Wednesday, March 28, 2007


My throat has been feeling funky for the last several weeks and I kept hoping it would just return to normal without medical intervention. This bout of Esopholopagus as I’ve termed it (not to be confused with Ker's recent attack of Strepacocopotomus) has been driving me to distraction but these past few days seemed to worsen so I finally broke down and called the doctor. (Let’s not even discuss what Dr. Kerbear and Patrick diagnosed it as!!! : - O) I have posted before about what a delicately balanced system (DBS) I possess, and I should have known it would be related to that and not the nasty crud that seemed to hit everyone and their dog these last few months. Though unable to clarify further, let’s just say things have been pressure-packed and stressful in both the work and home arena, and when this happens I get overwhelmed and anxious to the max invariably causing internal suffering. At any rate, I made an appointment and went in yesterday to learn that indeed stress was manifesting itself in a way it has done in the past and was prescribed a medication I have taken before. So after shelling out the copay and snagging the meds I arrived home to find the container-filled tablets have morphed into horsepills. Good freaking lord! Um, I’m not already nervous and haven’t had enough bad experiences with smaller pills getting stuck in my uncooperative throat? Right then and there my stress level rocketed skyward as I surveyed the huge oblong cylinders I am supposed to choke down. Deeply sighing, I resorted to chomping them to more palatable pieces and have hopefully put the recovery wheels in motion.


Kerry said...

I've always told you that putting that in your mouth would give you VD of the throat!

Traveling Chica said...

*hugs* Hope you're feeling better soon!