Thursday, March 20, 2008

Would You Like Some Fries With That?

This morning I stopped by Sonic to quickly grab a little breakfast and out with my French Toast Sticks came two containers of syrup (yes, you read that right). They never give two... and some ketchup.

Why ketchup?

I might could understand ranch because ranch goes with everything (ask my kids)... but ketchup!?

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Irish are Coming!

Happy St Patty's Day to ya!

It's kind of a dark, wet, dreary day here in the heart of the USA. What a crappy way to start spring break.

I've never understood why they have "spring" break in March when it's almost always (99.99%) likely to be cold and nasty. I can't really recall a nice spring break. Ever. I do remember having an ice storm though! I remember snow on spring break too. I don't remember 'springy' weather. Ever.

Why don't they move spring break to be a week or two later? I know that it wouldn't really be in the middle of the academic semester, but it would probably be nicer weather.

Oh. and Heather Mills pisses me off. Just looking at her makes me irrate. If Paul would give me 50 million, I'd be a happy little camper.