Friday, December 08, 2006

50 Cent

Is it "FIFTEE" Cent?

or.... is it "FIDY" Cent?

How do you say it?

Only in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The store owner shot during a robbery earlier this week spoke with Eyewitness News 5 about her ordeal.

Rose Yeary was robbed by two women in her store -- called Rose's Fashion Place. One of the women shot her in the knee before escaping while wearing a wedding dress. "(The robber) said, 'I've got to do this. I've got to do it. I've got to do it for my kids,'" Yeary said. Yeary said she then fought back, wrestling with one of the robbers, who then pulled out a gun. The culprits have not been found, authorities said. Yeary is recovering at home.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Let There Be Light

I came in to work today to find a light in the ceiling out and my desk area in semidarkness. While I pretty much enjoyed the subdued illumination and cozy atmosphere, this is a busy office and I knew a call to the hardworking *cough* boys sporting the tan Dickies (aka maintenance) would be the first order of business. At 8:15 am I dialed their dept. requesting someone to come replace the two blown tubes. All morning I sat hunched over my desk, peering quizzically at my computer as colleagues filed past my door, stopping briefly to inform me I was ‘in the dark.’ I am? Really? OMG!!! Whew! I thought my eyesight was going. So it’s not me then. *breathes sigh of relief* I came back from lunch to find nothing had changed so I dialed up their gal Friday and once again pleasantly requested assistance. I was informed D was on his way and would be alleviating this problem shortly. Within the hour, D arrived with trusty ladder in tow and proceeded to tell me I would not need to vacate the premises as he could handle it without disturbing me. Um, ok. So I’m sitting here BSing with Patrick on MSN, er, working, while our infamous bumbling resident electrician with the chilling reputation for sending the entire institution into unscheduled blackouts as he merrily cuts wires, blows fuses, and occasionally sends massive volts of electricity coursing through his body, works directly over me as I warily glance up in search of falling objects. I told him I hoped no one desperately needed me as there was no avenue to escape. Immediately the phone rings and GFR in the next office seductively whispers into the phone that he "desperately needs me" and hangs up. I laughed so hard I about startled Mr. Klutz, but in the end he accomplished his task without incident. Ah, radiance reigns supreme once again. :)

The’s 5 Important Questions to Ask at a Job Interview

5> "Who's that hot little beyotch with the humongous rack in the picture?"

4> "Will I get time off for the national Dungeons and Dragons finals?"

3> "Is the drug test multiple choice or essay?"

2> "Is there someone who can watch my cats while I'm at lunch?"

1> "Do the chicks here get all bent out of shape about that sexual harassment crap?"

Heinz Field
Thursday, December 7, 2006
8:00 PM - WMMS / NFL Network

The Browns are headed to Pittsburgh and preparing for another shot to do something they haven't done since 2003.
(what, win for a change?)


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Just a Little Diddy About My Day

It's been a rough week and it's only Wednesday!

I still find the time to build a car , hit the gym, do some Christmas shopping, a kabillion loads of laundry, remodel a bedroom, type this, tinker with Christmas lights, cook dinner, clean up the mess, gather a couple hours of sleep... and its all done with a smile!

Actually, the bedroom remodeling project consisted of me buying P a new futon and Richard breaking down his full size bed, hauling it off, vacuming the room, assembling the new futon and getting it all set up for P to use. *kisses to you babe*

Anyways, you can read about my car project on the other site. Laundry awaits me!

Sinister Snowballs

Um, this seems totally justified, doesn’t it? :)

Since we are blessed with snow this week, I couldn’t help but think of a true-life experience that deeply scarred me during those tender, vulnerable years. It seems a certain Donna, who apparently had a huge, inexplicable grudge against me, took matters into her own hands and set me up. Let me explain. Donna and I were in the same first grade class together and though the elementary school years we shared were brief (abet memorable), she acquired the dubious reputation of being a notorious busybody. Having grown up in the frozen North, a cardinal rule we were taught practically from infancy was: "No throwing snowballs on the playground during recess." While icy spheres were great fun to hurl at friend and foe alike, this risky pastime was only deemed proper during non-school hours. In retrospect, this was a reasonable request considering the amount of damage a seemingly innocent snowball can cause. There were plenty of playground accidents as it was and they were no doubt attempting to cut down on excessive ambulance runs. But I digress. Always a rule-follower, I was well aware of the “no throwing snowballs” edict from the nanosecond I started school and never in my wildest dreams would obedient little Miss Circe have flaunted that concrete command. Little did I know mischief was afoot and that the gal with a personal vendetta against me would strike swiftly and mercilessly. Sure enough, while out on the playground one winter day, Donna, aka the pint-sized tattletale from hell, sidled up to me and asked that I pick up some snow from the ground. Not seeing where this was going and being the picture of naïveté and innocence, I meekly complied. Quick as a wink, this traitorous miniature harridan streaked over to the nearest teacher and loudly and sanctimoniously informed her I was throwing snowballs! LIES, FILTHY LIES!!! Sure enough, there I stood, dazed and confused, cradling the critical ingredient necessary for snowball manufacturing in my unmindful, mittened fingers. Yes, gang, circumstantial evidence was found in my possession and felony charges were brought against a blameless child. I was immediately sentenced to the principal’s office for flagrance disobedience to do penance for this grievous crime. I sat out the rest of recess tearful and disbelieving, a sadder, wiser view of my conniving fellowman. I’ll never know what prompted that unprovoked attack of yesteryear, but I’m a firm believer that what goes around, comes around so I have no doubt whatsoever there were equivalent psychic paybacks for her further down the road called Life.

Easy on The Price

I've actually been thinking about this for a couple of days, but this morning a friend of mine emailed me and we got to talking about Happy Hour which made me mention Sonic and their Happy Hour and how anymore, a person really can't afford to get their drinks if it's not during that half price special time.

Let me go back in time....

For the past 6 months I think my local Sonic has increased their drinks prices twice. I now pay $1.68 for a medium drink. I only pay $1.27 for a medium in my hometown and I can save about .10 cents if I drive two miles down the road to the next Sonic (which i've been known to do). I've cut back dramatically on my Sonic visits... and have been frequenting other places (7-11 still has awesome deal on monstrous drinks but you have to get out of the car and serve yourself and the ice isnt the same).

Last week, C and I stopped at Sonic and got Sonic Size cheese tots.

We got our order and pulled the tots out of the bag and we both sat there looking at them. The only thing Sonic Sized was the container that held the tots. They didn't put anymore tots in the Sonic Size than they do in the regular or large. They just change the size of the container! What is happening to this place!?

I love a Sonic diet coke, but this is ridiculous. I can stop by McDonald's and get a medium diet coke which is not packed full of ice (to cut down on the amount of coke they have to give up) so I really get more than two sips and I save about .50 cents in price.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Fluff Stuff

The grand total of white, fluffy stuff we were blessed with here in OkieDokieville last Thursday and Friday was pinned down to 8-12 inches. Woo hoo! (I am forever complaining I want feet not inches). ;) Chaos College officially dismissed at noon but those living out of town were shooed homeward at 9:30am and we did not return till today. There is nothing quite like 2 four-day weekends in a row. Trying for three would be excessive and quite useless as cold and sunny with a practically nil chance of precipitation are projected for the week. Oh well.

The main roads are cleared off nicely but those side roads are another story. I certainly saw a lot of people stuck and much like Kerbear’s vehicle, one hapless car with a very long, steep driveway had slid halfway into the street unbeknownst to its owners. To my knowledge no one plowed into it, but that must have been quite the rude awakening when they hoofed it down to their vehicle only to find it tantalizingly double dog daring others to smack it. Another strange phenomenon was discovering heaps of excess snow that the city shoved into the middle of the downtown thoroughfares. Guess we rarely receive enough snow to have a problem deciding where to put it. Just as I was about to jump in the SUV for a Friday trek through the winter wonderland, I experienced a 'Marcia Brady moment' when I distractedly turned my head and got clobbered in the nose by the passenger side door. OUCH! Though unable to frolic in the snowdrifts, I’m extremely hopeful this won’t be our first and last snowfall of the season and that the prospects are excellent for many snowballs/angels/men in my not-too-distant future. Yessssss...

The Ghost of Christmas Future

My thinking this Christmas holiday is that i'm going to get my shopping done early so that I don't have to mess with the mean shoppers, so Saturday my Sis and I hit the stores and Sunday, Richard and I shopped til we dropped.

Toys R Us was a nightmare. Ok, well it really wasn't a nightmare because i've seen it waaaay worse, but it wasn't a pleasant ordeal either. I don't see why there would be such a load of those little whipper snappers running around, but there was. Don't they need to stay home so mom and dad can actually shop, and purchase, the gifts!? We battled that store and got a few Christmas gifts there...

Then, we tackled the mall.

We did... we went to the mall - on a weekend! We had a mental list of who we need to buy for and some ideas on each. We hit the front door meaning business and with intentions of getting as close to finished as possible. About an hour into the adventure I get a call from C.

Mom, your car is sliding down the driveway.
WHAT? What is going on?
Your car is sliding. I think it's on ice.
C, are you lying to me?
No! you know how you usually park really close to the garage, but this time you didn't? Well it's sliding down.
Talk to Richard.

I pass the phone to Richard and I hear a little chit chat happening while I make a purchase. Richard hands the phone back to me and says 'you need to talk to him'.

C, is the car in the road?
No, its at the end of the driveway. I think it slid until it ran out of ice and hit pavement.
Are you sure it's moved?
YES MOM! (obviously irritated with me because he's trying to tell the truth). P was outside playing and his friends told him it was moving so he came and told me!
Did you push it down the driveway?
NO! No one has been around it!
Well tell the kids not to play around it and i'll be right there.
Where are your keys and i'll take care of it?
I have the keys and NO you aren't driving it
Well, don't hurry... it's not that big of a deal
Are you telling me the truth!?!?
YES! It's sliding!
ok, i'll be right there

I was torn between running right home (I was having a visual of my MM being on the loose in the neighborhood) and continuing our shopping excursion because C loves to play practical jokes on me. We decided to wrap up a couple of other things and head to the house to check on the situation.

Sure enough! As we rounded the corner of our block I saw my MM sitting at the end of the driveway. It had in fact slid! I had parked it on a big patch of ice and I guess the right spot to start sliding. Our driveway isn't a big sloping driveway... but it's just enough to slide down - apparently! I hopped in it and pulled it up close to the garage. All the neighbor kids were standing around watching and so eagerly wanting to tell us the story.

There is no rock salt available in a 100 mile radius I don't think. Actually, we only looked at Wal-Mart... but that was enough.