Thursday, March 06, 2008


I picked me out a new car. Several actually. Last night we had VIP passes to the Auto Show. I love the new Tahoe's, the new Mustang's (especially the Shelby), the new SAAB, the new Explorer, the new Infiniti, the Ferrari, etc etc etc....

but the love of my life was there! All spit-shined and calling my name. A black '79 Trans Am. The Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am. I want that car! It sat on the floor just waiting on me. When I saw it, it was like the doors of heaven opened and lights shined down and you could hear the trumpets playing. God wants me to have that car!

Do you know how much it would cost to find a car like that in mint condition!? Do you realize how much it would cost to find one and have it restored to that condition!? Do you realize how many more jobs I'd have to get right now to do that!? lol

I do like that new SAAB though.

They had all the munchies you can eat and all the wine and beer you could drink. Drinks make the cars look better and the price tags irrelevant.

I like that SAAB. There might be a picture of me in it... somewhere. Seems like someone took a pic.


グラント said...

Prices be damned. It was your holy duty to take that car. Next time just jump in, shout "I claim this car in the name of Jebus!" and speed away. Booze also makes the law irrelevant.

Burg said...

My dad recently bought a car while drunk. He regretted it big time.. LOL He had to trade it in too because it was crap! Crap cars run great while drunk!!

TC said...

I want a '69 Mustang. Or a '68. I'm not that picky O:)

Kerry said...

Symbol: I forgot! I had a total brain fart! The booze overrides the law. I should have taken the car. Next year I will know better. You are full of so much knowledge!

Burg: haha. I'll learn from your dad's lesson ;)

TC: I'd take one too! I'd love to have an old muscle car to refurbish and soup up... and scoot around town in. How awesome!

Lovin' Life ! said...

There is a company called “Year One”, and they find that car and make you a version that Burt Reynolds would probably die for. That car does the same for me. My friends thought it silly…but I would be the envy of the hot rods and supercars at the Sunday morning car show (weekly gathering in Calabasas, CA)! If that doesn’t work out…I hear SAAB has a beautiful 9.?