Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Kid in Me

Last night as I lay my sweet little head down on my pillow, the conversation went like this:

Richard: Did you watch Sesame Street when you were little?
Me: yeah
R: Then you know Snuffy?
Me: Mr Snuffleupagus? yes! I've never heard him called Snuffy, but why?
R: I cant believe you can't remember or say STREP-UH-COCK-US but you can remember and say perfectly, Mr Snuffleupagus. I see where your mind is.
Me: of course! I'd never forget him. I didn't watch Sesame Street all that much, I liked Electric Company more.. it was more action!

ok, well the conversation keeps going... but Richard was trying to point out to me that Strepacocopotomus (used in my post yesterday) was not correct. Yes, i know that... but I am not sure how to spell it and I didnt want to google it and everyone knows what i'm talking about anyway because I dont think anyone knows how to say it correctly except for Richard and probably P because those two know everything.

But, I do know Mr Snuffleupagus!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


As I gracefully walked the gym’s treadmill at noon, I got to observing the trio lifting weights in front of me. I’m assuming they are our students as the ID card requirement is in effect but I had never seen them in the gym before. This gang consisted of two burly, tattooed guys with one diminutive gal. She would help spot the one guy and then they would change places and help her. She yelled a lot so you know they piled on the weights. After they finished their lifting routine, they headed for the basketball hoop across the floor. Rather than shoot hoops, they decided it would be wise and prudent to employ that sphere as a volleyball and send it flying in my vicinity. This did not sit well with me, nor has it ever done so. Do you know how it feels to have oversized balls hurtling toward your head? Er, well maybe you do but this is the freaky, scary, could knock-you-unconscious kind! And of course they placed two people on the side that faced an uncaring wall and only one to half-heartedly cover the side opening toward the machines. Well anyway, the male student worker did nothing about this deplorable state of affairs but continued to do his personal workout oblivious to this blatant disregard for authority. Well heck, he never makes me sign in as I cockily strut to my treadmill so why would he put a stop to their nonsense? Out of my peripheral vision I warily watched them as I contemplated the possible instantaneous need to block wayward balls. Toward the end of my workout, the cavalry finally made an appearance as a respected coach entered the building with prospective students in tow. All the sudden the versatile ball morphed into what God intended and a pleasant game of basketball commenced. Surprise! Fortunately, they never did return to the alternate game and left the area five minutes before I finished. I'm going to have to keep my eye on them in the future...

My brand spanking new notebook arrived last weekend and though I’ve had very little time for tinkering, its mesmerizing tiny, twinkling blue running lights enticingly beckon for a lengthy session of key-fondling. I am having a little trouble getting used to Windows Vista but as it came already loaded, I figure I’ll just be ahead of the game by the time we make the switch at work. At any rate, I foresee an intimate getting-to-know-you session between me and my charming playtoy this weekend. ;)

Spring Fever

A few days ago, I broke out with a horrible rash on my legs. It looked like a reaction to something (obviously) but we couldnt figure out what i'd done other than use new tanning lotion when I hit the tanning beds. I've been doctoring it up with Aveeno and praying it just quietly goes away.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a scratchy throat and I just ignored it thinking that maybe I slept with my mouth open or something. Last night, I felt kind of poopy... but then i tossed and turned all night long unable to get comfortable and suffering with a horrendous headache and unable to swallow because the pain from my own saliva passing over my Jalopeno pepper throat was unbareable!

This morning was total crap. I got up and called Chris (at my office) and told him I had Strepacocopotomus and I was going to see a doctor then i'd be in to share my fungus with everyone else. He was excited.. and added 'bring chips and salsa!'

Dr Drivesablackcorvette determined I dont have strep, I dont have the flu, but I do have some sort of bacterialblahblah that required a shot of steriods, followed by a week of steroid pills and antibiotics. He sent in little nurse lady to inject me with the 'roids. I followed her instructions of 'exposing a hip' and making SURE I put all my weight on the opposite leg that isnt being injected. She grabbed my skin, pinched and HOLY S@#$ stabbed me with a flipping daggar! I dont think she could have used a needle any larger. Damn that hurt and I then understood the 'make sure you have your weight on the other leg' part! I would have passed out of that muscle had been flexed. It was like an epidural of the butt cheek.

My right cheek aches where she put the goo. I am leaning on my left one until the ache subsides.

The swelling in my throat seems to have been reduced... either from the shot or from the bag of throat lozenges i've eaten. I'm fixing to go get the chips and salsa... which I think will be good to scratch where the lozenges arent hitting.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm So Proud

Exploding Beer Keg Shakes Oklahoma Town

ADAIR, Okla. -- A beer keg exploded after being placed into a patio fire pit, and the blast was heard for miles near Adair on Sunday, authorities said.

Nobody was hurt, but windows in three homes were broken, bricks from the fire pit were thrown a block and a half away, and a 4-inch tree limb was severed, Adair Police Chief Albert McKee said.

McKee said a couple of Adair residents decided to put an old keg on the fire Sunday evening in order to watch the beer spew out when the keg became hot.

"There's supposed to be a pop-off valve, but they evidently decided it wasn't going to blow," McKee said. "Well, they went inside about three minutes too early.

"It might have killed those guys if they hadn't gone back inside."

Firefighter Trent Peper said all Adair firefighters responded to the call.

"The cavalry came running. It was sure interesting, I'll say that," Peper said.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Birthday Night

Here are some pics from Fowler's birthday night! I have to start off with the picture of me and my hubby.... he takes such good care of me so I have to show him off first ;)

I took my camera (obviously) so Fachaitte said 'lets get out the camera and do pictures!' I grabbed for my camera... she grabbed for lipgloss... and I snapped this (i'm sure she doesnt want the world to see it, but here goes) attractive picture of her. lol

EVERY time i've been to this little club, this old guy is roaming around and we've been warned to be careful...he's very handsy with the girls. So, of course he plops his butt down right beside me. I have to take advantage of it... and make things worse... so I ask him to pose for a picture. He was more than happy to. I bout shit a brick when he grabbed me and pulled me close though! lol

All three of us.

Me and Fachaitte with the birthday boy.

Fowler's buddy Lloyd gave him some birthday lovin's! Or, maybe that was just a good ol boy hug-punchinthearm thing. hmmm

Fachaitte attacking Lloyd.

Us making goo-goo eyes at the camera man (Richard).

... and the girl who helped make the night what it was... the waitress!!!