Friday, May 30, 2008

My Sweet Bloggin Partner

Big Hugs and Kisses to you, Circe!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I miss you!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bull Bait

While I am enjoying this abbreviated workweek, I can’t help but feel the day is dragging along interminably. *sigh* Oh, and our internet will be shut down at 4p for "maintenance." Great.

This past long weekend was not without its ups and downs. On Sat, I finally grabbed a few cold ones and saddled up on the riding mower to enjoy the bright sunshine as I chopped down pesky weeds and long grasses. However, this favorite chore of mine was not without drama. A few weeks ago, TBC purchased a young bull that is currently undergoing “hormonal changes”. I don’t know all the technical jargon but suffice to say he’s in the process of becoming a steer and his current job description is alternate mower for the back forty. Making my way around the front of the house proceeded smoothly as I warily kept my distance from the fences. Upon finishing that section TBC suggested I next work on the side front which technically resides in the gated bovine confines. Being a city gal and not having had much interaction with livestock, I was understandably nervous. I repeatedly asked TBC if Mr Moo would keep his distance and not come after me and was given several lukewarm assurances. Assessing the situation with each turn, I realized there was no way out should a confrontation arise except back through the gate as both a barbed wire and an electric fence blocked hasty exits. I finished the section closest to the road but kept turning around to see if I could spot our munching newcomer. He was nowhere in sight as I started on another section. After making about three turns, Mr Bull decided it was time to check out this noisy contraption and its human rider and ambled up to an uncomfortably close distance to yours truly. I came to an abrupt halt and started screaming my head off for TBC to get over here!!! (The neighbors poked their heads out after hearing all the shrieking.) He calmly (and slowly) made his way toward me and motioned for me to shut off the mower whereupon I was informed that if I headed toward Mr Bull, he would run away. Had he chatted with the big fellow earlier and had him pinky swear that said bovine would not harass Mz Circe or chase her around the field as she went about her pleasant pasture chore? I don’t think so!

Letting out what I fervently hoped was a menacing bellow, I gritted my teeth, switched on the power, and resumed my determined trek toward him. And he moved. Not very fast and not very far and in no way scared of little ole me, but he did get out of my way as he resumed eyeballing me from some trees near the bordering fence. And after a while he plodded back down the field to his former resting place way the heck at the back of the property. After I finished and had parked the mower back in the garage, TBC asked me to please not give his bull a heart attack again. Yeah, whatever…