Saturday, October 21, 2006

Today, Its Cold.. Tomorrow Even Colder!

What was originally a jam packed busy weekend, has turned into a stay at home (stay inside because it's freakin' cold) weekend. Our soccer game scheduled for today got cancelled. Actually we had to forfeit because too many players were out of town and we didn't have enough to play a full team. Then I got a call and the wine party Richard and I were going to tonite got cancelled because Sherri fell off a ladder at home... and is in the hospital with a skull fracture! Our full loaded Saturday, has now been turned into a loaf around the house day. A much needed loaf day!

We did hit The Girlie Show last night and tomorrow we're going to check out the Greek Festival. I also managed to clean - almost spit shine - our bedroom and unpack more clothes with an attempt to find some closet space for them. We have a huge Australian closet and I still am able to fill the thing. I've pulled out the clothes I don't want or can't wear anymore (due to increase in muscle size :)) and i'm putting them aside for my sister to 'go shopping' if she'd like. Otherwise, Goodwill... here they come!

I hope Sherri gets to feeling better soon...

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Color Wheel

I so wanted to get a picture of this lady I saw yesterday, but I didn't dare pull out my camera as I was only sitting about five feet away from her.

After work I headed to my friendly chiropractor to get yet another adjustment (thanks to the car wreck), signed in and grabbed a seat. I jabbered on the phone, sent a few text messages and then settled in for the waiting game. This is the time when you check out all the people in the waiting area. I discovered the one chick I can NOT stand was there... she's whiney and bossy and demanding and hateful... need I go on? I feel sorry for her little hubby and new baby. It always seems like her appointments are at the same time mine are. I know she does that just to annoy me. Another frequent visitor had propped himself against the wall and was snoring softly... but I fixed my eyes on the lady sitting just two seats away from me.

She didn't notice me watching her... she was too busy primping and being something fantastic... dont know what that could be... but she was trying.

She had carrot orange/red hair, brick red lipstick, fuschia sweater, blood red purse... and I'll be danged if she didn't pull out her cell phone - bright red razr! She was a fashion nightmare. About 100lbs overweight with horribly tight jeans and was being so prissy... checked her lipstick, her makeup, checked phone for calls, waded up her lips, crossed her kankles at the ankle, clutched her pleather purse and acted all hotsy totsy. I was cracking up!

The highlight of my day!

The highlight of my night was Richard *kisses*
Thanks for an awesome night out, sweetness! I love you!

Richard took me to Outback steakhouse for dinner and then we hit a few clubs in Bricktown. He's a doll! Always making sure that i'm having a good time and lots of relaxation... and some details i'm going to leave out :)

Deer Me!

I feel compelled to share this actual report from the police blotter of the weekly Podunkville Gazette:

8:10 am Report of a deer jumping fence and is wandering around on the football field.
8:15 am Report of a deer on the baseball field.
8:17 am Report of a deer on the softball field.
8:19 am Report of a deer on the baseball field ramming it’s head into the fence and has now ran back to the football field with two dogs chasing it.

And on this final day of fabulous fall break (not for pitiful peons, however), I leave you with some blinky scantily-clad beefcake. *snickers loudly*

The’s 5 IM Lines Sent by Mark Foley

5> i'm putn final touches on bill right now. btw, bill sez hi.

4> i'm up for re-erection soon

3> will u b my date to the NAMBLA dance?

2> wanna meet on the floor of my house or yours?

1> who's your pro-family values daddy?

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

The mood in the room will be all but ruined the moment your partner decides to steer pillow talk toward payment.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Missing Meowser

I’ve introduced all of you to my favorite Fur Slug, Stubbly. Though less than thrilled with our diminutive, new additions, Snickers and Oreo, he has exhibited his unfailing good nature once again, displaying tolerance and benevolence to our rowdy upstarts. I love him dearly but he is very much a "daddy’s boy" and gazes at TBC with unwavering devotion. Nothing like a little hero worship. We’ve had this fuzzy, ebony, Harley-collared behemoth since his precocious youth when he, along with his brother, was rescued from the malevolent refinery by TBC. Both underwent operations as they had suffered broken tails for some unknown reason and Stubbly was left with nothing more than a, well, stub. Soon after their arrival, Tails hitchhiked to another town to find fame and fortune. Though other replacements have come and gone with alarming regularity, Sir Stubbs and the Witch Queen, Spikey, remain staples in our feline-friendly household.

Usually an enduring, unchanging fixture in our cat menagerie, Stubbly suddenly decided to give us panic attacks last Sunday when he failed to return from his outdoor roaming. When Monday dawned and our prowler had failed to return, our orange alert escalated to crimson. TBC got wind of a nasty catfight the night before which added to our accelerating anxiety. After repeated calls proved fruitless, he frantically stalked the fields and roads near our house in search of our furry wanderer and promised to ask our neighbor of any news. Expecting the worst, I came to work Tuesday, dejected and sad, awaiting the dreaded phone call telling of his heartbreaking demise. Joy of joys! TBC reported that our boy had unwittingly been held prisoner in the neighbor’s garage for the past 48 hours! In his haste to flee the fracas, he had scooted into the cavernous enclosure and gotten stuck there. Unfazed by his ordeal (with the exception of a hearty appetite), the big guy was relatively unscathed and after a bolted meal, quickly begged to continue his newfound quest for adventure. I believe installing some sort of tracking device on him wouldn’t be a bad idea. Better yet, this necessitates his very own cell phone to avert future POW episodes. :)

The’s 5 Pet Peeves of Pets

5> Dingoes: "When you snatch a bony, crunchy baby instead of a plump, juicy one."

4> Cat: "Why are these people in my house?"

3> Dog: "What the... HEY!!! Where are my balls!!!!"

2> Goldfish: "Oh, tap-tap-tap! *There's* a new one!"

1> Guppy: "Every time that hot Angelfish looks this way, I've got one of those stringy turds hanging."

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Who's the Boss?

In honor of Boss’s Day Monday, we lowly subordinates at Chaos College threw a Mexican Pile-on for our lofty supervisors. This popular dish has been mentioned in a past post and I think you all remember it’s where we invite local Mexicans to ‘pile’ on top of one another thus making the highest mound (or even a pyramid for finicky shape freaks) and then awarding a coveted prize. That’s doesn’t sound right. :) At any rate, this delectable repast has been discussed before and I must reiterate what a tasty mishmash of intersecting flavors it is. Participants sign up to bring their choice of chili, rice, beans, corn chips, shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, onions, green and black olives, pecans, coconut (yes, coconut!), or salsa. We then proceed through the buffet line and pile it on our plates. We all gathered in our smaller banquet room off the cafeteria for this yummy feast. Low and behold, beating everyone to the proverbial punch, already seated, fork clenched in hand and drool dribbling from both sides of her massive jaws was The Spider. You remember, the one that holds court in my reception area before work starts? Far from a shy, timid wallflower, The rude Spider perched at her preferred table nearest the food as she impatiently waited for pokier invitees to arrive. Several times she urged our Grand Poohbah to jump the gun, queue up and get this party started! Boss demurely declined preferring to wait for other honored superiors to arrive. Displaying the ultimate in boorish behavior, after not receiving the response she hoped for, she flew out of her seat and loudly informed the crowd that we all should agree to commence the piling pronto. Though NOT a boss and no longer a full-time employee, this uncouth dolt barged her way to the head of the buffet line and proceeded to heap ginormous amounts of food onto her groaning plate much to the amazement of the horrified onlookers. To add to the pleasant dining experience, she then argued with bosslady for the better part of the luncheon so between the squabbling on one side and Miss Bachelorette BO on the other, I was ready to flee the premises yet again!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

For Rizzle... Why Did I Do This?

Last night I had a nightmare. I was in Stephen King's Children of the Corn.

I tossed and turned all flipping night long. I never screamed, never woke up really petrified, but every time I woke up, I knew what I was dreaming about and I'd go back to sleep and dream it some more!

Funny thing is.... I've never seen the movie! Now, how the heck do you pull something like that off?

Bag Lady

I feel like I haven’t posted an entry in ages but what with missing work on Friday for the staff development conference and being parked at a different desk yesterday and now trying frantically to accomplish a few tasks at regular desk today, I am swamped! Things will quiet down by the end of this week when we reach low tide affectionately known as Fall Break.

The conference was a total success and as you noticed, I took a lot of pics, many more than I posted. Like most things in life, I cannot say it went completely smooth and glassy with no pesky ripples. First off, one of the gals in the other college vehicle received notice that her father has suffered an unexpected medical emergency resulting in a quick shove out the door for her fellow riders the second they arrived as she beat a hasty retreat back to campus. The rest of us carried on enjoying a delightful day as we munched on danish and muffins for breakfast and a delicious repast for lunch including a wide selection of beverages quaffed continuously throughout the entire program. Also present were the vendors from last year showcasing a lovely selection of mostly jewelry and handbags. As might be expected, I didn’t leave empty handed as I snagged a beautiful matching ebony necklace and earring set. And of course I fell in love with an exquisite travel bag and promptly added that to my purchases. (see pic above). Our final snag for the day occurred in the parking lot as we attempted to head for home. Not only did the other group have to briefly wait for our massive overall-clad maintenance guy to show up in their original college car, but the embarrassed driver of my vehicle had accidentally left the lights on resulting in a dead battery. Fortunately little time was wasted in rectifying either situation and we all roared off in an exhaust fume haze heading up I-35.

Taurus April 20 - May 20

An attempt to better market yourself will have lifelong repercussions after an ill-advised promotional giveaway off of Route 39.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend in the News

Today has been the most hectic Monday. I had scheduled another interview for the tech position at 9am and from that moment on... it was non-stop action. I didn't get to sit down at my desk again until about 4pm and then I only had a few minutes to check a few emails and return a couple of phone calls before I had to dash out the door again.

This last saturday Richard and I headed to the Zoo Amphitheatre for Discorus 2006. When we got there, Crossfade was playing. We made a liquid refreshment purchase and camped out atop a hill and watched the escapades. I'm not referring to the band either (well, some of that too), but the people! The people watching was more entertaining. We watched as some chick paraded around in front of us with her crop-top and saggy, stretch-marked, baggy, doughy, probably left the triplets home alone, stomach flapping in the wind above her low cut jeans and another guy who obviously started drinking at breakfast time, 'toss his cookies' in the trashcan in front of us.

After Crossfade came Breaking Benjamin. I had heard some of their music before... but I wasn't fully aware of how much I really knew! They were an awesome band to listen to! I'm all about them now :) Of course when Shinedown took stage I gave them my undivided attention. They are so my favorite. We knew at this point that we'd missed the one group my Sweetie Pie wanted to see - Dropping Daylight. Baby, we will catch them next time. I'm sorry we missed them... but I'll make sure you will get to see them! *kisses*

The weather was perfect until about the time Seether was to perform and then it was like it dropped 20 degrees. We left shortly after they started playing...

What else did we do this weekend.... heck, I can't remember. Oh! Went shopping... fun times! I would like to elaborate on Discorus, but right now it's late... been a long day... and I don't want to think anymore.