmeg brown and the three colors together really look good. C & P freaked because they have never seen me with hair other than some shade of blonde (it can vary from dark to light blonde). However, they have no idea that throughtout my life i've had blonde, black, brown (every shade), green, red (not just this time) and orange - which was not on purpose but because of my own mistake. The one time I decided to do my own hair, it went orange. I had to make an emergency phone call to my personal stylist and get the chemical mix formula to take out the Pumpkin orange before I could make the trip to the salon to get her to fix it up right.

We took pics of my new color... with one from behind. Actually that picture was intended for Richard... he loves these pants and my butt in these pants so he snapped the pic. However, it shows my hair... which I hadn't seen from the backside yet... so I decided to share that too! I like my new do.

Game Day

Saints vs. Browns

Cleveland Browns Stadium
Sunday, September 10, 2006
1:00 PM - FOX / WMMS

Friday, September 08, 2006

I've caught a quiet moment

I have been swamped this week and so many things have happened that are great blogging material, yet i've not had any time to post any of it. I hate it when that happens.

I haven't had any time to talk to my friends - I thought Bren had fallen off the face of the earth until I received a short little blip of an email from her today. Tiff has been gone, GFR is MIA, even Circe has been few and far between in her conversations *teary eyed*. Soccer season has started and it keeps me pretty busy when thrown in with all the other ten million kabillion things I have to do.

On top of all that, two of my most favorite-est blogs are going belly up, reorganizing, changing. Dan won't be doing his Daily Dump and Widwest is leaving our favorite two-some at Kiss and Blog. This news is so sad... Circe and I have exchanged emails expressing our shock and sadness. If you two are reading... we will miss you deeply and hope you come back!

C somehow wiped out his IPod and we've been working on getting music back for him. I messed with it one night and happened - have completely no idea how I did this - to load the Luau music for him. So for a couple of days he's been singing The Beach Boy's Wipeout. After spending quite a bit of time on it last night, Richard and C hit a 'bump' with downloading the music and out of frustration and exhaustion just gave up and hit the bed. Not before I heard 'mom, we have got to work on that tomorrow night!' So I guess I will be tackling that this weekend.

I'm so looking forward to our trip to Miami. White sand, surf and fru-fru drinks! Yeah, baby!

Are You Ready For Some Football???

Seeing as how my private league FFB Commish got “too busy” what with trotting out the flimsy excuse of becoming a new father, I quickly scrambled to enter a Yahoo Public League employing the appropriate yet clever moniker of Raging Alcoholics. I checked this morning to find the autodraft complete. To my chagrin, distractions and excessive busyness caused me to totally forget to request my beloved Tony!! *sniffs loudly* Hoping against hope, I punched up his name to discover someone else in my league has the auspicious privilege of utilizing him for their tight end. Still, I’m happy and working on gearing up for an exciting fun season! (I LOVE FFB!) And for the record, GO BROWNS!!!

More good news. When I returned home last evening, I found a brand new shiny silver (requested a color change) Razr awaiting me. All seems to be in working order so Ms Circe is back in cellular business. :)

Hospitable beach buddies were in town the past few days and though their dance card was extremely overbooked, I did get to exchange pleasantries, send my love to our mutual friends dodging hurricanes, and wish them a safe return to my beloved OBX. We love you, “T” and “B.”

The’s 5 Bad Romance Novel Metaphors or Similes

5. He Beatty-ed her shamelessly, making her squeal like Ned and hallucinate like Warren.

4. He awoke my slumbering womanhood with his double tall loin latte. "Starbuck!" I cried.

3. His chest was her pillow, and oh, did she drool.

2. Claire felt swept away by this dark stranger, a helpless dust bunny in the roaring cacophony of his gas-powered leaf blower.

1. His finger, weathered and rough from years on the ranch, danced in and out of his nose like a slimy ballerina.

Gemini May 21 - June 21

After two rapes, three muggings, and a heinous murder, you will completely run out of directions in which to look the other way.

Have a frolicsome Friday!
Circe ;)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Motorola Mishaps

My cell phone woes continue. Several weeks ago without warning my preshus pink phone started shutting down. The first time it happened I actually thought someone was playing tricks on me by sneaking into the office, cackling evilly to themselves as they slyly performed this dastardly deed. Last week the shutdowns increased alarmingly causing me to inform my Cingular dealer of the problem and possible solution. The replacement phone arrived via Fedex on Tuesday and I immediately started adding phone numbers not saved to the SIM card. After entering ALL of them, I started making minor changes only to have this lookalike lock up on me. WTF??? The little darling became totally useless and I forced myself to remain calm knowing I was dead in the water until Wed when I could take this POS in and straighten things out. Once again “software issues” raised their ugly head and since my original phone works a smidge better than the replacement, the replacement was returned and I’m expecting No. 3 to arrive today. Three’s the charm, right?

Though this situation has been a stressful, royal pain in the ass, the shining bright spot is our adorable Cingular rep, “S”. This 20something flower child was most definitely born in the wrong decade as all she lacks are white patent leather go-go boots and a raised dancer’s cage from which to wildly gyrate in. Picture this if you will…long, teased, ebony locks held back with a headband, perfectly made up face, lovely dark eyes, French-manicured nails topped off with revealing, hippie-style attire lovingly hugging her well-rounded body. And as entertaining as it is to look at her, she radiates caring sweetness from within. Here’s hoping she regularly receives merit raises for her excellent customer service because that cutiepie deserves it. :)

Someone is gettin Neekid!

Holy crapoly! I heard about this a bit yesterday, but this morning it was all over the radio. I wonder how long it will take for Playboy or Penthouse to cut her a deal!?

SNYDER - Police Chief Tod Ozmun is disturbed -- not by the fact his wife is featured on an adult porn Web site, but that his fellow citizens are circulating her downloaded nude photographs and calling for his job.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Stick People

This is something that has weighed heavy on my heart for many weeks now...

There is this chick that goes to the same gym I do and no matter what time I go, she's there. Lately i've had a pretty erratic workout schedule and she's still there... so that means a) she works out all the damn time or b) she follows me and goes when I go because she a) loves to bug the shit out of me or b) is secretly totally in love with me and i'm her motivation to live.

I'm leaning more towards she's got major issues and works out all the time. The first time I saw her, one word came to mind. Anorexic. She is a size minus zero. Her knees are huge and boney and stick out. She's hunched over a bit and her shoulders are razor sharp. She's probably early 20's and a pretty girl... but not because she is horribly thin. I can hit the gym (she's there), go to an hour long kickboxing class and when I get out, she's still on that treadmill. She always picks the same treadmill. Its the only one that happens to be directly in front of a mirror. She walks (at a whopping, non-sweaty 3.6 or 3.8 mph) and looks in the mirror at herself and then if she gets bored with that she picks up her cell phone and will be 'on the phone' for 20 minutes or so... and the whole time she's looking around to see if anyone is watching her (oh we are... but not in the way she wants!), or she's looking at herself in the mirror and tossing her head from side to side to see how she looks 'talking' on her phone. I've noticed that all those times she's 'on the phone'... she's never talking! So, its all an act... to appear important!? dunno.. but its all weird.

She will 'hit the weights' with little 5lb dumb bells and do curls or something. She sits right in the middle of all these huge guys lifting monstrous amount of weight and she's taking up space (little bits) with her baby weights yet trying to appear as if she's on this rigorous workout schedule and building mondo muscles. I wonder what she sees when she looks in the mirror. Does she see fat? Or does she see a wonderful sculpted body? Well, she has neither. She is by no means fat... she's very nasty skinny. Very unhealthy. She doesnt have muscles because there is no place for muscle to even form.

I feel better now that i've shared....

Sure Enough, Suri Exists

It's about dang time! Vanity Fair available September 12th.

Baby It's You

How is it that we gravitate toward a particular appearance or personality in potential mates? The upshot is I prefer guys looking the polar opposite of me and gal friends resembling spitting images. Have you ever looked at a picture of a stranger and known for a fact that if the opportunity to meet presented itself, mutual attraction would develop and flourish? I have always been drawn to males possessing dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin and while I’m sure part of it is a case of opposites attracting, I also think growing up in ethnic Cleveland surrounded for the most part by sexy Italians constantly grabbing my attention and setting my heart ablaze had something to do with it.

Several years ago I stumbled across the old '80s flick, "Baby It’s You" and everything just clicked into place. While this is not the greatest movie ever released, it was the diametrically opposite couple that held my attention. The Sheik (Vincent Spano) was broody, dangerous, and reeked of smoldering Mediterranean sexuality, and I totally understood the inexorable pull this handsome bad boy exerted on goody-goody Rosanna Arquette. With some minor changes, this showcased and magnified my formative school years in a nutshell.

The cut and dried plot summary explains:

In New Jersey, Jill Rosen, a frustrated high schooler, is intrigued by an enigmatic new student known only as the Sheik. Sheik is an Italian whose primary interests are his car, Frank Sinatra, and Jill. At first she is taken aback by his forwardness, but they soon develop a relationship, much to the chagrin of their parents. Sheik gets expelled from school, and Jill is accepted at an all-girls college. After a fight, Sheik goes to Florida to work in a club lip-synching Sinatra songs. Sheik becomes dissatisfied with his Florida lifestyle and goes back to New Jersey to try to win Jill over.

While that insipid quote is factual and straightforward, the underlying appeal of this movie is better clarified by a user commenter hailing from New York:

In the course of the movie, the on-again, off-again romance between them -which features all the quirkiness and unpredictability of most high-school romances, and then some- lights up, sputters, then heats up again. Free of sci-fi special effects or surrealistic flashbacks, this is a movie for people who love and believe in "romance" in the truest sense of the word - that one brief "Camelot"-like time when two people from different backgrounds and even worlds light up the world for each other, even though they sense it will end all too soon.

Maybe this helps explain the beaming smile on my face when SD, though not of Italian origin, signs off with ‘Ciao Bella.’ ;)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

September Song

Greetings gang and welcome to Tuesday. That’s right my flirty friends, it’s not really Monday though it very possibly feels like it. Considering I am still fighting the ‘cold from hell,’ I can’t say that I enjoyed boundless energy or thrilling activities throughout my three-day weekend, but what the heck, it was still nice to be off and thanks to the recent bounteous showers, I did get a lot of (beer-drinking) mowing done.

The’s 5 Pickup Lines Used by MySpace Pervs

5> "My allowance is WAY bigger than that. I can prove it: I'll leave a plane ticket for you at Heathrow and me *and my dad* will pick you up at La Guardia tomorrow."

4> "Your parents are just afraid of the superpowers you'll get if you click on the Tree of Knowledge link."

3> "I just removed MyPants from my friends list to make room for you."

2> "Well, *I* happen to like Strawberry Shortcake panties. Ignore those insults."

1> "What's a Special-Victims-Unit-detective-pretending-to-be-a-13-year-old like you doing with a MySpace page like this?"

In case you missed the MSN list, here is a rundown of some of the crazy/goofy baby names celebrities have inflicted on their blameless offspring.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Apple, Moses
Angelina Jolie: Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh
Victoria Beckham: Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz
Nicholas Cage: Kal-el
Frank Zappa: Diva, Moon Unit, Ahmet Rodan, Dweezil
Julia Roberts: Phinnaeus, Hazel
Bruce Willis and Demi Moore: Rumer, Scout, Tallulah Belle
Russell Crowe: Tennyson
Jason Lee: Pilot Inspektor Riesgraf (poor kid!)
Bob Geldof and Paula Yates: Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom, Pixie
Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence: Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily
Erykah Badu: Seven Sirius, Puma
Cher: Chastity
Geri Halliwell: Bluebell Madonna
David Bowie: Zowie
Tom Cruise: Suri

Monday, September 04, 2006

Gameday Weekend

This holiday weekend has been busy starting with Friday night - and it hasn't let up. Richard and I did spend a majority of Saturday trying to get into Norman to get to the OU game and then after spending the first half sitting in the drizzly rain and crowded accomodations, we spend a great majority trying to get out of Norman. That is just pure craziness there... and we're purely content with catching those football games snuggled on the couch at home or kickin' it with friends at their house or a sports bar. I'll pass on the chaos... its not so fun. You can catch the full story on this blog... I sent some pictures there as the events unfolded and I blogged bout it with the pics.

I hope y'all are having a great Labor Day weekend. It's going to rain today!

Bobble Heads

Friday night we had some friends over... they got a little crazy in the rain and hit the trampoline... got soaking wet. Trampoline's arent just for kids. They are also for big kids who never grow up. lol