Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm So Proud

Exploding Beer Keg Shakes Oklahoma Town

ADAIR, Okla. -- A beer keg exploded after being placed into a patio fire pit, and the blast was heard for miles near Adair on Sunday, authorities said.

Nobody was hurt, but windows in three homes were broken, bricks from the fire pit were thrown a block and a half away, and a 4-inch tree limb was severed, Adair Police Chief Albert McKee said.

McKee said a couple of Adair residents decided to put an old keg on the fire Sunday evening in order to watch the beer spew out when the keg became hot.

"There's supposed to be a pop-off valve, but they evidently decided it wasn't going to blow," McKee said. "Well, they went inside about three minutes too early.

"It might have killed those guys if they hadn't gone back inside."

Firefighter Trent Peper said all Adair firefighters responded to the call.

"The cavalry came running. It was sure interesting, I'll say that," Peper said.


Burg said...

Only in Adair..

Traveling Chica said...



Were you to blame for this, Miss Circe? *eyebrow raised*

Circe said...

Burg, Yep, my feelings exactly.

Dear TC,
Whatever would put that notion into your little ole head? *bats innocent eyes*

You know, after I posted this I thought, 'hmmm, I'd better specifically mention I don't live in this town.' :)
(pinkie swear!)

Wombat said...

That is SO cool.

Waste of good beer though.