Friday, April 11, 2008

A Little R & R

I don't specifically adore Rachel Ray, but I don't dislike her either. She is a cute girl that has this raspy voice like she just left a smokey bar (all night long). But have you noticed how fluffy her arms are? She's not fat by any means... but her arms are huge!

Most girls gain weight in their arse. I think her yummy dishes go straight to her arms!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

You Make Me Sick

For the past few months, I've sat at my computer desk with my back to the District Manager's office and I hear every little conversation that takes place. Whether I like it or not. I've grown more and more irritated with his immaturity and lack of direction and irresponsibility.

He is constantly picking up the phone and calling someone to see if they want to go get drunk. He calls other DM's or agents and calls them dirty names and then giggles. Today, he called someone and told them about an agent (female obviously) that made X amount of sales and won an award and "damn she had this low cut blouse on that made her, well they, it was low cut and blah blah" *cleared his throat*... was probably sportin' a woody just talking about it.

He's a grandpa for God's sakes. Plus we're supposed to be professional and who knows who's listening!?!? There might be a place and time for that kind of thing but not all the time. And its all the time with him. I grow more and more tired of it.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Whether Weather

Ok, this severe weather nonsense is getting old fast. It’s only April 9th and I think we’ve had five or six tornado watches in the last few weeks and we haven’t even hit the big twister month (May) yet. This is not boding well. It’s especially entertaining when the fronts move through during the early morning hours and all that crashing and booming wakes you up from a dead sleep debating whether to head for the storm shelter (aka wine cellar) or not. Last month, I finally broke down and purchased a weather radio so I’ll know how things stand should the power go off. Several more rounds are expected today and tomorrow with the likeliest chance of terrible twisters predicted to hit during the *shocked look* early morning hours. Oh joy! Kerbear is under a severe thunderstorm watch as I type and I’m certain I’ll come under it later today. I sure hope this extensive renovation on Chaos College isn’t all for naught.

The's 16 Signs Your Website Is Not Very 2.0

16. Yours in the only Website where communities can get
communicable diseases.
15. "This site best viewed with Mosaic Browser."
14. Your source code contains the statement: "Charles
Babbage 1830"
13. Your "social networking" site is nothing but a single
page with a long list of phone numbers.
12. Your hamsters are doing the minuet.
11. Instead of streaming video, your site sends someone
to the user's location with a slide projector.
10. You had to suspend your blog when your blanket caught
fire on the hot smoke.
9. Your highest browser penetration: WebTV 1.0.
8. The "Order now!" link next to merchandise brings up
a simple text page displaying a phone number.
7. “CDIV Fyle Nae Founde."
6. Your site just sits there yelling at the Web 2.0 sites
5. The only thing that's user-generated: cease-and-desist
4. Instead of uploading an avatar, the user is asked to
approximate his or her look in "ASCII art" using a 30x30
matrix of Courier New characters.
3. Language options are limited to Latin and Sanskrit.
2. The sample MP3s on the site are skipping.
1. Your corporate blog's editorial this week rails at


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Surprise Birthday!

OHHHH!!!! Guess what I got for my birthday!!?!??!?! A road bike! I'm so excited!

Richard and my sis and my parents got me a bike (and intend on me using it)... PLUS I'm registered for RAGBRAI. It's a 500 mile, 7 day bike ride across the state of Iowa.

I'm officially in the "in" bike rider group here and start training this next week I hope! This means long, treacherous rides several times a week. Plus, wearing pants with butt pads. HAHAHAH

My Name Is...

I really love our daycare lady that keeps Z. She's got flare and sparkling personality and her husband is a jewel too. The kids she keeps are all such good kids... hilarious and very well mannered. Last week I walked in the front door of daycare and I heard "Header, can we have a snack!?"

Header: NO! The kitchen is closed.

Two little boys running around at her feet... each about 3 years old.

Boys: No it's not Header! Can we have a snack?!

Header: NO boys! The kitchen is closed. Go in the other room i'm cleaning up.

Boys: Its not closed Header, cuz we're in it.

Me: LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY Did they call you Header!?

Header: Yep. I get called Header, Ma, Hannah, or Hey and I answer to all of it.

Her name is Heather! LMAO