Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Sandman Cometh

Are you exhausted and weary? Can’t quite seem to catch enough of those forty winks in the comfort of your own home on your off hours? Then why don’t you just relax, stretch out, and catch a few much-needed zzzs whenever and wherever that drowsy mood strikes!

Now I realize people are worn-out and stressed around this time of year but I’m not sure even that qualifies for a valid excuse for this unprofessional behavior at 3 pm. In the main lobby by the Information Desk. In our Admin building. In front of gawking collegians, startled faculty, dismayed staff, wide-eyed prospective students and crafty employees with cell phone picture capabilities. Like me. ;)

I can't tell if he has the butt-crack thing going on or not in this pic but I believe this was just his light shirt peeking through his dark jacket. And I love how his busy-beaver colleague just keeps plugging away oblivious to the possibility of loud snoring wafting his way...

Then he got up and fell asleep on the counter next to the lobby desk. This must have been awkward for the switchboard gals.

Good thing Grand Exalted Poobah was gone yesterday. Tsk! Several others were snapping away with their own cameras so I have a feeling someone will be called on the carpet (so to speak) today. Yes, I do realize this could be the result of narcolepsy but this is simply not the wisest place to let it get the better of you.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Found a Peanut

I know a lot of fellow Okies are having a rough time of it with the beautiful but very destructive ice storm they recently endured. My neck of the woods managed to dodge that sparkly bullet but the winter is just firing up so there’s no telling what wave of nasty stuff will have our name on it. It’s a toss-up as to whether the white flakes they are predicting will blow in Friday (Weatherbug) or Saturday (Weather Channel) but odds are in our favor will be blessed with a lovely wintry mix as we head into the weekend. I, of course, am heartily employing my ever-popular Snow Dance, sporting my snowflake earrings, and shaking my booty, er, Snow Globe Snowman for all he’s worth hoping for copious amounts of frozen manna from heaven. Yes, I adore snow. :)

Last night as I was happily munching on pistachios that I planned to save for next week (such resolve), I thought of that old song I used to sing with my comrades while we were zipping down the road heading for some educational fieldtrip. I wonder if kiddos still repeat that old chestnut? At any rate, I did find the lyrics online and sure enough, it was unearthed on a website called The only difference I found was that my fellow scholars inserted the “went to heaven” line instead of being reincarnated, but other than that, it’s exactly the same.

Found a peanut
Found a peanut
Found a peanut just now
Just now I found a peanut
Found a peanut just now.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice Storm Images

I didn't realize our ice storm was so damaging, but today on the news they said about one million people were without power right now... and most had been without power for several days. One of the providers said it will be about 7 days before they can get their customers back on! That's 1/4 of the people in the state without electricity. I'm so glad i'm not one of them. I've been there done that... and its no fun! Last night I was trying to post a few pictures and our power went out twice... but snapped right back on. It was a scarey brief moment! Needless to say, I didnt get my pictures posted... until now.

The raining ice has turned into rain. Thunderstorms actually. So tonight that ought to make for lots of fun on the roads!

These are just the little plants in my yard. All over the city there are huge trees split in half and downed powerlines. Its a sad sight.