Friday, September 05, 2008

Dragon Breath

I can't stand men who think they know everything and really don't know jack. I guess I shouldn't say men... because women do it to. However, i'm experiencing one man who is a complete jackass and every time I encounter him (and I do frequently because he is the tech contracted by our school to do computer work) we have a confrontation about some tech issue... he acts like an ass and like he knows everything... and I prove him wrong in one way or another and then there is great tension between us.

Here is a brief explanation of our latest:

OH and you know the jackass tech that is "awesome" that does computer work for XYZ?

WELL.... we are upgrading Pc's and I emailed him with the first three that I want to upgrade and asked him if he needed any more information. He said NO, HE HAS IT AND WILL BE IN TODAY. the jackass came in and proceeded to explain to me that there was different types of memory (REALLY!?!??! CUZ I DIDNT KNOW)

Then jackass took his handul of memory to the 3 machines that he "already knew all about" and proceeded to upgrade them

Within 15 minutes he was back... couldnt do any of them because he got the wrong memory sticks. HAHAHHAHAAH

I think maybe jackass should learn to ask me some questions.

Obviously I copied and pasted this from the email that I sent out explaining he has proved himself an idiot again. lol There is so much more... PLUS he has horrible breath!