Friday, June 08, 2007


Paris Hilton sure has a way of making a fiasco out of everything!

She got a DUI, kept driving, got sentenced to 45 days, whined and got 23 days, checked into her cell, whined (or slept with someone or paid someone), got sent home after 3 days, caused holy hell between those important people in charge now they are fighting about it all, might get sent back to the bars. Good grief! Just do the time already and shut up about it!

Anyone else would have gotten months upon months!!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More Baby News

Last week while I was in Las Vegas, one of the techs had called in sick most of the week and Monday morning he called me and said he was staying home yet one more day. He sounded congested and apparently had been battling strep. I turned in his time for him, and HR contacted me to inquire as to his status and to make sure we didn't need to start working on other arrangements (short term disability vs. personal time off). Tuesday morning I got an email from him that said he wouldnt be in yet again.. he'd been to the emergency room the night before and was going to the hospital to meet a radiologist.

Our thoughts ran wild.... we had him diagnosed with all sorts of crazy things. Primarily blisters *giggle*. We're mean (fun) like that.

Today... he made it! So, I asked him how his sickness is going, how he feels, how the hospital thing turned out.

He said Monday he felt fine, but decided to go ahead and stay home and had full intentions of coming to work on Tuesday. However, his girlfriend woke him up about midnight... deathly ill and requesting to go to the ER. He sat in the ER with her til about 2:30am waiting while they took her pee and blood and poked and prodded. Then, after all that, the doctor came in and said Congratulations! Our tech asked 'what for!?' You're pregnant!

Yep.... The Ladies Man is going to have a baby. The last thing any of us ever expected... the last thing he ever expected too!

I laughed when he told me. He laughed... all the techs laughed. He'd threatened before to get someone pregnant so he could take off work for this and that with his kid like the rest of us do.... but we didnt think he really meant it! hahahaha

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Anorexic Annie

As I was driving down the street a while ago thinking about hitting the gym tonite and what body parts we're going to work on (back and bicep night), it dawned on me that I haven't seen Annie (Anorexic chick)in quite some time.

The last time she was at the gym (I blogged it), she was obviously preggers and waddling... but she hasnt been back since. Now is the time she needs to be in the gym. Exercise does that baby good. I wonder if she'll come back!? Not that I miss her.... but i'm just curious as to whats up with that stomach!

Cruisin '07

Last Friday evening was our annual cruisefest where classic cars slowly glide up and down the road to the oohs and ahs of the appreciative crowd. Caught between two weather systems, it started with brief sprinkles and an occasion finger of lightning snaking across the sky followed by an earthshaking BOOM, provoking a very real concern of possible ringside seat electrocution, a much needed reprieve, and finally the waterlogged heavens opening up and drenching the dwindling masses right before the final hour. This pic is of two guys (love the white, floppy hat) parading around together on a motorcycle much to the merriment of the throng. They happened to be coworkers of sis who lost a bet to another company and were coerced into flaunting their feminine side. The one on the back blew sis a kiss and motioned for her to ‘call him’. LOL

I have totally blown it this week in terms of hopping on my fav treadmill at noon and I’m just chock full of excuses. Yesterday I was ‘too dressed up,’ today my allergies are kicking my butt, tomorrow I have an errand to run with “S”, and I’m taking a personal business day Thursday. All I can say is I’d better fit some walk time into the equation before the week is out.

Monday, June 04, 2007

In Your Face

Well gang, after much thoughtful deliberation, I finally decided to become an esteemed member of Facebook. At least it doesn’t display blinkyshit and that’s a huge point in its favor. At any rate, I would love to see your bright, shiny faces in my 'friend' column so please feel free to add Circe Chardonnay. (Unaware I was named after my favorite white wine?) ;)

Sad News from The Onion:

MySpace Outage Leaves Millions Friendless

BEVERLY HILLS, CA—An estimated 150 million people continued to be without social lives Tuesday as a massive system failure at entered its third day. "The problem is taking longer than we anticipated, but rest assured we're working around the clock to get MySpace back online," said David Gundy, a spokesman for the social networking site. "We're hoping to have friendship restored to our users as soon as possible." The outage, which occurred late Saturday night, is believed to be the result of a complicated wallpaper upload for the page of a former VH1 I Love New York contestant, which triggered a chain reaction of web browser crashes and server shutdowns. Although MySpace's emergency-response team has so far been unable to reconnect any of the millions currently stranded without access to online companionship, Gundy said he remains hopeful that no profiles have been lost…A handful of relief organizations have begun to offer some assistance to MySpace refugees. The American Red Cross is currently setting up a network of approximately 60 smaller-sized "fill-in" sites, where lonely MySpace users can post abbreviated profiles and receive instant messages from aid workers in half-hour increments. But because it's only intended as a temporary stopgap, user options are austere: MySpace members cannot list hobbies and interests, upload MP3s, or link to favorite YouTube clips, making friendship compatibility and popularity nearly impossible to predetermine. On Monday, MySpace co-creator Tom Anderson issued an apologetic press release on the website of MySpace's parent company, News Corporation. "So I know alot [sic] of you couldn't check out your profiles and I just want to say sorry for all the lameness on our end," Anderson wrote. "Rock on." :)

BD girl,