Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Language of Love

To spice things up at the office today, I set my email language preference to Spanish.

After a while, it's not so fun anymore. It's way too much work.

Maybe I'll try Portugese next.


グラント said...

Set it to Japanese (日本語) so you can receive notes from me. You don't truly know what a foreign language is until you dabble in the Asian ones.

TC said...

Oh I want to do that!



Angela said...

I am blind so I use a screen reader and I can have it change languages so that the text is spoken in that language
I wouldn't know what the heck my computer was saying

Circe said...

Babes, are you a tad bored or something? LMAO!

Kerry said...

Symbol guy: I could receive the notes but not read one damn thing you said! lol I'd have to use a translator.

TC: It was an option under preferences. I did it on my work email though...

Angela: I'm glad i'm not the only one that is lost in other languages. *hugs*

Circe: Yeah, kinda. It was a slow day and instead of the usual banter with the office hotties, I chose to entertain myself with jackin up my email. I'll find something else to do next time.

egan said...

Je pense que tu dois parler francais.