Friday, October 19, 2007

Circus Act

Last weekend we all loaded up and headed to the park and thought we'd take some pictures. However, the sun set too quickly on us and we lost much needed sunlight to get good shots of us doing our thing... so, Richard messed with some settings on the camera and used a night time setting. It allowed for more light in the picture but it also didn't allow for much movement. It obviously takes a picture sloooooower....

C said "mom, grab your ankle and pull it up to your head!" OK! I can do that! Here I am.... 33 weeks preggers too :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm Not Sleeping Well at Night

My foot is still swollen and hurts like a beotch! I kept ice on it all last night and it felt better this morning, but as the day wore on it became more swollen and sore. I'm going to try ice one more night and then maybe I will seek the advice of a medical professional.

It might be broken. Or at least really bad bruised!

On my way home today, I decided women drivers suck. With the exception of me, of course. One chick screamed at me because I wouldn't let her go in front of me on the on-ramp to the highway. Mind you SHE had the yield sign and I had the right-of-way, she came to a damn near stop to wait for me (I always watch to make sure people yield there because you never know what they might do), so I headed on my merry little way. Then she decided she'd go... but by then I was too close to stop for her and so I kept going thinking she'd stop again. No... she kept going! So I slammed on my brakes and then she slammed on hers and screamed at ME! Damn woman!

Then not two miles down the road, I was trying to get out of my lane because it was quickly fixing to exit onto another highway... I signaled and waited for all the jerks to ignore me and do their thing and then I saw a gap. I started merging to my left and this little wench in a little teeny tiny car sped up so I couldnt get in front of her! Bein's how I outweighed her by a ton (i'm talking about the vehicle) I went ahead and merged over. I'd only signaled for forever and she sped up to keep me out.... so i'm coming in woman! She HONKED at me! I only wanted to pass through to get to the other lane, but damn! I wasnt going to take her precious little space. I should have though.

I have to say that I don't recall ever having driving experiences like that with men... they are always women. PMS'in is what they must be doin. DANG!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stay Puff Marshmallow

I've mysteriously hurt my foot. For a few days its hurt on top of my foot... like right behind my big toe. Right on top. It didn't hurt when I walked or anything, but when I put on my running shoes or pushed on that area, it was rather painful.

Last night I noticed that my whole foot appeared 'puffy'. Swollen. Richard put an ice pack on it and that helped the ache for a bit. This morning I stepped out of bed and whooooaaahhh! It hurt to walk. After a complete inspection of my foot, I noticed that a bruise is starting to form right behind my big toe joint.

This afternoon, my foot is more puffy and aches like no other! It hurts to walk! I don't want to bend my big toe with every step... it hurts to bad! I asked Richard if he was doing things to me at night while I was asleep.... negative. He says he's innocent. I have no idea what I could have done to it. I haven't fallen or dropped anything on my foot. I've had no catastrophe's or injuries that I know of... but now I have this mystery hurt.

How weird.

Inspiration Station

I know, I know! I have neglected you too long, my darlings. But if it helps take the sting out of my prolonged absence, I’ve had excellent reasons. Yesterday was spent in the dental chair (fun, fun), but Friday I was away soaking up helpful suggestions to make the college experience a positive one via speakers who focused specifically on fostering good relations among fellow employees, attending students and ourselves. The sessions were enjoyable, motivational, and downright inspiring and our final speaker was so mesmerizing, one could have heard a pin drop during her discourse. Nursing students provided health information along with blood pressure and diabetes checks. The pièce de résistance were the chair massages offered free of charge of which Mz Circe took full relaxing advantage. On a disappointing note, the vendor who always spreads an accessory-laden feast for public consumption was unable to make it, so I left without purchased goodies. On the upside, I won our table’s fall centerpiece door prize. (woo hoo!) This year our registration gift was a laptop carrier with the sponsor’s logo. Last year it was a zippered folder with this same logo emblazoned across the front, and a few years back we got to select a lovely totebag in a design (I picked animal print) of our choice. And one year was so unbelievably memorable that I have completely forgotten what souvenir we received. *sigh* At any rate, here are some shots for your viewing pleasure.

On our trek home, I spotted a billboard that said:

Wall Street
Bourbon Street
Sesame Street

--Only in America

The Gang (yep, I'm front and center)

Gorgeous colored chalk pic completed in about 15 mins by our first speaker

The centerpiece I won

The rest of our group at the table adjacent ours

Front view (smile gals!)

Transportation and our trusty driver. (Thanks, J!)