Friday, May 16, 2008

Time Of Our Life

Work and end of school commitments have kept me super busy and I havent had time to blog! *big tears*. I have so much to share... and zero time to share it.

I wrote a $1 million dollar umbrella policy today. Yeah for me!

Baby Z grabs at my sonic cup and loves her sippy cup! She's growing so fast.

Only 5 more weeks til we're headed to Alaska and Canada. I need a vacation...

PLUS I'm in training for a 500 mile cycling ride! How exciting!

More later I hope... but off to work the End Of School Bash!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


The renovation in my area is done and as of last Thursday I’m back in my old digs replete with a fresh coat of paint, spiffy new lighting and much needed contemporary office furniture which has been repositioned to make the area more airy and spacious. While this has helped tremendously in that respect and I’ve received very positive comments, my vulnerable back is now viewable from the oversized windows looking out toward the library not to mention the nosy peek those exiting can take at my screen. It’s also easily seen by anyone sauntering down our IT hallway. Privacy? What’s that? Blogging is going to be even more difficult than usual. :(

I recovered from my wisdom tooth extraction nicely, but not before suffering from an extended outbreak of canker sores. Then I caught a cold. And let’s not even discuss all the horrendous bad weather all of Okieville has been dealing with lately. Yeah, it’s been a lovely May so far.

Remember the kitten we adopted from "K" because, bad mother that she is, she ‘didn’t want her anymore’ and dumped her off on us? Well less than three weeks ago, Miss Cami went into heat and we made immediate arrangements for her to be "tutored." Between tests for leukemia and the actual surgery, we shelled out $116. Pre-surgery, they removed her flea collar so the day after she got home I replaced it with an adorable red one sporting a jingly bell. In a massive fit of historical irony, our newly spayed four-legged daughter is MIA. Yep, vanished without a trace. Unbelievable! We have not discovered any flattened black catcakes on the road and she never strayed far from the house so the most logical conclusion is she hopped in the bed of the pickup, fell asleep, and was accidentally taken for a ride Tuesday when TBC went to check on "S"’s dog. We can only assume she got out of the truck and wandered off unbeknownst to TBC and is now calling another location home. Still, you never know. She is one tough little cookie and hopefully will show back up when we least expect it.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oh Happy Day

Happy Mothers Day!

We are going to a wedding. So, I guess all mothers in this family get skipped over today and will have to celebrate another day.