Saturday, March 01, 2008

Up One Rank

Last night marked the end of the new adventure for me. Bootcamp is over. Our last night was a PT test to measure against our first PT test ... to see how we improved. I DID GOOD!!!! I ran an 8 minute mile the first PT test and I ran a 6 minute mile last night! PLUS it was in a hilly park so I did really good! My lungs hurt like a biatch when I was done because it had turned a little chilly (the chilly kind of chilly where you can breath and it looks like you're smoking). Today I'm coughing like no other because of last night I think... but still I made it!

The new victims, err... recruits, had their beginning PT test last night and from the looks of things, I think those instructors have their work cut out for them. One girl, the heaviest of all of them, did the best. She kicked hiney in the run but she certainly did her fair share of bitching about it. haha I told her it only gets easier and to hang in there - even though you think you're going to croak.

Afterwards, a few of us went out to celebrate our bootcamp graduation. We hit the sauce... the very thing we'd been banned from for a month. So I one single night we probably ruined four weeks of training. hehe


Angela said...

That is why I have some junk every day. So I don't splurge too often

Glad you had fun celebrating

グラント said...

You should have told your drill sergeant "Yeah, right, no booze. Because hard drinking would be totally unmilitary."

Even better, you should have gotten into a one-up contest to see who can handle the most pussy and beer and still get up for PT.

Kerry said...

Angela: We had lots of fun celebrating. The other girls were continuing on for the month of March (I can't because of soccer) so it was a celebrations of "yeah, we made it" plus a "one last drink before we start"! haha

Symbol Guy: and I KNOW he drinks! He talks about it. He also likes da ladies. He judged a stripper contest and then went with the winner to Vegas to a Stripper Convention. hahahhaha

Big Ben said...

Was the big girl's name Sauce? Why did you hit her?