Friday, September 07, 2007

Mild Temperatures for this Weekend

Everyone does things that they later regret - I'm not really referring to 'I wish I'd gotten the salad instead of that double whopper and triple cheese'. When I was a young'en (i'm talking college, early 20's) I did alot of things that I later felt much regret for and some things I really wish I could have gone back and had do-overs. Some things I probably should have felt regret towards, but didnt think twice about them, and other things I regretted, but time healed that feeling and I'm long over it.

You'd think that as a person matures, they'd learn from some of the life lessons and make better decisions and adjustments so that those situations don't arise or are at least less severe. However, some continue to do things that later bring much regret. Some intentional (and probably hope to never get caught), some accidental.

I wish I could do do-overs. Some things I just really regret and I wish there were do-overs. I guess when it's done, or said, it's already done, or said. No do-over. We just learn to live with it, or not, and make an adjustment.

I'm not sure which way to adjust.


Circe said...

I am forever wishing for do-overs so I know exactly how you feel. All we can do is live and learn, and remember hindsight is 20-20.


Burg said...

What circe said...

I hate that feeling though. Especially when it's a big do-over I'm wishing for.

Hope you're okay..

Kerry said...

Circe: All morning I keep trying to tell myself that everything happens for a reason and the whole hindsight thing. I dont comfort myself very well. haha

Burg: I'm okay. Really I am. I just wish i'd made different choices a few months ago.... it all just came into perspective to me last night and I realized that maybe I should have made other choices.

I need a beer. or two. I also need my friends.

Angela said...

Life gives you choices and you have to choose.
I am horrible with making decisions.
Thinking of you

TC said...


It's tough sometimes, and I think we all have those moments and those feelings, Kerry.

Hopefully, these moments of regret will becoming less and less for you.

Bone said...

That's why I love golf. I did like four do-overs during my round Sunday.

Seriously, I hope things are OK with you.