Saturday, October 27, 2007


I'm having a jewelry party today! It stresses me out (somewhat) to have a house full of people ... mostly those I dont know... and to host a party. My friend Tanya and I went to a Premier Jewelry party a couple of months ago and we decided we'd host a party of our own. Today is the big day....

PLUS last night Richard and I went to a Ribbon cutting ceremony for a friends new business downtown and I invited tons of people and told them to bring their mom and sisters, aunts and friends. So who knows who might show up!

I have plenty of tea and lemonade though. Richard helped me clean, and Tanya is bringing cookies. OH and the bathrooms are clean. Thats always important at a party. haha

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hello Goodbye

Originally, one wedding and one funeral were on tap for tomorrow. Until our neighbor died Wednesday and his widow also arranged for yet another Saturday burial. As this is pushing an already severely nudged envelope, we are sticking with our original plan of attending the first two, but we did pay a visit to his wife last evening and shared a meal with her and several sets of former next door neighbors that we hadn’t seen in ages. Though it’s sad to reunite under these poignant circumstances, the evening was upbeat and pleasant without ever veering toward the maudlin.

Much like most schools across the country, this entire week at Chaos College was devoted to Red Ribbon awareness and yes, I’m wearing my red rubber wrist band. *holds up arm* Various activities were held on campus, but yesterday they had the circle blocked off so as to demonstrate vision impairment. To quote:

A student will wear vision impairment goggles while driving a go-cart to simulate driving under the influence. Other activities during that time will include a simulated jail experience (Kerbear had one of those to raise money for something when she worked here) and other events to increase awareness of the possible consequences of drunk driving.

Anyway, as I was trudging across campus heading for the gym, I observed the go-cart in action and though I thought of it too late to get any really decent pics of the festivities, here are a few I did snag. This is just like reliving the college experience, isn't it? :)

This is actually a pic of the makeshift jail though you couldn't prove it by me. (Cops and kiddos are blocking the view.)

And to conclude our funky Friday...

Things That Can Get a Guy Banned From the Men's Union

  • You catch yourself thinking, "You know, what this bed needs is a few more pillows."
  • "What do you think: a Zima or a white zinfandel?"
  • You rhapsodize about taking that chick with the great rack home from the bar for a long night of sweet cuddling and General Foods International Coffee.
  • You not only know the difference between a puff pastry and a cream puff, but your choux paste swan took first place at the county fair.
  • “Ewww, gross! Two women kissing!"
  • "You know, take away the steroids and over-the-top sideshow atmosphere from pro wrestling and it's just like ballet!"

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Take out the Trash!

Richard has mentioned decorating my stomach for Halloween and he'd thought about a pumpkin.

Today, one of the guys I work with sent me a picture of a couple in costume and SHE was obviously very preggers and she'd been dressed like a fat slob, drunken trailer house trash good-for-nothing boyfriend/husband complete with wife beater shirt and jeans too big with the belt undone, hat, unshaven, and cigarette. They had either drawn on, or glued on some black fuzz for chest hair and belly hair. HAHA

HE was dressed as a blonde bimbo trailer house trash complete with big boobs, nasty makeup, beer and cigarette.

What a funny idea! I'm not real sure our church would think that's too funny if we were to go parading through there during their Halloween night festivities. But gosh, its funny!

W & S Tour--Day 2

After a comfy, if somewhat odiferous, night’s rest and a continental breakfast consisting of waffles and biscuits and gravy, we hopped on the road again heading for the Talimena (Talihina, OK to Mena, AR) Scenic Drive. Be forewarned, there are a lot of motorcycles vrooming down this particular highway. A lot. Scads. Buttloads. It’s just about mandatory to cruise this stretch of asphalt from the seat of a massive Hog. After snapping a great deal of pictures and vainly looking for leaves that had turned an expected shade of yellow, orange or red, we entered Mena and headed south to DeQueen. From there, we crossed back into Okrahoma and stopped in Broken Bow.

One would think the middle of October would be an ideal time to view the annual Changing O da Leaf Colors, but you would be wrong, wrong, wrong no matter what this website tells you. I did spot a bunch of Goldenrod though. *aachoo!*

“The Talimena Scenic Drive is probably best known for its Autumn colors, and rightly so!

Because of our unique geology and geography our fall color season is unusually long. From early October into late November you'll see a variety of trees and bushes changing colors, either deep in the sheltered valleys or along our mountain top.”

Anywho, just north of Broken Bow is the wildly popular winery with the marvelous designation—Girls Gone Wine. This fabulous location has only been open a few years (I think) but what it lacks in stuffy credentials, it more than makes up for in enthusiasm and passion. Rhonda herself was manning the front desk when we arrived and welcomed us warmly. A cute, bouncy Malaysian gal was our perky pourer and she was a total blast. I did have to restrain myself from asking what she thought of the movie, Zoolander. *snicker* Not only did we load up with a case of assorted wines and a commemorative wineglass, but I also purchased an adorable black top with the caption “Wine Diva.”

After snagging dinner at the local Sonic, we bedded down in the “luxurious” Charles Wesley Motor Lodge. I hereby refer to this decrepit, dilapidated hole in the wall as The Palace. While the outside sign drew our attention to newly renovated rooms, they were most definitely not referring to ours with its astonishing pink sheets, dingy brown drapes, broken locks, fluorescent lights, and lack of essential hair dryer and coffeemaker. At least I didn’t glimpse any resident bugs and the sink and tub did look sanitary.

Not quite as lovely as they make it out to be. *arches brow*

Their version of the room

Our actual room

Their version of a cushy chair

Our actual utilitarian chair put to good use

And really, it could have been much worse. This place looked even shabbier, and with a somewhat depressing name and a very disheartening pic...

Early Saturday morning, we fled the premises and before daybreak, headed west toward the Indian Nations Turnpike where we then headed north and home. While the landscapes were uplifting and revitalizing, and we most definitely dropped some serious cash (ok, Visa) purchasing vino, I’d be lying through my teeth if I said we also enjoyed gastronomic delights. After thoughtful deliberation I realized we had chowed down at Sonic, Taco Bell, Subway, and Mickey D’s, with Best Western’s nearby restaurant the only fast food exception. Nevertheless, it was great to get out of town and you’re all invited to Casa de Circe to experience the fruits of Okieland’s labors. ;)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Wine & Sex Tour '07

I’m back at work today after taking an extended four-day weekend hitting the southeast trails and celebrating an abbreviated Wine & Sex Tour 2007. Fall break at Chaos College started last Thursday and this year I took off both days to make up for losing my July vacation time thanks to the ill-fated car accident. After a stormy, water-logged Wednesday in which I managed be driving both to and from work when the angry, tempestuous fronts came through, conditions turned warm and sunny making for beautiful traveling weather. So let’s get started, shall we?

Day 1

Our first stop was Stable Ridge Vineyards on historic Route 66 in Stroud, Oklahoma. This lovely building was once a former Catholic Church and in its quaint and cozy tasting room, TBC and I sampled all the bounteous liquid offerings presented to us. I particularly enjoyed sampling Wine Thang.

Wild Thang – "It Makes Your Heart Sing." This is a fun wine for spring and summer. Slightly sweet blend of four distinct wines. Really good with spicy (Tex Mex) foods.

I also loved Jeremiah’s Red, a lovely crimson thirst quencher that tastes simply divine with dark chocolate.

Jeremiah’s Red - One of our most popular wines. It is wonderful blend of full-bodied red wines and Blackberry. It is a perfect dessert wine or for any occasion. It can be enjoyed alone or paired with rich dark chocolate or cheese cake.

After Stable Ridge, we headed down the road to Sparks Vineyard & Winery in charming downtown Stroud. They have a lovely banquet room right off the tasting area that features paintings done by Oklahoma artists. I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of a lovely wooden door that would have fit right in as a banquet room for King Arthur.

Our new tasting room is located at The Wine Village, downtown Stroud on Route 66. It is only a 15-minute drive away from the winery. The Wine Village tasting room is the result of renovating a near 100-year old building on the north side of Route 66 in the heart of Stroud.

By now I was feeling kinda tipsy and downright sentimental as we made our way toward our third and final stop for the day, the Grape Ranch. For a brief, passing moment, we traversed I-40 and much to my and TBC’s astonishment, I felt my eyes welling up with huge crocodile tears. When TBC turned to look at me and asked what was wrong, I loudly sobbed “I want to go home!” He knew precisely what was meant as I-40 East holds a very special place in my heart. It’s how we head for North Carolina’s Outer Banks and we haven’t made my favorite pilgrimage since the late ‘90s. (But we did fly there in ’02.)

The building housing the tasting room was nothing to write home about but the surrounding grounds were so picturesque and serene with grapevines, a trickling stream, and lovely back deck overlooking a pastoral orchard. Here I am basking in the bright sunshine, enjoying a delicious glass of vino. Wish I could remember which wine I’m happily imbibing but, what the heck.

Thursday night we stayed in McAlester at the Best Western. I had no idea McAlester was such a beehive of bustling activity (though there is Big Mac), but we were barely able to secure room lodging as the place was packed with people. The only room still available was a smoking suite, and though lovely, made for some unpleasant breathing.

Next up: Wine & Sex Tour—Day 2...