Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ghosts and Goblins

I just realized that neither of us did a Happy Halloween entry!

Welp, Happy Belated Halloween!

I hope everyone had fun... I did! I ate too much candy though, so i'm on a cleansing diet today.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Engine Envy

TBC and I seem to possess a fleet of vehicles and are therefore never without transportation should the unexpected (car accident) occur. Basically, we have double the vehicles to people ratio. Therefore, for the majority of October and some of September, I’ve been driving The Beast. *reverential moment as we bask in its awesome glory* The Beast was and still is a very popular muscle car that inspires lust and envy in every red-blooded American male gearhead within a fifty or possibly even hundred mile radius. I watch the heads swivel around and jaws drop in wonderment when I whiz by, and it’s with mixed emotions that I realize it’s not Mz Circe’s contours that are causing all the fuss and commotion. I realize there are a few minor accessories that no longer work such as the horn, the clock, the radio, and most recently, the speedometer, but it still looks and sounds magnificent.

Monday afternoon, one of the construction guys stops at my door and inquires if I’m the proud owner of The Beast. So we chatted for awhile about what a terrific car I own and I cheerfully rattle off its stats and background. A little later he pops his head in again and declares that it was almost backed into by their trailer. And laughs. At which point I solemnly proclaim that if even one drop of its primer paint is harmed, I will cheerfully and single-handedly throttle him within an inch of his careless life. By God, that’s a classic car, people! I’ve since changed my parking spot to avoid possible mishaps and believe me, he noticed and asked me about it. Duh! You almost plowed into my baby, ya dolt, of course I’m going to change spaces! Anyway, I guess we are good buddies now as every time he saunters down our hallway, which is often, (just when does that boy do any physical labor anyway?) he tosses remarks and money offers for it my way or stops and chats. For some reason he thought I was a Packers fan and said something about that team winning the game Monday night. My puzzled look caused him to question my football loyalties by which I then pointed to my Browns mousepad. This saucy pup retorted that if I was a Packers fan and owned The Beast, he would give TBC a run for his money. *snorts coffee out nostrils* I warned him to enjoy the view while he can as my preshus GP should be out of the shop soon and it’ll be goodbye Beast. :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Power User

I have just been awarded the Yahoo! Power user reward.

I'm a Yahoo! Power Mailer!

Power Users are the heaviest and most frequent users of Yahoo! Mail and were selected by Yahoo! to participate in this pilot program. These users spend an incredible amount of time using Yahoo! Mail, so the Power User program is our way of thanking them.

That is awesome.

Bruiser Bears

(love these costumes...)

In other news: I finally won my first FFB matchup. After eight
l o o o o n g weeks. And I beat the No. 1 team in the league. And I had the highest score of anyone. Ah, victory is sweet... *sigh* :) Go Teddybears!!!
(and the Browns won last Sunday)

The Top God Billboards We'd Like to See
  • You're going to hell! Ask me how.
  • Stop that fighting or I'll turn this planet around right now!
  • My son has no middle name, let alone initial. If you're gonna blaspheme, get it right.
  • Actually, on the seventh day I went to Wal-Mart.
  • Change your ways. Or don't you consider telemarketers a pestilence?
  • I made you in my image -- so pull up those pants, you little punks!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sharpies in All Colors

This weekend I got my hair colored and I'm going this weekend for a pedicure. I'm getting all prettied up to have lil November :) haha... as if it all makes a difference. But at least I'll know my toes look good and my hair is a new color!

Here's me at 35 weeks and a new shade of hair!

Another shot of the new do...

Can you guess what this is!?!?

Did I fail to mention that my sister did my hair... and afterwards we got a little bored and she came up with the brilliant idea of drawing on my tummy. She guaranteed me that the sharpies would have NO affect on Lil November (as it does us... sniff sniff). If you look closely, you can see my scar right about my belly button, where my belly button ring used to be. Looks funny... ahhaha

With This Ring

It can be tricky trying to dress for a funeral and wedding but I felt I pulled it off with a certain grace and aplomb. I opted for a fancy dark plum blouse with a black skirt and low black heels. After the funeral rites, TBC and I hopped in the car and sped toward the structurally pleasing backdrop of the cowboy-themed, chilly, outdoor October nuptials. Knowing this family well, I expected one glorious affair and was far from disappointed. The blushing bride was resplendent in a gorgeous, strapless ivory confection complete with a dazzling tiara atop her golden curls and cascading veil. Groomsmen sported cowboy hats along with semi-formal attire and I suppose it was anxious nerves that kept those bridesmaids from breaking out in a massive epidemic of goosebumps while wearing their chocolate-hued, bare-shouldered creations. After the ceremony, we headed inside to enjoy the tasteful elegance of the meticulously decorated site. Always a hit, I gobbled down many a gooey, drenched strawberry baptized in the chocolate fountain holding court on the groaning appetizer table. From there we entered the dining room where boxes of fancy chocolates awaited each seated guest. Catered by a local BBQ restaurant, we supped on brisket, twice-baked potatoes, green beans, and rolls washed down by either water, pop, or a nice selection of mixed drinks and beer. I chose the Heineken. :) There was dancing and laughter as the jovial crowd kicked up their spit-shined, polished boots and a good time was had by all. I do love a good wedding!

Beautiful centerpieces

Pink-hued H20 fountain

Yummy wedding cake

Grooms cake depicting the groom’s vehicle. Why does it always resemble turds?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Great Quizitation

I’ve found my ginormous baby belly to be an attractor of less that desireable people. It’s like it’s a big neon sign for total strangers… and those which you’d rather not touch you… to feel compelled to spark up a conversation with you and ask all kinds of personal questions. Throughout this little pregnancy all kinds of total strangers have stopped me and asked all kinds of questions. When is your baby due? Do you know what you’re having? What are you going to name it? Is this your first? Are you going to breast or bottle feed? Are you going back to work? Are the kids excited? and the list goes on and on and on….

What prompts me to write this is the latest quizzer. The Wal-Mart greeter lady.

I walked in the door this weekend and was greeted by an unusually friendly greeter with her usualy “welcome to Walmart”… I smiled and grabbed a basket and proceeded on my way. She walked swiftly towards me and said “ohhhhhh… when’s it due?” (thinking IT is Lil November and I do not want to discuss this yet again! and especially with you!) I told her in a couple of weeks and tried to keep walking. She was smiling her gnarly toothed grin and kept right on going with the usual list of questions. Is this your first?! NO! Is it a girl or boy? Girl. And I keep going…. and she keeps following me! So, I stopped and turned to face her in hopes to shut her up so I can get on my way (I really hate Wal-Mart) and I’ll be darned if she didnt head straight for me with hands stretched out like she really was going to start rubbing my tum! There was no way in the world that Wal-Mart greeter lady was going to touch me! I grabbed my basket and darted away from her and she kept talking and asking questions. Are you excited? Yes! (you’d think with my one word answers and the fact i’m walking AWAY from her might let her know that maybe I dont want to make any sort of conversation with her… but she’s so excited she’s glowing). She finally tossed out another question and I just smiled and literally ran to the nearest bathroom to lock myself in a stall.

This close attack follows on the heels of another quizzing experience while exiting the baby doctor office building a week ago. Some strange (emphasis on strange) lady (minus about 4 front teeth) proceeded to quiz Richard and I. She started in with the same darn questions and even though we kept walking away from her she kept screaming out question after question and grinning from ear to ear with excitement like she was going to be a grandma or something. I'm not sure what she was doing... maybe a janitor that worked there or something, and was waiting for a ride.

Why do people think they can ask all these questions and don’t they realize that some of them are rather personal!?!? I know little babies are exciting and all.... but dang! Its nine (well, not actually because if you're lucky you can hide the baby bump for quite a while thus delaying the quizzitation experiences) months of constant questioning and its the same thing over and over. I should just have a pamphlet printed up with all the questions and my answers.. and just pass it out as i'm attacked by baby loving strangers.