Thursday, March 29, 2007


First of all let me concur with Kerbear that monsoon season is upon us. I took advantage of a break in the raindrops to hit the gym and ponder life in all her glory. Plus I felt the urgent need to work off all those fattening calories I consumed at S’s luncheon yesterday. I must admit the repast was above par and most delicious. And they served four (count ‘em, four!) kinds of cheesecake forcing me to narrow the selection down to the tasty Turtle goodness.

Anyway, we have new employee in ITville and all I can say is she bears a striking resemblance to an East German shot-putter. It’s not that she has a bulky, muscular torso but rather her face that screams ‘eastern bloc national.’ She will henceforth be dubbed Svetlana for all intents and purposes. Up until this week she served as a student worker in another area but apparently the Grand Poobah has spirited her away to our nefarious lair thus replacing Psycho who is hunkered down in an adjacent part of the asylum. This will prove quite interesting as with the exception of GP and me, we staunchly remain a guy-infested department. Svetlana seems nice enough but she’s awfully quiet and she continuously steals discreet, nervous glances in my direction every time she passes my desk. It’s like she’s afraid I’m going to jump up and take a chunk out of her! I’m very puzzled by this as I was unaware of my rep as a biter. ; ) Only time will tell if our little ragtag gang of IT dorks bonds together in symbiotic teamplayerness.

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Bone said...

Maybe she defected and isn't aware that the Berlin Wall came down :)