Sunday, June 01, 2008

Photo Opportunity

I made the front page of the Sunday Oklahoman... the Destinations section!

I got out of bed this morning and headed to check my email and there sat a message from one of my sweet little friends that read..

I opened the Sunday paper and who do I see leading the pack of bikers, Kerry and Sheri.....Great Job!! I am impressed!!! I know it was hot and muggy that day. You will have to get the paper and have the article framed!! Oh, and I love the pink that you have on....

WHAT!? What paper!? I raced to the corner store and there on the front page was a little blip about Tour de Meers last weekend so I knew that's what she had to be talking about. I bought the paper and raced out to the MM to check it out. Sure enough, a huge picture of me and Sheri leading a pack up the side of the mountain. Our first ride/race and we made the paper :) I'll see if I can get it scanned in and share the pic.