Friday, July 27, 2007

We Dig Baseball

One of the perks at my job is I can get my grubby little hands on tickets to the Redhawks baseball games. Not just any tickets either, but tickets to our suite! This is of great importance now that i'm eating and breathing for two and its mega sultry hot outside. The suite is airconditioned! yipppeee! So we enjoy taking in the baseball games.

The view of the game from our suite. The Redhawks played the Beavers *snicker* and beat them by a ton. So much, I cant really remember. 14-4 or something...

Our little angel in the making apparently likes very hot and spicey food because in the last few months i've put away some weird things - that I would never eat myself! Alot of hotter salsas... and now jalopenos on my nachos!!!

Me... 22 weeks with our little sweetness.

Every Rose Doesn't Have a Thorn

Yesterday was a good day at work. Actually... all day! The two biggest jerkwads that cause me the most grief were gone. Nowhere to be found, seen or heard! It was a glorious day *insert heavenly music here*

Richard came home sporting me some beautiful roses!!! He said they were for me because I had a wonderful day! How awesome is that!?!?!? They smell yummy too!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Copier Conundrum

This morning I decided to update some documents and bopped across the hall to make front and back copies. Now how hard is that? I’ve done it a zillion times and I know what buttons to push, but by golly the copier refused to let me choose that option. Prez’s assistant came in to help and even dug out the dusty manual. No dice. Then another VP’s right-hand (wo)man joined us making for one puzzled little trio pondering the complexities of this confusing apparatus. The contraption kept asking for an “ADU,” (Annoying Diapered Unicorn?) whatever the heck that is. I remarked that it sounded a lot like "IUD" but I really doubted it needed contraceptive protection. I could be wrong. After a meeting of the minds we concluded that this massive, blinking machine was not equipped to handle front/back duties and I/we were SOL. Great! Blonde assistant graciously offered to take my originals back to her copier and complete my request and this is indeed what she did. Mission accomplished!

I’m sure you are all waiting with bated breath to learn about my courtroom experience yesterday and you shall now be rewarded. TBC and I met in the parking lot and entered the ornate halls very much resembling a business-like couple who had possibly just stepped away from their snooty bank jobs prior to enjoying a tasty lunch at some elegant bistro. I wore my ladylike burgundy skirt suit with black heels and carried an impressive black file folder neatly holding paraphernalia deigned to corroborate my story and strengthen my defense. Sitting in the waiting room allowed TBC and I to view the crème de la crème of our fair county adorned in their finest judge-impressing attire. It pretty much consisted of ratty, uncombed hair, slovenly t-shirts, dirty flipflops, big honking tats and grubby little tykes in tow. As I perched front and center I was able to watch my fellow lawbreakers plead their case (sometimes with attorneys) and receive their just desserts. The DUIs were quite entertaining and I especially enjoyed eyeballing the orange-jumpsuited motley bunch who had spent the previous night in the pokey. At any rate, before my turn at bat came I was called aside by the congenial assistant DA and we efficiently hashed things out without ever employing the judge. The gist of it is that another court date has been set and after Mr DA gets in touch with the supertrooper either the case will be dismissed or I go back to Square One to duke it out in person with the HyPo. Oh joy! I should know by the beginning of next week and I’m praying it’s the former and not the latter. Have a great weekend! :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Zoom Zoom

Though sore and bruised, I managed to attend the McConnell AFB Open House on July 14th along with over 101,000 (good heavens!!!) enthusiastic souls and it was well worth the extra effort. After all the excessive rain and constant clouds we endured during the week, a sunshiny Saturday greeted the assembled masses. Nothing quite beats uniting with a huge (sweaty), happy crowd watching the talented zoomies do their thang. Decked out in my Cleveland Browns regalia complete with Browns earrings (that look similar to this), I accompanied my bro-in-law, his son, and sis to the action-packed show. I even got a “Go Browns!” within the first 10 minutes of arriving thanks to "wearing the colors." No airshow is complete without refreshing beer and though I snubbed the ‘lites,’ I thoroughly enjoyed downing several plastic cups of "Flying Monkey" from the Miller tent. Good job, guys! Also, thanks to the sweltering day, bottled water was passed out with abandon. You all know the drill. First you stake out your spot and plunk down the folding canvas chairs (fittingly, mine is a Blue Angels one) for maximum viewing pleasure. Then you head for the static displays and ooh and ah over their sleek power and macho image (the planes, silly, though this could certainly apply to the sexy flight suits snugly covering their flirty owners.) And while you would love to take the time to walk through the wide array of choices, time is of the essence and your selection must be pared down to a limited few. This year, sis and I picked the Osprey and the AWACS plane (out of Tinker AFB) to scrutinize. While in line for the AWACS, we naturally got to visiting with fellow aircraft enthusiasts patiently waiting to snake their way to the front. Darn if I didn’t hear a voice in the back saying, “Indians.” I whipped around to discover the guy directly behind me sporting an Indians ball cap! Apparently this spot was Buckeye Central as the guy behind him also hailed from my home state. Of course, this started the conversational ball rolling and we yakked away the rest of the wait time with him and his wife. After the informative tour, it was back to our chairs to catch those high-flying daredevils, the ever-popular Blue Angels. I may have viewed their air acrobats many times before but they never fail to thrill, amaze and leave me with shivery goosebumps. It wasn’t until leaving the grounds that the true ramifications of the relentless, beating sun hit me with full force and I thought I was going to pass out from heat exhaustion before reaching the car. Apparently I wasn’t the only one as I heard from another coworker who was there who said she’d been told the base hospital was full of affected spectators who had succumbed and been rushed to the facility. Though getting somewhat sunburned and certainly dehydrated, I still had a wonderful time and am counting the days till the next one. ; )

Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm Pretty Logical

You Are Pretty Logical

You're a bit of a wizard when it comes to logic
While you don't have perfect logic, you logic is pretty darn good
Keep at it - you've got a lot of natural talent in this area!

"Crash" Course

Hello my darlings. I must apologize for the long delay but it’s been crazy around these here parts. For starters, thanks to my recent vehicle altercation the nickname “Crash” has now been bestowed upon me. Er, thanks. Not to be outdone in the emergency department, another relative of mine ended up in the ER with excruciating pancreatitus last week and has been an ongoing patient this entire time. They are sending him to a specialist today to determine why this keeps developing. I did make it back to work last Wednesday and was warmly greeted by friendly, huggy coworkers. Thursday I zombied through a three-hour dept. meeting and though it was an abbreviated workweek for me, finished up utterly exhausted and brain-dead.

This morning we once again ran the thunderstorm gauntlet as buckets of water poured down from the heavens in time to enhance our 'walking in' experience. This lousy start was pleasantly offset by a male coworker finding my long-lost lipstick that had gone AWOL back in March. Concealed under my computer desk, he scooped its naughty, replaced, shiny ass off the bug/raisin/Dorito-strewn carpet and with a flourish, presented it to its overjoyed owner. She is getting such a spanking for making me so distraught!!! ;) I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say the janitor doesn’t clean much in our area.

This Wednesday Mz Circe, I mean “Mz Crash,” gets to go to traffic court and tearfully plead her case. I cannot tell you how much I look forward to this chore. Hopefully, this unwarranted ticket will either get dropped or drastically reduced and I’ll be able to put all this nonsense behind me. Here’s to better days...