Thursday, March 06, 2008


I picked me out a new car. Several actually. Last night we had VIP passes to the Auto Show. I love the new Tahoe's, the new Mustang's (especially the Shelby), the new SAAB, the new Explorer, the new Infiniti, the Ferrari, etc etc etc....

but the love of my life was there! All spit-shined and calling my name. A black '79 Trans Am. The Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am. I want that car! It sat on the floor just waiting on me. When I saw it, it was like the doors of heaven opened and lights shined down and you could hear the trumpets playing. God wants me to have that car!

Do you know how much it would cost to find a car like that in mint condition!? Do you realize how much it would cost to find one and have it restored to that condition!? Do you realize how many more jobs I'd have to get right now to do that!? lol

I do like that new SAAB though.

They had all the munchies you can eat and all the wine and beer you could drink. Drinks make the cars look better and the price tags irrelevant.

I like that SAAB. There might be a picture of me in it... somewhere. Seems like someone took a pic.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dentists and Depos

While those two words should rarely be uttered in the same sentence, it’s been a case of dealing with both this week. On the bright side, the crown I thought was coming loose turned out to be my troublesome sinuses causing the aches. On the sinister side, my insurance lawyer called to inform me I needed to answer and fax those pesky interrogatory questions back to him pronto so that he could scoot them over to the plaintiff’s counsel before the depositions are held next Monday. I am so not looking forward to this nonsense. I realize I am being circumspect but until this BS is over and done with, I’m not at liberty to speak freely. Here’s hoping the greedy freeloader settles and doesn’t drag this through the court system and waste everyone's precious time.

Happy Humps!

Hump Day

It's Wednesday and I've yet to find the time to write a post (until now) or check anyone's sites. *begging forgiveness*

Why is it when you become pretty much unemployed, that you find yourself even busier and wonder how you even had time to work a full time job to begin with!? The piles of laundry have gotten bigger, dinner is more 'fast' than it was before, I cram my workouts into even smaller time slots, emails don't get returned for days (if that) and I havent talked to friends in ages it seems like. What is going on!? I'd love to have time to stop and smell the roses!

My taxes are done though and I've got VIP passes to the Auto Show tonight. The laundry will have to wait another day. Wait.... I can't do it tomorrow either because I've got class tomorrow night and I'm putting together a FOOD basket for a silent auction on Friday. Maybe I can get to it this weekend. Wait, only after I go shopping and check emails and change diapers and pick up my taxes.... gosh, unemployment is busy!