Friday, March 30, 2007

The Freak Show

Even though we are a short four weeks away from wrapping up yet another semester, we have recently hired a new adjunct instructor. To say this gal is annoying to the max is a grievous understatement. She’s bossy, temperamental, and extremely demanding and by god we had all better quickly acquiesce to her orders! And did I mention she has what looks like a dark, stubbly beard? (WTF??) Ms Circe is far from alone in this accurate assessment of her. I’ve heard other complaints from coworkers about her lack of tact and patience. She stormed into my office yesterday to restate in a loud and huffy manner her dissatisfaction in regards to computer and phone issues she’s been experiencing. She also informed me she was not vacating my office until she spoke to someone about this. Now I had already turned in her problems via our work order system the day before but as no action had been taken she figured her physical presence would speed things along. With loud sighs of impatience, she glared at me from across the carpet and mentioned that it looked like no one cleaned my office either. Um, thanks for the compliment, lady! I kinda shrugged and ignored her rudeness. As part of the office relocation free-for-all, she reported that she had called maintenance and informed them she would not budge until her new digs (which she called a dungeon several times) were spit-shined. Not ones to succumb to veiled threats or leap off their large, lazy asses in a spurt of energy, they demonstrated their air of complete indifference by leaving a rag and vacuum cleaner for her personal use in her office!!! LMAO! Go maintenance! :)

Though Grand Poobah was yakking in the hallway, I could tell she had no intention of hurriedly entering our inner sanctum to appease Mz Bossy Boots. In quiet desperation I scuttled into GFR’s office and apprised him of the hostile takeover of our reception area. Helpful GFR offered to take matters in his own capable hands as he emerged from his cubbyhole and spoke in soft, soothing tones of placation in response to her loud, unhappy vocalizing, even promising to make a personal housecall and see if there was anything he could fix. What a gem! After she left, I expressed deep and sincere gratitude to our sweet, gentle IT angel. Sooner than she knows, this tantrum-riddled Problem Child will learn that the wheels of progress at Chaos College rarely veer off the redtape-riddled, weedy track.

Git R Done!

I'm so glad it's the weekend! My friend Bren and I have waited for this day.... for months. We're taking our stud-muffin hubbies to see Larry The Cable Guy. We're so not Redneck... but we (I think all of us minus Richard) crack up at this guy! I had tickets to see him a few years ago, but I gave them away to my sis and bro-n-law... they said its a good show.

The storms got us good last night. A couple of tornadoes were spotted in the metro area and one touched down about 8 miles from my house. This morning my weatherman said we're in for another round of severe storms this afternoon! I'm bout ready for this nasty stuff to be over. They cancelled all of our soccer games for this weekend due to the massive amounts of water. We went from being packed schedule... to nothing! I guess I'll have to clean my house or something....

Thursday, March 29, 2007


First of all let me concur with Kerbear that monsoon season is upon us. I took advantage of a break in the raindrops to hit the gym and ponder life in all her glory. Plus I felt the urgent need to work off all those fattening calories I consumed at S’s luncheon yesterday. I must admit the repast was above par and most delicious. And they served four (count ‘em, four!) kinds of cheesecake forcing me to narrow the selection down to the tasty Turtle goodness.

Anyway, we have new employee in ITville and all I can say is she bears a striking resemblance to an East German shot-putter. It’s not that she has a bulky, muscular torso but rather her face that screams ‘eastern bloc national.’ She will henceforth be dubbed Svetlana for all intents and purposes. Up until this week she served as a student worker in another area but apparently the Grand Poobah has spirited her away to our nefarious lair thus replacing Psycho who is hunkered down in an adjacent part of the asylum. This will prove quite interesting as with the exception of GP and me, we staunchly remain a guy-infested department. Svetlana seems nice enough but she’s awfully quiet and she continuously steals discreet, nervous glances in my direction every time she passes my desk. It’s like she’s afraid I’m going to jump up and take a chunk out of her! I’m very puzzled by this as I was unaware of my rep as a biter. ; ) Only time will tell if our little ragtag gang of IT dorks bonds together in symbiotic teamplayerness.

Noah and the Ark

Today I have tons to talk about and I can't mention hardly any of it! I'm kinda sworn to secrecy.... for the time being. I'm busting at the seams too!

One tasty little secret is... there have been changes in Richard's office. Good changes too! That's all I will mention.... no names.... no details... but yipppeee!

Some of the other goods will come out in time... we must be patient (this is the hardest test for me!!! Richard failed miserably as his loose lips ran right to Eric!)

It's raining cats and dogs. I think literally. When I left my house this morning it was really nice. It was dark outside and I could vaguely make out where the storm clouds were *pointing way over there*, but then about two or three miles down the road the wind hit and wham-bam the rain hit. It was torrential rains! The normal interstate traffic slowed to 40-45mph... and that was pushing it. It was hard to see the road because of the pelting water. My favorite radio station was talking about the rain and how we're supposed to get 2 inches in an hour.... and then started playing It's Raining Men. hahaha

It felt like it! The rain was hitting that hard! I toyed with the idea of waiting in the MM until the rain subsided, but then I could be waiting for quite a long time too. I grabbed my umbrella and bag... and made a mad dash for the door. The 'mad dash' includes a long trek down a sidewalk where the awning only comes over HALF the sidewalk and has no guttering... so that means the water is dumping off the roof of the building. Plus, there is a big dip in the sidewalk where water sits... so you also wade through. Around a corner, down another long sidewalk (covered), through the smoking area and then a little blip on the sidewalk completely open to the rain (I had umbrella though), I dashed in the employee entrance completely drenched. My shirt was dry, but my shoes and feet were soaked, my pants were wet and somehow I got my hair wet. Must have been the blowing rain.

I'm glad we seeded our lawn last weekend. This rain will help our new baby grass grow!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


My throat has been feeling funky for the last several weeks and I kept hoping it would just return to normal without medical intervention. This bout of Esopholopagus as I’ve termed it (not to be confused with Ker's recent attack of Strepacocopotomus) has been driving me to distraction but these past few days seemed to worsen so I finally broke down and called the doctor. (Let’s not even discuss what Dr. Kerbear and Patrick diagnosed it as!!! : - O) I have posted before about what a delicately balanced system (DBS) I possess, and I should have known it would be related to that and not the nasty crud that seemed to hit everyone and their dog these last few months. Though unable to clarify further, let’s just say things have been pressure-packed and stressful in both the work and home arena, and when this happens I get overwhelmed and anxious to the max invariably causing internal suffering. At any rate, I made an appointment and went in yesterday to learn that indeed stress was manifesting itself in a way it has done in the past and was prescribed a medication I have taken before. So after shelling out the copay and snagging the meds I arrived home to find the container-filled tablets have morphed into horsepills. Good freaking lord! Um, I’m not already nervous and haven’t had enough bad experiences with smaller pills getting stuck in my uncooperative throat? Right then and there my stress level rocketed skyward as I surveyed the huge oblong cylinders I am supposed to choke down. Deeply sighing, I resorted to chomping them to more palatable pieces and have hopefully put the recovery wheels in motion.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Had Something, But Now Its Gone

I had the weirdest dream last night and I wanted to post it... but I can't remember any of it now! I hate it when that happens. I remember it being freaky, and I woke up thinking 'I need to post that'. Now I can't share it :(

So... My new laptop came in yesterday and all morning I've been installing programs I want/need and importing bookmarks and tweeking this and that. I love new toys!

Richard brought home the most beautiful flowers for me yesterday. He's such a sweetie. He also wrote a card full of lovely things like 'how important' I am and 'how beautiful', etc. I love you, Richard! xoxoXOxxXoooOXo (Nacho Libre)

One of our friends is getting married - I think quicker than we thought (can I blog this Rich?) They had planned on a long engagement and a trip to Ireland for the honeymoon... but that was abruptly changed this past weekend. We might be hearing little pitter patter of feet in their household soon! Congrats and best wishes!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Queen Bee

Having worked at our institution of higher learning for many years, I’ve seen coworkers come and go. This Friday sees the Most Exalted Poobah’s illustrious assistant retiring and it is with mixed feelings I will bid her adieu. S has been a steadfast fixture in Chaos College’s finely woven fabric since time immemorial and I will deeply miss her. It’s not easy being the sole beacon of class and deportment at that isolated end of the lonely hall. Though you reign supreme above all other assistants and your job duties are light in comparison, you represent the very epitome of regality and class and therefore your close associates are few and far between. Some may think your job is easy and you are nothing more than a glorified lackey, but I of all people know what it’s like to temporarily walk in your fashionable heels. Privy to many higher echelon secrets, your constant motto is 'discretion is the better part of valor' and I have never seen your crown of righteousness slip even once. Relatively few know the real activities that occur on a daily basis from your perspective but I do know and give credit where credit is due. Some may see the standoffish woman who knows her job inside and out but fail to see your occasional humorous inclinations. On the flip side, I’ve most definitely felt your displeasure when I failed in some way to meet your high expectations. Yet nothing is more enjoyable than watching the look of extreme disgust pass over your transparent face when I reveal something that I know will prompt the ‘oh brother’ look. While I feel certain you view me as a responsible backup I hope you also discern a fellow comrade-in-arms. Here is wishing all the best as we part work ways and hoping you look back fondly on your time spent with us. You will be sorely missed.