Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Happy!

Yes gang, it was a mere two years ago that Kerbear and I took the plunge, put our quirky heads together (kinda like Siamese twins) and started sharing our unique perspective with fellow bloggy journalists. Amazing, huh? :)

Alot has changed since our initial attempts at typed entertainment but we are still lovin' it and hope to continue for many eons to come. Stop by and have a piece of cyber cake to commemorate this special day. Ker and I will be passing out hugs and kisses to initialize our third year. ;)

Thanks for all your love and support...

your humble servant,

Pull Apart

The humidity here has been horrid for the past month. With a solid 4 weeks of rain (I think we've seen the sun for about 30 minutes total), the temp can be in the mid 70's, but with humidity it feels like 110 and it's so thick you can cut it with a knife!

This morning on my way to work I was listening to the radio DJ's discuss the humidity (we're scheduled to get some heat and sun this next week! whooohooo!) and the fact that they have experienced 'chaffing in cracks and crevices where there usually isnt a problem'. They wear different undies on the higher humidity days to help prevent friction which creates a rash.... which then requires them to use ointment. One guy said the hardest part is recruiting someone to apply the ointment to his rashy areas. eeewwww!

But funny thing is.. this isnt the first conversation i've heard about this rash issue. I guess with the heat and humidity.. you start sweating profusely in the crack of your butt and the constant rubbing of cheeks coupled with being wet, causes a terrible diaper rash.

Desitin isnt just for babies.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Shaun of the Dead

Bright and early this morning, Richard and C visited our local friendly oral surgeon and had all 8 (4 each) wisdom teeth extracted.

C went first... and when they moved him to recovery they asked me to sit with him. Then they took Richard in for his plucking. Both boys opted to be put to sleep so they wouldn't hear or feel the business going on in their mouths - which I think was a really good decision.

C was in recovery just sleeping away... this nice little soft snoring. Not Richard. I heard them come out of surgery and talking to him... walking him to the recovery room. I peeked around the corner and busted up laughing so hard I thought i'd pee my pants. I darted back in C's room.

He looked like something from Shaun of the Dead. A walking zombie. He had the doctor with one arm, and the nurse with the other arm... he was walking stiff like Frankenstein and babbling on and on about something. I heard just a little of 'that was not bad at all!'

They laid him down on his little recovery bed and the doctor tried to run through the surgery and how it all went... but Richard kept babbling. It was like his tongue was 12 inches thick and he was on a week long drunken binge coupled with a round of Meth just to give him that extra little 'ummph' in his step. We kept chuckling at him... finally Richard raised his head, smiled and gave the doctor a 'thumbs up'. *insert hysterical laughing by us here*

After getting all the news, I sat down by Rich who kept trying to sit up but couldn't raise his own head off the pillow. He babbled and rambled and told me that 'he's really good! He should do this for a living!!' then added 'you should be a doctor!' I was laughing so hard! Then my precious... and I am not lying here... asked for a BJ! HAHAHAHAH I nearly fell out of my chair! Of course not! But I certainly grabbed my phone and started shooting little blips of video. He kept telling me 'thats some good shit' and 'I like that stuff... I could do more!'

This craziness went on for 30 minutes. I was soooo glad I volunteered to sit with Richard and the cute little nurse sat with C. I'd hate for her to have to listen to all that and be asked to perform BJ services. HAHAHAHAH Gawd, that would have been hilarious!

When we got home, C was right back to sleeping... and Rich.... well Rich decided to pass out on me. Listerally. I fixed them up with ice packs (tied around their heads) and laid them down. When I took them their pain pills, C swallowed his without sitting up, but Richard sat straight up, swallowed the pill and passed out smooth. So, now i'm on light-headedness alert. It's alot of drama for 4 little sweet teeth...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Oh Crappy Day... update

A quick update to my yesterday crappy day....

First thing this morning our outstanding Director of HR asked me to visit with him in his office. He wanted to know if I had been confronted by the meanie yet. I told him I had been, and that he had apoligized and said "it was all in fun. I meant it all as a joke... I thought we were joking". Well, you don't call someone in your office and say those things and mean it as a joke. It was purely on purpose and he was trying to cover by doing the "it was a joke" thing.

HR guy agreed it wasnt a joke nor should ever be presented as one. It was completely inappropriate and added that I "don't have to work in those conditions". So.... should anything come of this, he's got my back!

Had any of the guys taken off to another site to work (and they do weekly), nothing would have been said. I do it once and something gets said to me. It was because i'm female!

Deep Impact

My vacation plans went horribly awry when I got involved in a two-vehicle accident leaving work last rainy Thursday evening. After a quick (not) trip to the ER I discovered I am suffering from a punctured lung (small, fortunately), cracked and bruised ribs, bump on the forehead, two black eyes and various and sundry bruises yet I’m very thankful to be alive to tell the tale. Oh yeah, and I bit my tongue and have a lovely canker sore. My preshus GP's prognosis is far more dismal and the legal ramifications are murky at present. I should know more later. The pain pills are keeping the ouchies at bay but sitting at the comp for any length of time exacerbates my situation so I’ll keep this post short and sweet. Have a fabulous Fourth and I’ll catch you for our 2 year 'versary on Friday!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

This Makes Monday Really Suck

I am so ticked!

This morning I was marching down the hall - minding my own business - when I heard "kerry, can I talk to you?". It was my new supervisor (since the death of my favorite and much missed supervisor). I stopped in his office and plopped down in the chair to see what he had on his mind.

He sat half chuckling and nervously playing with a coaster on his desk. He began:

Him: I've thought allll weekend as to why Kerry would want to go to Site XYZ on Friday and I've come up with three reasons.

I'm kind of chuckling at this time because this sounds funny and he's kind of chuckling so i'm guessing something funny happened(?)

Him: 1) you just wanted to get out of the office (and he's counting these out on his fingers) 2) you were just trying to pad your travel expenses to get more money or 3) you're having a fling with Bobby Joe (not his real name) at Site XYZ.

I busted up laughing. Partially because this is the most absurd thing i've ever heard and it was obvious as to why I was going. It IS my job!

He continued:
Him: I'm really hoping it's not number 3. You know he's a known casanova. I'm hoping to rule that out.

Now, i'm starting to get pissed. I'm not sure whether to laugh, cry or really get mad... but it is making me mad because this is completely insane!

He saw me walk out of the office on Friday with equipment in my hand - taking it to Site XYZ so they'd have working equipment fast! My ex-boss always told me I didnt travel enough and I needed to keep in better contact with all of our far sites and now I finally went and THIS is what I get out of it!?

I start in: Well, first of all they needed equipment...
Him: You could send it with a driver that goes down there
Me: I have been told for a year that I dont spend enough time at other plants. I've always been told I need to go visit more and make appearances... and I havent traveled in a year! Besides they needed the goods quickly, they also had PC and scanner issues they wanted to talk to me about. It was better to go and see what they wanted to do (move some offices around) than to try to hammer it out over the phone!

Him: I don't see why you need to go anywhere. I havent been to those other sites in 15 years.

Well, my job is NOTHING like his job. He programs!

Me: Well, I've always been told that's part of my job.
Him: Well, I just couldnt make sense of it and I was just wanting to know.

He then kept chuckling and tried to dismiss me.

I headed straight around the corner to the owner's ADM ASST office and told her the story. She went ballistic. "Get to HR now and turn that in! He has no business even asking you anything about any of it!"

I called Richard for consoling...

Then I headed to HR and turned him in for making such an accusation. I dont think it's appropriate at all... and certainly not coming from someone who spends his lunch hours at the local strip club!