Thursday, November 15, 2007

Raucous Reminder

Thankfully, the visit with Dr Drill is over and the molar feels much better. I had minimal discomfort for the remainder of the day though the Grand Poobah did inform me I was as white as a ghost. I shall attempt chewing on it later. (Don’t want to rush it, mind you.)

This morning kicked off with a rare, unannounced fire drill. I thought I was back in elementary school as we all herded out in a timely manner and shivered in the morning chill (30 degrees) to the sound of the persistent, shrieking alarm. While I remembered my purse, my cell phone was inadvertently abandoned in the unexpected flight. More importantly, I totally forgot to flush out “M” and “Cowgirl” ensconced in the cobwebbed corners of our back offices thus leaving them to die a fiery death. Ooops! They really need to postpone these drills until I’ve had my second cup of coffee at which point my fuzzy brain is fully engaged. I profusely apologized to their charred 'corpses' upon my return. The 'corpses' retorted that in retaliation, they pushed the Beast out of its parking spot and into the road. I promised to remember them next time. :)

After this dental dip in my abbreviated work week, today’s outlook is bright and promising for several reasons. A. I have my regular hair appointment to get the ole locks trimmed up and shipshape. B. The boss is blissfully gone. And C. It feels like a Friday for Chaos College as tomorrow is Okieville’s one hundredth birthday and state employees are set free to friskily frolic amongst the fallen leaves and enjoy a three-day weekend. Woo hoo! I smugly inquired if Mz Federal Employee (sis) had the day off and received a negative reply. Ha! For once, State beat Federal in having a holiday off. Go State!

The’s Signs You've Become Too Involved with an Appliance

  • You keep the microwave's clock set to the exact hour and minute you first spotted it in the Best Buy Scratch 'n' Dent section.
  • Ninety percent of your body is covered with *perfectly* round hickeys.
  • Your refrigerator is wearing a tiger-print thong and assless chaps.
  • Every time you walk by your fax machine, it spits out another copy of the restraining order telling you to stay 500 feet away.
  • You saved a lock of its first carpet lint in a scrapbook.
  • The Radio Shack guys start stacking up the boxes of D-cells as soon as you pull up outside.
  • "Do you, Frank, take serial #57-44521RV, to have and to hold..."

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Work Sucks

So much happened today I can't possibly write about all of it. However, there is just one thing I'd love to say...

I hate working with liars and people who are untrustworthy and only out for themselves and ready to throw you under the bus and not bat an eye. Especially when they are in your same department!

ALL of us see the little game he's playing and the little plan he has... why can't everyone understand what's going on!? It's so obvious!

Oh well... it will come out in the wash. Oh yes, it will! One way or another we will take this man out!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Drill Master

“It just goes to show you, it’s always something.” Remember that memorable quote from Roseanne Roseannadanna, the character Gilda Radner played so well on the old SNL? Lately for me it’s been tooth trouble and more specifically a pesky molar that has decided to hook up with the dark side. Basically, my gums in this particular spot receded causing decay to get up under the crown and cause problems. Adding to the turmoil is my switching of dentists in midstream. A temporary crown was inserted last week but as I still cannot chew on this tooth, the obvious solution is the terror-inducing root canal which is what I’ll be facing tomorrow morning. *sigh* Oh well. At least “drill masters” aren’t the horrendous Mr. Hyde’s they were in years past and modern dentistry has come a long way in reducing pain. While I cannot say I’m happy about this turn of events, I’m not really dreading it and will be ecstatic to be viewing it from the rear view mirror.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

If you want your fortune so bad, maybe you should consult those tea leaves again—the way you did last week. You didn't think the stars knew about that, did you?

Scorpio October 24 - November 21

When life gives you lemons, why not blame them on your troubled upbringing and consequent inability to show affection? It sure beats making lemonade.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm Really a Smuggler

Being preggers can be a trial sometimes. When I'm not comfortable (no one is comfortable) or when I can't sleep (no one gets to sleep) or when I have cravings (we all have to give into the craving) or you get the picture. Through this whole time, Richard has busted his hump to make me comfortable and happy and ... well you understand where i'm going with that too.

The hardest thing is getting bigger. Not fitting into any clothes and here in the last few weeks it seems like it just keeps growing and growing... and it does! Babies put on alot of weight right before they are born. This weekend while we were grocery shopping, I was looking at my profile every time we passed one of the freezer doors at the store... and making comments. About 3 or 4 doors into it, Richard finally stepped in between me and the door so I couldnt see myself and gently explained (again) that it's not fat. It's baby!

Here's us with our babies at 37 weeks.

The guys think I look like i'm smuggling a basketball, so Richard put his basketball in to look like me! haha