Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gender Analyzer

Yep. This blog is written by women (65%)

Check yours
I survived Thanksgiving 2008 and I prepare for 2009. My plan is to NOT have to spend my holiday racing all over God's creation just to eat at someones house. I am going to pick a spot to "have Thanksgiving" and that's where i'm going and that's who i'm spending my time with. I don't think Thanksgiving is a Holiday where you should be expected to make rounds. Especially when 4 weeks later, they want you to do it all again for Christmas. Makes no sense.

Regardless, its over! Yeah!!!

oh... and baby Z totally surprised me. She loves to eat what i'm eating and I totally expected her to taste test everything I had on my plate. She opted to eat NONE of it! She ate her baby food and crawled away. Even turned down pumpkin pie and chocolate pie. I think she's on her first diet! ha

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Round and Round

Since the weather has gotten a bit cooler, I've not been able to ride bikes outside so I've returned to spin class at the gym. The class that i've been able to attend is taught by a chick... and as much as I like her personally, I don't like her teaching the class so much. She tries to incorporate all these aerobic moves while you're spinning your legs off. *jump up* *swing your arms* *up*down*up*down... blah blah.

I miss one of the male instructor that was hired to teach the class a few years ago. He rocked it! His music was awesome and he had been in the military and rode professionally at some point I think. He knew how to teach a spin class. Plus, he was hard core! You'd walk out TOTALLY wringing wet. LOVED IT

The chick is just too... chick-like.

WELL tonight I went to spin... at my gym... but its a class I never get to go to because of the time. However, I left work early today and made it on time. Some dude was teaching it and he was hard core! The pain and burn were awesome! I loved it! Guys really do know how to spin your wheels way better than a girl! I say keep the men!


I've had this thought ALL day long.

I'm SO sick of people trying to bleed you dry... take every little thing they can. I'm tired of takers. I'd much rather give to people who don't expect or beg for things than people who demand, expect and constantly ask for crap! I'm sick of everyone and their dog wanting donations. A person can be spread only so thin and then that's the end!

I mean THE END!