Saturday, November 11, 2006

I Did It!

I passed!!!!!!!!!!!

I passed the test I've been studying for all week! I got concerned while I was taking it because so many of the questions I'd seen info on, and I remembered reading about, but I couldnt remember particulars and then when they give you so many choices for answers and then they are so similar but maybe one word, it tends to get confusing. Anyways.... I plugged on. I read and reread each question. Read all the possible answers then reread the question again and marked what was my first gut instinct.

When I had completed the test, I looked at my watch and it had been only two hours. The test is a 3.5 hour exam! I'd finished really early... another cause for alarm.

I gathered my things - which amounted to my jacket because they allow absolutely nothing in the exam room, (that includes H2O) and walked out to see the proctor.

Proctor Guy: How did you do?
Me: I guess we'll see.
Me: If I could have had one thing in there, it would have been a diet coke.
Proctor Guy, chuckling to himself: Well, now you can go get one.
Me, mumbling to myself, but outloud so he can hear too: I knew some of that stuff but then I sit there and talk myself in and out of answers and then I don't know which way to go.....
Proctor Guy: Congratulations!
Me: For what?
Proctor Guy: You passed!
He hands me my certificate... as i'm gasping for air.

I knew it! I knew the material! I almost kissed Proctor Guy Iwas so excited! I bounced out the door jumping up in the air and clicking my heels together - and made a hundred phone calls to share the joy.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Multimedia message


Peanut Butter and Cram

I'm so happy it's Friday! *doing my happy dance*. I've got my party pants on!!!

Not really. I'm going to go home and cram, cram, cram for this test tomorrow. *moment of prayer* I need to pass it - the first time. I'm ready to get on with the show and I know Richard, C and P are ready for it to be over too. Richard has been Mr Mom all week; picking up the house, cooking dinner, doing laundry, science and math homework, making sure kids are clean and teeth brushed. I sense that he is ready to pass some of the duties back to me. *giggle*

Weasel King

Since I’ve told you all about my dearest bud, Patrick, I thought it only fair to enlighten you regarding another important and vital net personage, K2. In his case, Mr. Canada was minding his own business 8 ½ years ago when yours truly stumbled upon him in ICQ random chat. Little did he know this would be the start of a long and enduring typing relationship. “Interesting” is an understatement when attempts are made to define our quirky camaraderie. Though our busy schedules rarely mesh and two time zones separate us, when we do manage to meet up, my frisky tail wags enthusiastically and my glowing face lights up like Fourth of July fireworks. While Patrick is considered a dear buddy, K2 rules from the lofty pedestal he was unwittingly hoisted upon as Ms Circe worships from afar. It’s really kinda funny as K2 is pretty much an average guy who quickly morphed into my ideal knight in shining armor (or in his case, a sexy green flight suit)—not an easy slot to fill yet he manages to do it with pizzazz and flair. What can I tell you about him? He’s fun and witty, clever and somewhat aloof, kooky and playful and stays just far enough out of my grasping tentacles to drive me insane with desire. Sometimes we type every day but there have been occasions in this long-distance affiliation that we have gone for months without so much as an offline ‘hi.’ Yet through thick and thin, we remain friends; flirty comrades with an added dash of mutual attraction spice thrown into this flavorful IM soup. We’ve never met and it’s doubtful we ever will but I cannot imagine my life without him as he brings depth and dimension to my crazy alter internet world. Here’s to forever, Hotshot

Silken Thread

slender silken thread
tenuous yet enduring, fragile yet strong
forgotten for a time then persistent pull
invisible tie, silent reminder
encircling my ankle
bitter cold, searing heat
Atlantic or Pacific
coast to coast, year to year
past present future
tenacious tug, gentle tap
whisper or command
timeless, eternal
binding us together
my Canadian connection.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thrawn Thrill

When my buddy Matt pops in between classes to say hi, one recurring theme dominates our conversation: Star Wars. We are both Star Wars fanatics and devour the many and diverse novels out there centering around our favorite subject. In all honesty, he’s the one that got me hooked on this heretofore unknown to me vast array of literary fiction starting with “The Courtship of Princess Leia,” which he lent from his extensive personal library. These well-written storylines travel backwards and forwards in time and add new dimension and spark to this particular sci fi theme. Yes, dear gang, Luke, Han, and Leia are only a tip of the intergalactic iceberg. So in addition to having a deep and abiding love of the popular cinematic giants, I eagerly read the equally exciting adventures featuring characters such as Corran Horn, Wedge Antilles, Mara Jade, Talon Karrde and my personal favorite, Grand Admiral Thrawn.

“Grand Admiral Thrawn (full name: Mitth'raw'nuruodo) is a fictional character from the Star Wars galaxy. He first appeared in Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy of novels, which are set five years after Return of the Jedi. Thrawn was his public "core" name, meaning "twisted or crooked", an apt description of his intricate schemes. He is generally regarded as the last great commander of the Galactic Empire. He was a Chiss, a species of aliens from the Unknown Regions. He was a brilliant military strategist and commanded the remnants of the Imperial Fleet in a series of stunning victories against the New Republic. His study of his enemies' artwork gave him insight into their thought processes and cultures, allowing him to create highly effective tailor-made strategies. Thrawn was considered a true warrior by those who served under him. If a battle Thrawn planned could not be won, Thrawn preferred not to waste troops and equipment in futile displays of power; he would withdraw and adjust his plans. Thrawn's greatest weapon was his mind. Unlike many egotistical Imperial commanders, Thrawn could accept valid ideas even if they were not his own. Thrawn was not concerned with his own personal glory, only with winning the fight against the New Republic.”

Mr. Smarty Pants is described as a tall, solidly built humanoid with blue skin and glowing red eyes. (That visage has got to be somewhat disconcerting...) Though pigeon-holed as one of the bad guys, his early beginnings show his reasoning, wit, intelligence and true motivation behind his seemingly destructive behavior. So while displaying a decided penchant toward evil, his sharp mental capacity and startling looks make for a fascinating combination and three-dimensional characterization. And though officially dead, the fantasy world allows for unforeseen changes making his return within the realm of possibility. I for one hope for and champion this feasible prospect. Thrawn + power = sexy. ;)

And just who might I be pitted against this week in FFB??? The Storm Troopers! LMAO

Something's Brewing....

It seems i've always got something going on.

Currently, I'm studying for an exam i'm scheduled to take on saturday. The exam is 3.5 hours of intense questions and i'm doing my usual cram session with a little bit of panic mixed with 'no problem, i can do this'. Come saturday morning (very early I might add), I'll probably have a stomache ache and be racing through my mental list of things I need to take with me and absolutely can't forget because they won't let me in the building if I dont have them, so I'll check my bag like one hundred million kabillion times to make sure I haven't forgotten whatever it is that I think I need.

Despite my tight schedule this week, I found time to go with C and Richard to the Hornets opener last night. What a great game! It was intense the entire time. I don't think there was more than an 11 point spread at any time during the game! I had a couple of pictures that I sent via Mobile Blogger but the darn things didn't post. What's up with that!?!? It worked... then bammo! doesn't!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fish Fable

After my busy Saturday schedule, I relaxed Sunday with my most recent Netflix selection entitled Big Fish. Fact and fiction blend and blur in this fantastic movie as father and son strengthen their tenuous connection before it is too late. This simple yet universal theme makes for a winning formula. The ‘big fish in the little pond’ refers to William’s larger-than-life dad who finds small town life too dull and claustrophobic for his substantial personality. Water plays a significant role throughout the movie as the audience along with William, wonder how many of dad’s bizarre tales are exaggerated fish stories. While Edward most certainly stretches the truth, we learn that most of his strange tales have more than a grain of truth and the characters that inhabited his life are real people.

This terrific 2003 movie directed by Tim Burton is summed up with these words:

"William Bloom (Billy Crudup) tries to learn more about his dying father, (Edward Finney), by piecing together the facts out of the various fantastic tales and legends of epic proportions he’s been told over the years. Edward was a traveling salesman, and his journeys throughout the South are the seed of the tales. Directed by Tim Burton, the movie co-stars Ewan McGregor (as young Edward), Helena Bonham-Carter and Steve Buscemi."

I don't think this test showcases my attributes in a very flattering light... :)

The Priss
Deliberate Brutal Love Dreamer (DBLDf)

Mature. Responsible. Aristocratic. Excuse me. The Priss.

Prisses are the smartest of all female types. You're highly perceptive, and confident in your judgments. You'd take brutal honesty over superficiality any time--your friends always know where they stand with you. You're completely unfake. Don't tell me that's not a word. You're also excellent at redirecting internal negative energy.

These facts indicate people are often intimidated by you. They also fall for you, hard. You have a distant, composed allure that many find irresistible. If only more of them lived up to your standards.

Your exact opposite:
The Playstation

You were probably the last among your friends to have sex. And the first to pretend that you're pregnant. LOL. Though you're inclined to use sex as weapon, at least it's not as one of mass destruction. You're choosier than most about your partners. A supportive relationship is what you're really after. Whether you know it or not, you need something steady & long-term. And soothing.

ALWAYS AVOID: The Playboy, The Loverboy

CONSIDER: The Manchild

Link: The 32-Type Dating Test by OkCupid - Free Online Dating.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Meringue Moves

A social event of the season occurred Saturday evening as Ms Circe glamoured up for a formal tenth anniversary party of a beloved Hispanic couple. After much preparation, I emerged from the nurturing cocoon resplendent in a fancy low-cut black blouse, long curve-hugging black skirt, strappy black sandals, black necklace with matching earrings (the ones I purchased at Staff Development Day) accented with crimson nails, lips and sparkly glitter sprinkled on tresses and across bared, creamy hills. The place vibrated with pounding Spanish music causing restless tootsies, swaying bodies and the irresistible urge to bust some moves. My favorite rhythm discovered when visiting the DR is the merengue. Not knowing its specific steps failed to deter my swiveling hips and dancing feet from hitting the polished pavement and once out there my timidity and shyness receded into the background. I felt extremely ‘white’ out there but gamely gave it my best and had a wonderful time trying. I even caught “S” on cell phone video doing some serious booty shaking. I’m thinking blackmail…

Dinner was a delicious mix of tempting tamales, chicken mole, spaghetti/rice/potatoes, pinto beans, salad, and several delightful desserts including a beautiful three-tiered cake. All too soon it was time to take our leave as the pulsating beat echoed through our exhausted yet happy ears. I certainly hope this isn’t my last Mexican-flavored shindig because I had a total blast. :)

Virgo August 23 - September 22

While the music will make your body move, it's the dance club's strobe lights that will make your body groove.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Raining Cats and Turkey's

Our 10:30am game got pushed back to 11:30am because of rain and when we got to the soccer fields, they announced that our game wouldnt start until about 11:45am because they were running behind and another team was using our field.

We got started a bit before noon. The first half no one scored. We knew this team would be quite a challenge... and we werent letting them get into our goal and they were doing the same. Not much into the second have, C passed the soccer ball to a team member and ding! a score!!! whooohoo! It was the only one of the game. We won 1-0 and fought hard for it!

We were going into the finals undefeated and depending on the outcome of a game being played simultaneously with ours, it was possible we'd have to play this very same team again.

They pushed back our final game 30 minutes and as we arrived at the fields to fight for tournament champs, the rain was pouring and periodically thunder could be heard clapping in the sky. We stood on the sidelines of our field watching the final moments of the game before us. Bundled up in coats and huddled under an umbrella, we were laying bets as to whether we'd actually get to play. Rumor had it that the storm was moving towards us... not away from us.

Our turn on the field... the refs showed up and we started playing. It was us against Tsunami... again. The same team we'd played this morning. We had scored one goal (them none) when lighting struck and they called everyone off the field. We hung around the parking lot for about 30 minutes waiting to see if the weather would clear and we'd get to finish... but no cigar. They called the entire tournament and we won first!

I have pictures... but for some reason they won't send (from my cell) to blogger. dagnabit!