Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Return of the Bostonians

Have you ever had SO much on your mind and so many posts going through your head... that you can't write about any of it? I think its mental overload... and i'm having it.

We just got back from Boston. Or, Bahston as they say, and it was amazing! The traffic is treacherous. Once we made it to our newly kabillion dollar remodeled hotel, we had the valet take the car and told him we didn't want to see it again until we left for the airport! We'll walk. It is a "walking city", isnt it!? We walked all the way from the North to the South and walked figure 8's from East to West. What i'm saying is... we covered it all. Twice!

My favorite part was the Boston Common. Absolutely beautiful! People were out for a run or walking the dog, painting pictures, taking the school kids on outings. Everyone is so laid back and relaxed. Loved it!

I also had a great time at the RedSox game. Now that is a ballpark! What you don't see from looking at the grandstands, is the city underneath. It is literally like a whole other world taking place at your feet. Food and drink stands, vendors selling shirts and hats and any other kind of souvenir you can think of. It's crazy! Fun kind of crazy though.


Grant said...

Do they have lots of Asian women there? How about baked beans and clam chowder?

Angela said...

Sounds like a good time and great for you not to have to think about driving.

PS I am loving the baby clothes
they are very cute on Lucy

Burg said...

I love the backs of the heads you managed to get at the ball park.. LOL!

Kerry said...

Grant: Actually, they did have a huge Asian population. If I'd thought, I'd grabbed one for you and brought her back! Clam Chowder was on every menu and I never saw Baked Beans once. HA

Angela: Congrats on a healthy and beautiful baby girl! I'm glad you're enjoying the clothes. If you get to a time that you need more, let me know!

Burg: I guess I could have photochopped them out. I thought his bald spot made for a nice conversation piece. HAHA

Bone said...

Great pics. I intend to visit Boston one day. Did you go to Cheers? I'd definitely have to make a stop there. Hopefully they have a little museum, or at least sell some over-priced t-shirts.

Kerry said...

Bone... we did! We visited both actually. The original one where they used the outside for the show and then the replica in the market area. They are fun and the original one has 3 bars with 2 shops. So plenty of over-priced items to buy :)