Friday, September 07, 2007

Fantasy Frenzy

After all the cousin drama this week, I totally forgot to relate how the FFB auction went this past Saturday. Of course, I came completely festooned in my fav team colors (orange and brown, natch) and even had a few pumpkiny streaks scattered throughout my flowing locks. TBC accompanied me for a change and for the most part, I was happy he came, but there was the minor snafu of his taking over my player bidding and in a flash spending all my hard earned fake buckeroos. Darn him! And he most definitely was favoring his team’s lineup as I am the proud owner of quite a few Steelers men. Alas, I was unable to snag My Tony. *sniff* Though I didn’t squabble over the seating arrangement this time, I did start to show cracks in my amiable armor by the last dozen rounds or so as those with money to burn continued grabbing players for ridiculously low prices while the rest of us felt ourselves rapidly aging before our eyes. And yes, I was the most obvious as my transparent gestures revealed my extreme displeasure with audible sighing, obvious eye-rolling and the ever popular dramatic ‘head thrown down onto crossed arms across table’ move. Even TBC proclaimed in a loud tone that I “probably wouldn’t be doing this again.” Yes, I admit I find the auction method lengthy and tedious and yes, I would much prefer the slightly shorter and fairer draft as we have done in the past. At any rate, I got through it without killing anyone, but just barely. In looking at the matchups, I am favored to win this first skirmish but most seem to have much better teams and I’m not feeling very optimistic for my chances throughout this season. Oh well. Thought you’d enjoy a pic of the managers’ cupcakes that the commish’s wife whipped up. And yes, they were darn tasty. Also, here is an article from The Onion on my principal quarterback. *LOL*

Cousin update: In other news, after spending two glorious nights in the pokey, our favorite psychotic was let loose on an unsuspecting world when wifey and TBC arrived to bail him out yesterday afternoon. Actually he went from jail to the hospital and is being held for evaluation. Here’s hoping his release is not hasty as I don’t want a recap of this crazy week...

Mild Temperatures for this Weekend

Everyone does things that they later regret - I'm not really referring to 'I wish I'd gotten the salad instead of that double whopper and triple cheese'. When I was a young'en (i'm talking college, early 20's) I did alot of things that I later felt much regret for and some things I really wish I could have gone back and had do-overs. Some things I probably should have felt regret towards, but didnt think twice about them, and other things I regretted, but time healed that feeling and I'm long over it.

You'd think that as a person matures, they'd learn from some of the life lessons and make better decisions and adjustments so that those situations don't arise or are at least less severe. However, some continue to do things that later bring much regret. Some intentional (and probably hope to never get caught), some accidental.

I wish I could do do-overs. Some things I just really regret and I wish there were do-overs. I guess when it's done, or said, it's already done, or said. No do-over. We just learn to live with it, or not, and make an adjustment.

I'm not sure which way to adjust.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Cousin's Keeper

Some posts just write themselves. It all started about a week ago while TBC and I were yakking on the phone. Oldest brother had shown up at our house before heading to their cousin’s nearby dwelling to try to straighten things out between Nutjob and Flower Child. It seems there was an acrimonious fight underway and reinforcements in the guise of “S” were called upon to enter the fray. I guess things briefly settled down—till Monday. TBC and "K" had just left our house when a tearful call was left on voicemail from distraught Flower Child. Yet another battle had broken out with Nutjob zooming off to our friendly, local Supercenter Walmart to camp out and cool off? Buy toilet paper? Mingle with the unwashed masses? I have no earthly idea. Overflowing with the milk of human kindness, I relucta, er, helpfully dialed the absent TBC and asked him to return Flower Child’s call and assess the situation upon which he headed out to Walmart to talk to his wayward relative. Two hours later TBC returned home, feeling confident he had done the best he could to smooth things over. However, Nutjob did not wish to rejoin Flower Child as yet so TBC had suggested he rent a motel room and get some much needed rest seeing as how the sleep-deprived guy was pretty much off his rocker. This advice was not taken. Early yesterday afternoon, TBC calls and warns me not to return home until given the green light. It seems rather than take TBC’s sage advice, Mr. Loon had wandered the premises of Wally World all night and showed up at our place unkempt, filthy and nuttier than a fruitcake. I find it hard to believe Walmart employees never alerted authorities, but I guess his actions were not much different than their nightly clientele. Anyway, though it didn’t sound like TBC was being held hostage, I worried about him all afternoon as I’m unaware of cuz’s propensity for violence. After one final call before leaving work, I headed to “S” & “T’s” house to spend an uncertain amount of the evening. Finally at 7 pm, I headed home to learn of the day’s events. It seems Mr Fruitcake had not eaten, briefly slept in our bed and was given strict orders to patch things up with Flower Child and give his marriage another shot. (I changed the sheets.) After a fitful night, I am back at work today and sure enough, the expected call came around 9 am. It seems Nutjob headed home, resumed fighting, boozed it up, showed up at a smokeshop and threatened to shoot employees (with his finger) resulting in a public intoxication ticket and jail time. Good lord! TBC stopped by his house to find the deputy there and was told Nutjob would be escorted to a psychiatric evaluation center after leaving lockup. Hear hear! Sad to say, a similar episode occurred a few years ago when he lived in a different state. I’m not exactly sure what his mental problems are but it is high time they were addressed and resolved. Will keep you posted…

Monday, September 03, 2007

On Our Long Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! We took it easy this weekend and just 'fiddle farted' around the house.

A few of our pictures from today...
Me in our backyard.

Me doing a sexy Madonna pose for Richard in the backyard.

Richard doing a sexy Madonna pose for me... in the house... while pushing his stomach out to try to make me feel better because no matter how much I suck in, it still sticks out. Nice bedhead dude!