Monday, July 07, 2008

No Easy Entry

Let me begin with... there is so much I want to share about Alaska and Canada but there is so much information and such little time and I don't know where to begin! I'll just jump right in somewhere and hopefully in the end it will come together. Kind of like a senior term paper.

The scenery is amazing. It's almost therapeutic. Like a fish tank almost! This is me looking at the mountains as we pass... heading to Juneau, Alaska.

The guys took a tram up the side of the mountain and here's a shot of Juneau from the top. Did you know that Juneau isn't accessible by auto? You can only get to this city by boat! My cousins used to live here too!!!

Now, here in Oklahoma the "Red Dog" is something totally different! Only Richard and I giggled when we saw the "Red Dog" on the corner. Thank God the kids didnt understand the funny!

Again, looking down on Juneau from the top of the mountain. This mountain also is home to a local lake and a favorite of all the kiddos. The locals hike this mountain and go fishing here!

Another view of Juneau. It's so beautiful. While shopping I got to chatting with one of the girls that was working in a shop and learned she was from Texas! I asked "WHY" would you ever move from Texas to Alaska and Juneau at that!? It's only accessible by boat! She said she had gone there on a visit (friend or sister) and she loved it, so she went back for a 6 week visit and decided to stay. She'd been in Alaska for about 8 years now. It's nice... but I like being able to drive in and out of my city :)