Thursday, November 20, 2008

Power Drink

Chocolate Milk

There's way more to milk than just calcium. In fact, it's a damn near perfect food, giving you a lot of valuable energy while keeping your calorie count low, says nutritionist Susan Kleiner, Ph.D. The chocolate kind is loaded with calcium, vitamins, and minerals just like the plain stuff, but new studies confirm that milk with a touch of cocoa is as powerful as commercial recovery drinks at replenishing and repairing muscles.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Someone Stole Christmas

When I was a kiddo, I loved the holidays. I absolutely loved Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the hub-bub. More and more... i'm growing to hate it. This year specifically is just... well I wish it would just slide by without me knowing its been here and gone.

I'm tired of trying to figure out schedules of where to be and when and trying to fit everyone in. I want SO BAD to tell them I'm staying home! Last year was awesome because at Thanksgiving I was preggers with Baby Z... and I did just that. I stayed home! I loved it!

Once we figure out Thanksgiving, we have to turn right around and do it again for Christmas. I'd love to have my own Christmas. My own traditions. For once I'd love to get up and have Christmas with my kids at my house and stay and play with new toys all day long and just lounge around. Instead we bustle from here, hurry to there, and try to cram in every person in such a short amount of time. Its stressful and not relaxing.

I haven't even mentioned having to buy them shit that no one wants or needs and probably winds up lost, broken, in a garage sale, on a dusty shelf, given to the neighbor, etc.

I found this while Holiday shopping online today:

Common Sources for Holiday Anxiety, Stress and Depression are:
How we look or how we've aged
Success or Failure
Fear of Faking Love or Joy
Fear we got the wrong gift
How did the year go
Work-a-holic letdown
Fear of Crowds

Some Solutions:
Change your expectations or attitudes
Don't blame yourself
You can always answer NO!
Alone is not bad
Refocus on someone else
Set rules of discussion
Do shopping by mail order or internet