Tuesday, July 07, 2009

How Now Brown Cow

After many months of the caring and feeding of Boy George (I have no clue why TBC named him that. Does he look like a "Boy George" to you?), we recently had him sent to the er, well, you know and he has morphed into tasty steaks, roasts and hamburger. Yum! Thankfully, I did not get to know him on a personal basis and am able to partake of his bovine goodness with nary a tear. He was an attractive steer--part Texas longhorn and part Mexican longhorn--as you can see in the pic. This was taken not long after we purchased him though I did not snap anymore to show his growth and downright ornyness. And he was quite orny! If you recall, he and I had one run-in last summer when I was on the riding mower in his pasture and he came trotting up to check me out. I was terrified and screamed bloody murder thus sending our neighbors on both sides scurrying out to see if TBC was beating the crap out of me. I think I may have blogged about it. TBC kept telling me to just keep going and Mr Steer would run away. He did NOT. However, he did slowly saunter out of my way but not in a scared manner whatsoever. I continued my mowing but kept a watchful eye on him and never did attempt mowing in his territory again. Anyway, TBC bought him for the sole purpose of future meat in our freezer and frankly my dears, this is Oklahoma and we eat meat out here in the wild west. Circe Carnivore!

My fav cousin, Ron, is coming to visit this weekend from California and sis and I could not be more excited. He will only stay from Sat-Thurs but hopefully it will be a wonderful visit. Two cookouts complete with extra relatives are planned not to mention a boat ride on the lake thanks to "K". He'll also get the Grand Toure of Podunkville though I'm scratching my head what that will entail. There just ain't that much to see 'round these here parts. Oil wells? Flat plains? Um, the place they filmed the movie Twister (which is very close to us)? Guess we'll play that by ear.

Our main bathroom renovation is thankfully 95% complete. It's got a brand new bathtub, tile, walls, paint, floor, window, fixtures, etc. The toilet was replaced not that long ago and for now the vanity was just repainted though that will eventually need replacement. I plan on a beach theme (shock there, eh?) so I just need to pick up a few extra touches. He'll be staying in sis' gorgeous log house so I don't have to gussy up the guest bedroom. I still need to do some major cleaning in the next few days and I'm working on a menu for his gastronomic pleasure. Oh, did I tell you I totally cleaned and rearranged the bedroom? Yeah, Sat morning I was attempting to watch one of my fav shows, Property Ladder, when thanks to pouring rain, lightning and thunder, the satellite dish went out. This prompted me to get off my lazy arse and do something I considered doing months ago. There is alot more room with the changes but it's funny how you can clean something thoroughly and no one but you can really tell the work that went into it. I've also got new drapes ordered from Penneys so it should really look pretty when they arrive.

I would be remiss not to mention July 6th was our BLOGAVERSARY! Funny I remember the date but not the year. I'm thinking it's our 4th or 5th but I'll need a ruling on that from Mz Kerbear.


Monday, July 06, 2009

The Gloved One

I have to admit that I was a proud owner of Michael Jackson's Thriller album. I watched his videos over and over on Night Flicks and even cheered on my classmates as the guys moonwalked and tried to dance and move like MJ. Over the years I fell out of such deep like/love for Michael and it became more of fascination. I was fascinated by the way he changed appearances and his odd/freaky sense of style and hair and makeup and girl voice and the "friends" he chose to keep. Just all so odd. Then all the allegations came out. I watched some of the news during that time and kind of kept up with his story...enough to know he was not convicted. Showing up to court in his PJ's was just so freakin' weird!!! Then dancing on the tops of cars. What is up with that!?

Since his death I have become more fascinated with him. His lack of childhood and desire to recreate one for himself; his brothers and sisters; his drive and desire yet he seemed to not have common sense or awareness. I dont know... but its a sad sad story. Its heartbreaking that he seemed like such a kind heart, but just going in an entirely wrong direction. May he rest in peace.

and may his Father STOP seeing all this as a money making opportunity!