Wednesday, November 12, 2008

O'Reilly Factor

Dennis Miller for President

Did anyone happen to catch him on Bill O'Reilly tonight!? I never ever watch it... well, ok sometimes. But very rarely. I got to the gym and Bill was interviewing someone about the Presidential elections and blah blah and it kind of sparked my interest.

Dennis Miller was the next segment and although i've never been a fan of him, I stayed tuned in to hear what he had to say about the political issues at hand.

Gawd, I love him! He had his head screwed on straight tonight! Preach on, brutha! He said

although he may, or may not have voted for the President Elect, he wants him to be successful. He wants him to prove all of us wrong (that thought otherwise and voted against him) and he wants us to be in a position we want a second term. This is his country and he loves it and supports it, and he wants his president to be a success. Although people think Bush has been so bad and want him out, Thank God for him and the 8 years he served and his willingness to fight for our freedom and the willingness of the men and women to fight for us and for those 8 years, they have given us the ability to have this election in 2008. We are still free.

He then went on about the f'ing bailouts:

Where the #&*$^@^ do they think this money comes from? We're paying for it! Let the companies go under. Let us deal with it. AIG is taking the money and giving bonuses and vacations. They aren't stopping their lavish spending... they are continuing on. They havent learned a thing and where will this stop? Now the auto makers want a bailout. Let them go. Someone will survive it.

He said other things but that's the jist of it. I think he's right. I know we're going to be in a heck of a hurt if we don't bail them out, but damn! We let them continue business as normal!? Its NOT normal! They f'd up. They should be on a payment plan and pay all that bailout money back! Plus interest! I'm (we, the taxpayers) are paying for their shiznit several times over. We buy the products, then we get taxed to death to pay for their bailout, then we don't have the money to live so we lose our shirts... where's our bailout!?

I want all my money back.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hot for Teacher

Did I tell y'all I'm doing Taekwondo!??!?!

I'm not really, but P is, and in a round about way, that means I am. I'm paying for it and watching lessons... so i'm taking it. Right!?

I never knew that to find the hot guys, you need to hang out in the martial arts training gyms. Heck, even daddy, who opened the gym in the 70's is still a hottie! His son, who currently runs the show, is a cutie patootie (and his baby girl is cute to boot!) and obviously a prereq to instruct there is to be tall, dark, and handsome with piercing eyes, luscious smiles, and limber as a newborn baby!

I might go ahead and enroll in the beginners program with P. I did Taebo for years... surely that would impress the hot teachers! lol I should get some pictures.