Friday, March 30, 2007

Git R Done!

I'm so glad it's the weekend! My friend Bren and I have waited for this day.... for months. We're taking our stud-muffin hubbies to see Larry The Cable Guy. We're so not Redneck... but we (I think all of us minus Richard) crack up at this guy! I had tickets to see him a few years ago, but I gave them away to my sis and bro-n-law... they said its a good show.

The storms got us good last night. A couple of tornadoes were spotted in the metro area and one touched down about 8 miles from my house. This morning my weatherman said we're in for another round of severe storms this afternoon! I'm bout ready for this nasty stuff to be over. They cancelled all of our soccer games for this weekend due to the massive amounts of water. We went from being packed schedule... to nothing! I guess I'll have to clean my house or something....

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