Saturday, March 01, 2008

Up One Rank

Last night marked the end of the new adventure for me. Bootcamp is over. Our last night was a PT test to measure against our first PT test ... to see how we improved. I DID GOOD!!!! I ran an 8 minute mile the first PT test and I ran a 6 minute mile last night! PLUS it was in a hilly park so I did really good! My lungs hurt like a biatch when I was done because it had turned a little chilly (the chilly kind of chilly where you can breath and it looks like you're smoking). Today I'm coughing like no other because of last night I think... but still I made it!

The new victims, err... recruits, had their beginning PT test last night and from the looks of things, I think those instructors have their work cut out for them. One girl, the heaviest of all of them, did the best. She kicked hiney in the run but she certainly did her fair share of bitching about it. haha I told her it only gets easier and to hang in there - even though you think you're going to croak.

Afterwards, a few of us went out to celebrate our bootcamp graduation. We hit the sauce... the very thing we'd been banned from for a month. So I one single night we probably ruined four weeks of training. hehe

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sick as a Dog

With the exception of that lovely warm week in paradise, I’ve been fighting like crazy to keep the cursed crud at bay. It’s been all around me permeating every molecule of air I breathe for weeks and though I put up a valiant fight, I finally succumbed this past Tuesday. I woke up feeling like total hell and for the next 48 hours, days and nights merged into one hazy blur as my congested head remained motionless on the pillow. And yes, I’m pretty sure by the end of yesterday I smelled like a billy goat. The price one must pay for winter tropical getaways.

And just forget any sort of restful recuperation at my house. The “K and P Show” decided to take it on the road, or in this case, down the road straight to our house, as P came by and cornered hub by the garage as she spent over 1 ½ hours (I timed her) crying the blues. In the meantime, K repeatedly dialed our number and left numerous messages on the answering machine while simultaneously annoying the living piss out of me. (What part of either "no one is in the house or healthy enough to deal with your crap" are you missing???) He and his doofus lawyer eventually showed up in person to get a car battery and make things even more awkward than they already were. TBC about went ballistic and they got the heck out of Dodge pronto. Sick or not, I think I’d rather be at work. And, yes, we pulled the plug on the machine.

Sunday night, my sis and bro-in-law came over and I was telling her about the booing incident at the resort. She immediately inquired if I had stomped off in a huff at this inexcusable insolence. Does she know me or what?? :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Language of Love

To spice things up at the office today, I set my email language preference to Spanish.

After a while, it's not so fun anymore. It's way too much work.

Maybe I'll try Portugese next.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jaws of Steel

I'm not a real big fan of the dentist. I've been pretty fortunate as I've only suffered with braces and a few fillings... nothing major.

Until about a month ago when my dentist told me that one of my fillings needed to be repaired because it was actually peeling up. I could feel it... have been feeling it for years. I knew something was going on, but his idea of repair was a crown! What the heck is a crown!? I had an idea... but tried to not entertain the thought. For fear it would get worse, I made an appointment to get it fixed. The crown and two fillings removed and replaced with porcelean.

Yesterday was said appointment. The day from hell!

The first series of shots did nothing. Not numb at all. So, he came in with a second series of shots. A little tingley... on my cheek... but my lip was fine and I could still feel my teeth. A third series of shots (and a series is about 4) and he said 'this should do it', did not much more. My lip still isnt tingley. He started to do a 'test' drill. HOLY @#^%!#^$#*!&%#^@$#^%@ I could feel it!!!

So, the fourth series... I got a shot so I could even get a shot! He gave me a shot in my jaw to deaden it so he could give me the mother of all shots. He stabbed me in my jaw here and there and here and there and said "now you've had enough to kill a horse! That should do it!" My lip got fat and my tongue huge.

I think we're ready to go!

Not really. During all three teeth drillings I could feel spots where he'd hit a nerve and dayum it bout sent me through the roof! After he was done and I'd endured the smell of grinding teeth, he said "we need to talk".

One tooth that he'd filled, he decided really needed a crown too because it was going to cause me problems years down the road and considering it takes so much to deaden my mouth, we should do it now! *tears well up in my eyes* and I told him that I hated him. He said "yeah, I get told that a couple times a week".

I went in for two fillings and a crown. I walked out with two crowns and a filling and a very sore jaw!!!