Friday, November 10, 2006

Weasel King

Since I’ve told you all about my dearest bud, Patrick, I thought it only fair to enlighten you regarding another important and vital net personage, K2. In his case, Mr. Canada was minding his own business 8 ½ years ago when yours truly stumbled upon him in ICQ random chat. Little did he know this would be the start of a long and enduring typing relationship. “Interesting” is an understatement when attempts are made to define our quirky camaraderie. Though our busy schedules rarely mesh and two time zones separate us, when we do manage to meet up, my frisky tail wags enthusiastically and my glowing face lights up like Fourth of July fireworks. While Patrick is considered a dear buddy, K2 rules from the lofty pedestal he was unwittingly hoisted upon as Ms Circe worships from afar. It’s really kinda funny as K2 is pretty much an average guy who quickly morphed into my ideal knight in shining armor (or in his case, a sexy green flight suit)—not an easy slot to fill yet he manages to do it with pizzazz and flair. What can I tell you about him? He’s fun and witty, clever and somewhat aloof, kooky and playful and stays just far enough out of my grasping tentacles to drive me insane with desire. Sometimes we type every day but there have been occasions in this long-distance affiliation that we have gone for months without so much as an offline ‘hi.’ Yet through thick and thin, we remain friends; flirty comrades with an added dash of mutual attraction spice thrown into this flavorful IM soup. We’ve never met and it’s doubtful we ever will but I cannot imagine my life without him as he brings depth and dimension to my crazy alter internet world. Here’s to forever, Hotshot

Silken Thread

slender silken thread
tenuous yet enduring, fragile yet strong
forgotten for a time then persistent pull
invisible tie, silent reminder
encircling my ankle
bitter cold, searing heat
Atlantic or Pacific
coast to coast, year to year
past present future
tenacious tug, gentle tap
whisper or command
timeless, eternal
binding us together
my Canadian connection.


Bone said...

Lovely poem, Ms. Circe.

Beautiful words.

Circe said...

Why thank you, sweetie! I composed that poem earlier this year and just held onto it. Somehow I felt it was high time to write one about him...

Traveling Chica said...

I think it's amazing how close we can be to people we've never met.

One of my best friends I knew for 8ish years before I met. He knew more about me than just about anyone else in my life: strange how that works, isn't it?


Circe said...

TC, it is strange! I mean, Patrick is my best friend and he knows more than TBC or sis put together.