Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tour de Meers Ride

Happy Memorial Day!

I've started the weekend celebration by riding 57 hellacious miles on a cycling ride. Surprisingly enough, my bike butt didn't hurt. It was outdone by the 100mph wind, intense 92 degree heat and 41% humidity plus the elevation since we were riding in the ONLY mountains in Okie Land. Tour de Meers should be renamed Ride from Hell.

We set out to ride the 67 miles (the longest route) and about 15 miles into the ride, we rethought that idea... and decided we'd do the 57 miles instead.

Our last 15 took us by the Wind Farm. Here's two of our fellow cyclists pedaling by.

Our 3rd and final rest stop where we scored another banana and ice cold water served with love from our generous host! This guy met us at our bikes with water and filled our water bottles for us. Thank God he did... because the last 15 miles were horrid and hot and for the last 6 or 7 miles we were running out of water and fuel.

At the next stop, 30 miles into the heat, we were doing ok but a little bit of a forced smile for the camera. This stop was out of water and we had to ration our water to the next stop... at 45 miles!

At the first 15 mile stop, we grabbed a banana and O.J. and were still all smiles!

I forgot that you have to upload pictures backwards, but I'm not going to redo them, so sorry for going in reverse! lol

Afterward we finished the ride and made it back to the car... two guys in our group who have ridden for years, told us that it was the worst ride they'd been on (conditions) and if they could have hitched a ride about 30 miles into it, they would have! So we did good. Awesome really!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Puter Parts

I've been in the IT world for many moons and my current job is nothing close to being IT related. Other than we use a PC to work. That's kind of how i wanted it. I was really getting tired of the hassle. Did you know the average IT person changes jobs after being in the field for approximately 7 years... because they experience burnout!? Yep. Its true... I read it somewhere.

Anyways, at my new job... my experience is getting the best of me. Its driving me crazy that the office manager insists on moving the 'guts' from point A to point B. I say "you mean the CPU?" Her: "the guts". UGH!

Then she asks me if I need a UBS plug thing. Me: "you mean USB?" Her: "yeah, that thingy". UGH

We change "the guts" and all the "stuff" that goes with it to different locations and holy cow... the one I connected works... the one they connected "isnt working". The PC, I mean "the guts", is working. There is power. But the internet won't come up. hhhmmmm

They ask "Kerry, is yours working?"
Me: Of course!
Them: This one isn't working. Can you... do you know what's wrong?
One guess what it was. I looked behind "the guts" and sure enough no network cable. I plugged it in and told her to try again.

I healed it!

It's really killing me to watch all this go on. I have worked with the smartest of the smartest guys and this hurts!

OH OH OH! AND she also had to put a shortcut on my desktop so I could get to a document and enter some data. She asked me if I could do it and then just did it for me! UGH! I don't particularly want it on my desktop PLUS if I did... I can do it!

Another girl in my office came from Dell and she handles it alot better than me! Somehow she has the capability to ignore. I tend to lean towards... telling them where to stick it :)