Thursday, January 01, 2009

Starting Over 09

Happy New Years!

This year Richard and I chose to stay out of the clubs and big parties and instead chose to spend the evening with just a few friends. Some of Richards friends from college and some old (I don't mean old in age, but past) neighbors joined us and even a cycling buddy! We had fun. Did you guys catch the guy in Vegas landing on the casino... and then jumping off??? On his bike. I don't remember his name. I'm so full of helpful info! ha

Marsha came to our little gathering... broken foot and all! She got spooked by a mouse and jumped somehow and broke her foot!

My sis and I

My sweetie pie love muffin and me!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Short Christmas Story

For a sweet little Christmas present from Baby Z to her dad, I had Baby Z paint on canvas with her favorite colors (like she knows) and I "framed" them with wild and crazy red fringe. I also framed, in red leather matching the fringe, a picture of her covered in paint. Most of the paint was on HER... not the canvas. Here's Richard opening his gift!

Us out celebrating Christmas a few days early

Baby Z wasn't ready to wake up Christmas morning. Every other morning she's up and at it!

Sheri and I in the new hats that mom got us for Christmas

Me trying to get my hat on right... and had an accidental picture taken. I kinda like it!