Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Return of the Bostonians

Have you ever had SO much on your mind and so many posts going through your head... that you can't write about any of it? I think its mental overload... and i'm having it.

We just got back from Boston. Or, Bahston as they say, and it was amazing! The traffic is treacherous. Once we made it to our newly kabillion dollar remodeled hotel, we had the valet take the car and told him we didn't want to see it again until we left for the airport! We'll walk. It is a "walking city", isnt it!? We walked all the way from the North to the South and walked figure 8's from East to West. What i'm saying is... we covered it all. Twice!

My favorite part was the Boston Common. Absolutely beautiful! People were out for a run or walking the dog, painting pictures, taking the school kids on outings. Everyone is so laid back and relaxed. Loved it!

I also had a great time at the RedSox game. Now that is a ballpark! What you don't see from looking at the grandstands, is the city underneath. It is literally like a whole other world taking place at your feet. Food and drink stands, vendors selling shirts and hats and any other kind of souvenir you can think of. It's crazy! Fun kind of crazy though.

Monday, May 11, 2009


After looking high and low, I found some Asian-inspired spa treatment items called Ming Palace (on clearance) at Pier One and after adding some river pebbles and an exotic Asian basket, put together a lovely decorative bathroom accessory shown here. This is strictly for looks but I’m now wishing I had bought duplicates because the temptation to use them is driving me crazy! (Ok, temptation got the better of me and I tried the salt scrub last night; yes, it felt wonderful). Things are coming together slowly in my quest for Oriental items but I’m taking it in stride. I even have a second decorating project soon to start. Our ‘blue’ bathroom is being totally redone and I’m thinking a beach theme would look stunning in there. Can you tell I’m not a native Okie? *lol* I practically have a shrine to Cape Hatteras lighthouse in the living room, my study is even more so, and now the blue bathroom will change to beach scenes, preferably OBX, with shell accessories. The guest bedroom is mostly nautical and swerving in a diametrically opposite direction is the master bedroom—a serene Asian hideaway meant to replenish and restore the soul.

To save a little cash, I recently purchased my depleted scented smoothing requirements at Wally World. They actually have a pretty decent selection from which I added these to my collection: Warm Sunshine body creme, Vanilla Buttercream body creme, Vanilla Raspberry body lotion (a bigger version; the last one was purse size.) Ah Vanilla and I, a match made in heaven! Also, Sweet Petals body creme, and a potent trio (kinda like the Charlie’s Angels of the smelly potion set) consisting of body wash, body lotion, body mist, and a handy dandy cute little yellow net sponge smelling of Papaya and Orange Blossom. Can’t wait till TBC gets a whiff of that one. I should be set for a few months now. ; )

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pink Sucks Donkey Balls

HAHAHAHAHA Some people are just idiots. HAHAHAHA