Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Name Is...

I really love our daycare lady that keeps Z. She's got flare and sparkling personality and her husband is a jewel too. The kids she keeps are all such good kids... hilarious and very well mannered. Last week I walked in the front door of daycare and I heard "Header, can we have a snack!?"

Header: NO! The kitchen is closed.

Two little boys running around at her feet... each about 3 years old.

Boys: No it's not Header! Can we have a snack?!

Header: NO boys! The kitchen is closed. Go in the other room i'm cleaning up.

Boys: Its not closed Header, cuz we're in it.

Me: LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY Did they call you Header!?

Header: Yep. I get called Header, Ma, Hannah, or Hey and I answer to all of it.

Her name is Heather! LMAO

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