Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Skunk Butt

I always have a ton of hand creams/body lotions/body washes to choose from and in a dazzling array of smells. I know I've previously mentioned the heady feeling I experience entering the 'Heavenly Smells' store (Bath & Body Works). Anyway, some of my current scents purchased at various stores are Japanese Cherry Blossom, Winter Candy Apple (almost gone), Milk & Honey, Vanilla Raspberry, Vanilla Peach, Vanilla Honey (I'm detecting a pattern here), and last but not least Mango Mandarin. TBC has singled out this particularly pungent one and dubbed it Skunk's Ass. Yes, he feels this scent is extremely offensive and though it was a gift, I like it just fine and will continue to apply it when needed. Ha! How he knows what a skunk's behind smells like is beyond me but apparently it's quite unpleasant. Fortunately it's about 3/4ths gone and since most bottles are getting low, I'm feeling a strong urge to pop into our local B&BW and snag a few spring scents!

TBC's brother and wife drove up from Texas and spent this past weekend with us. I'm always at ease when they stay with us as we are so comfortable with them. "B" is a funny, congenial guy who loves to gently poke fun at me and I give it right back in return. "R" is my very chatty sis-in-law and though listening to nonstop talking and minute details ad nauseam is hard on the ears, I love her dearly and wouldn't change her for all the tea in China. Their youngest daughter lives up here and her and her lazy ass husband have just moved back in with his parents as he lost his job and they couldn't afford their cute little apt. Now don't get me wrong, I love my niece and he's a nice enough guy but that whole fam is well-known for their laid back ways so back on the teat it is. They also spent Friday night with us and this worked out perfectly as mom and daughter had a marathon chatfest while I retired to the bedroom to rest (play computer Solitaire and listen to music). We had quite a bit of company for dinner both nights and if you know me, I abhor playing hostess to hordes of guests, fam or not. Fortunately, I was totally laid back about it and TBC did the brunt of the culinary (spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, and for dessert, Girl Scout cookies!) chores. Ok, he did it all Friday night and Saturday night was a nice mix of food and drink brought by the guests making for a delicious buffet. Sis brought a bottle of tasty Merlot and her and I pretty much polished that off as it was "too dry" for the rest of the peasants. Usually B and R stay until Monday morning but they hightailed it back across the border on Sunday and though I washed alot of bedding that day, the nicest part is that they are always welcome to grace Chez Circe whenever we get the call announcing they are heading out for a little trip back north.

Yesterday I hit a few stores as I was feeling pretty good and the weather was so accommodating. First up was Hobby Lobby to check out picture frames. I know for a second there you were thinking I have morphed into Mz Arts & Crafts but you are so wrong, my pet. I don't have a crafty bone in my body and doubt I ever will. I really wish I had some decorating sense and style but I tend to be overwhelmed and clueless though I am hoping all those tips and tricks on shows I watch on TV will eventually sink in. And a gay male friend wouldn't hurt. Craft and decorating impaired am I. Anywho, I have several paintings that are in dire need of frames and have been for ages. I am finally going to take matters in hand and just DO IT. The most needed are 2 Japanese prints whose glass cracked during some move in the distant past. I am hoping to turn Boudoir Circe into a tasteful hideaway of supreme Asian serenity. (And no Grant, this is not due to your Bunny Obsession). I also have a beautiful picture of my particular fixation; Cape Hatteras lighthouse. I bought this back on one our many trips to OBX and have yet to hang it. Finally, there is a canvas-backed tropical beach scene purchased in the DR back in '05 that nags me to display him forgodssakes! I ended up not buying anything yet as they all need customizing but at least its in the works. Walgreens was next as I was not up for Wallyworld and I grabbed a few cosmetic items and cards. After a quick bite to eat at Wendys, (have you tried their fish sandwich? I LOVE IT!) I headed to another fav sanctuary of mine, the LIBRARY. Once a bookworm, always a bookworm. Of course I had forgot my card but they let me borrow four tomes instead of the six I started with and I happily traipsed back to the car. Good times!

Luck O' the Leprechaun

Happy St Patty's Day!

I was sitting here thinking about a quiz I took a few weeks ago. It was one of those email things I think... and one of the questions was 'whats your favorite holiday'. I had the hardest time deciding on my favorite holiday because it used to be Christmas... until the past few years and now I hate Christmas. I hate how stressful it is and the demands that people put on you to give and gift and party and donate, and get here and get there, etc etc. Its too much and too long and following Thanksgiving and New Years is shortly thereafter.

I don't think I have a favorite holiday. Until today. I realized that I really love St Patty's Day. It's just a fun little day where we sport something green. If you're a beer lover, you can join the festivities downtown or any sports bar really, and drink the green beer. How fun! It's just a fun, lighthearted, holiday. Love it! How about an appletini. That's green. Margarita's can be green. I guess we can make anything green. We should have had green eggs and ham for breakfast!

Green is my favorite color, so I'm declaring St Patty's Day my favorite holiday!

Did you know:
The leprechaun is related to the clurichaun and the far darrig in that he is a solitary creature. Some writers even go as far as to substitute these second two less well-known spirits for the leprechaun in stories or tales to reach a wider audience. The clurichaun is considered by some to be merely a leprechaun on a drinking spree