Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Had Something, But Now Its Gone

I had the weirdest dream last night and I wanted to post it... but I can't remember any of it now! I hate it when that happens. I remember it being freaky, and I woke up thinking 'I need to post that'. Now I can't share it :(

So... My new laptop came in yesterday and all morning I've been installing programs I want/need and importing bookmarks and tweeking this and that. I love new toys!

Richard brought home the most beautiful flowers for me yesterday. He's such a sweetie. He also wrote a card full of lovely things like 'how important' I am and 'how beautiful', etc. I love you, Richard! xoxoXOxxXoooOXo (Nacho Libre)

One of our friends is getting married - I think quicker than we thought (can I blog this Rich?) They had planned on a long engagement and a trip to Ireland for the honeymoon... but that was abruptly changed this past weekend. We might be hearing little pitter patter of feet in their household soon! Congrats and best wishes!


Bone said...

Try keeping a notepad beside your bed and jot the dreams down as soon as you wake up.

I was thinking of starting a dream blog, just to write about my dreams. I had a dream one night that I was part of a Welcome Back Kotter reunion show.

Kerry said...

How funny! I havent seen that in ages.... *humming the tune right now*

Traveling Chica said...

I had a dream last week that was really weird about vaccuums. In the middle of it, I remember thinking "I should so blog this!" I think I even said that, and then I figured out what some people's responses were going to be.

I woke up, and can remember that part of it, but not what was going on that was so weird.

My dreams have to be crazy for me to remember them when I wake up. I mean CRAZY.

Big Ben said...

What other types of "Toys" have you bought lately?

Kerry said...

Ben... I'm sure not the 'toys' you're thinking about :P

But I did go buy a new KVM-Switch! haha