Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'm Twisted!

How evil are you?

I'm not evil, but i'm twisted and can easily be coerced into being evil. haha What are you?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Shock Your Way Slim

This morning while watching the news, I happened to catch a segment on weight loss. This new procedure involved using small electronic shocks - kind of like the procedure that is done when you hurt your back and they 'treat' your muscles to get them to relax. Well this is done on your fat rolls.

Besides the fact that its pretty expensive - $100 per session and it takes about 20 sessions and then once a month for maintenance, I also noticed that maybe it isnt that effective.

When the person selling the product or procedure could stand to lose about 150lbs, then it doesn't make one feel too secure about the product.

How do you think they sell so much Slimfast or Hydroxycut!? They hire very physically fit people to be their spokesperson. HELLO!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Jacking with Me

Nothing says ‘Monday morning’ like the sound of earsplitting jackhammers rattling your thoughts and in some cases, vibrating the very ground beneath your feet. Construction is officially underway for our building’s renovation and the relentless cacophony is wreaking havoc with our good nature and pleasant demeanor. I need to put out a mass VM and am patiently waiting for a break in the staccato blasts of sound. As if this wasn’t enough, several entrances are now blocked off thus leaving fleeing worker bees with fewer options. I guess this is one way to ensure walking as an exercise. As deafening as it is in my area, finance people are enduring the racket right outside their door and when I popped in to check their situation, several had tissues sprouting from their ears. This nerve-testing trial could put employee’s end-of-month paychecks in jeopardy if pissy moods become the order of the day. The truth is we are in for extended disruptions as work progresses. Welcome to my nightmare.

And yes, great temps today and that does help offset the chaos going on here at Chaos College. Woo hoo!

Monday Morning Notes

I can't not NOT blog this today.

It's going to be like 70 degrees!!! How exciting is that!?!? Anyone in Oklahoma knows that a day like today is much needed and even better... its Presidents Day so tons of people are able to get the day off (I am not one of them, dangit). My bank is one of them. Dangit.

It's terribly windy but the temp is so nice and the sun is shining! Tomorrow it will drop in temp, but still be in the 50's. I'm so ready for spring and summer!

On another note. What the @#$% is up with Britney Spears!?!??!